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"The Engineer" is the fifth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television November 3, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

Kaz and Synara investigate a distress signal and find a survivor of a First Order attack. But is she really who she claims to be? [3]

Plot summary[]

A distress transmission[]

The episode opens with a wide shot of the Colossus' command bridge. Captain Imanuel Doza asks Jarek Yeager if he is sure that Neeku Vozo can handle it. After their last encounter with the First Order, Doza says that it is priority that the scanners be brought back online. Yeager understands that time is short but says that Neeku is the best engineer on this platform.

Neeku struggles to repair the scanner and says it could do with a fine-tuning. He asks Kaz to hand him the adjustable throttle. Kazuda Xiono struggles with the controls and Neeku decides to retrieve the throttle himself. The console comes back to life and Kaz thinks he has fixed it. However, the console shuts down. Neeku manages to fine-tune the controls, bring the long-range scanners back online.

4D-M1N informs Captain Doza that the long-range scanner is back online. Captain Doza thanks Neeku, who thanks Captain Doza. Shortly later, the long-range sensor picks up a transmission. A female Nikto claims that the First Order attacked her ship and that her oxygen supplies are running low. She gives them the coordinates to their location. Neeku says this is a distress call and that they have to help.

Yeager is cautious and thinks that it is a trap. Kaz asks what if maybe it is not while Neeku thinks that the chances of passing another ship is unlikely due to their remote location. He fears that she will die out there. Captain Doza agrees it is risky. Kaz volunteers to go and says that Neeku can keep fixing until he comes back. Neeku agrees and claims he doesn't need to sleep. Doza obliges and tells Kaz that they need him back right away. Yeager advises Kaz to take someone who can use a blaster. Kaz responds he has been practising but obliges. Before leaving, Neeku tells Kaz to try not to disintegrate someone.

A rescue mission[]

Kaz and Synara San depart the Colossus in a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle. Synara asks Kaz why he asked her to accompany him on this mission. Kaz explains that whoever is on the stricken ship may be tough and that it is good to have back up. Synara asks if it is not because she is a better shot than him. Kaz admits this is the case. Synara says that she hopes this is an actual rescue and not a trap.

They approach the stricken ship, which has two large orange wings. Kaz socks the Star Commuter shuttle with the stricken ship. CB-23 reports there is only one life form aboard. Kaz and Synara wait with their blasters ready as the airlock unseals. The stricken crew member turns out to be a blue female Nikto. She is initially startled by their pistols and asks if they are pirates.

Kaz reassures them they are not pirates but admits that Synara is technically a pirate. The Nikto wants to return to her ship but Kaz reassures her that they are here to rescue her. When Kaz what happens, the Nikto tells her that the First Order is spreading out across the galaxy. She says that entire planets are giving up and that she barely escaped her world. Synara says that makes her extremely lucky.

When Synara asks the Nikto what is her business out here, she says that she doesn't know where "here is." She introduces herself as Nena and says that she is a computer engineer with a fried engine. Kaz says that they could use someone like her because their station has been damaged by the First Order. He explains their engineer is overworked. In return for fixing her ship, she could help fix the Colossus. Kaz asks Nena if she would be interested in their offer.

A new asset[]

Later, Kaz introduces Nena to Captain Doza and Yeager, telling them that her ship got damaged by the First Order. Captain Doza is sorry about her troubles and says looks like we received your distress call. Nena tells Doza that her thrusters got fried so she had to reroute her power to life support just to survive. Before she can thank them, Neeku says excuse me and brushes past her to deal with the long-range transmitter.

Nena observes that the refueling station needs a lot of attention. Yeager remakes that whenever they fix one problem, another one seems to turn up. Observing Neeku's repairs to the sensor, Nena suggests re-adjusting the case bind to reset the system. Neeku admits that he had not thought it and says he will try it. Nena's advice works and the scanner goes back online.

Yeager thinks that she will make a good mechanic. Nena says that she is technically an engineer. Neeku introduces himself while Nena introduces herself as Nenavakasa Nalor. She says her friends call her Nena. As the lights begin flickering, Captain Doza says that if she is willing, we could use someone like you to give a hand. Nena thanks them for their kindness and says this is the least she can do.

Repairing the Colossus[]

Later in the engineering deck, Neeku shows Nena a problem. He explains that he has even replaced the micro-cables but has not been able to figure it out. Nena convinces him to reroute the power at this junction. This restores the hyperdrive. Next, Nena repairs the display board at the Aces' Lounge, impressing the Aces. Freya Fenris says that hologame nights are back on and vows to beat Hype Fazon. Nena also impresses the Frigosian janitor Opeepit by repairing his floor sweeper.

Nena delights Neeku by repairing the garbage vaporizer. A pleased Aunt Z invites the two of them to drink for free at Aunt Z's Tavern. Nena is uncomfortable with the presence of the Warbird gang, who are pirates. Snarl enlists Neeku's help in fixing their sail barge Galleon. Nena wants to sit this one out but bumps into Gork. Neeku reassures them that it will not take too long.

Divide and rule[]

The pirates lead Nena and Neeku to their hangar where two of their members are play-fighting. Neeku reassures Nena that these pirates helped them to fight the First Order and are harmless. In the hangar, Snarl explains that they are having trouble routing power to their ship. Neeku checks that out while Nena does a power usage scan on her datapad. Based on the results, she claims that the pirates are draining power from the Colossus.

Nena tells Neeku that she cannot trust pirates because they are only out for themselves. Her remarks anger the Warbirds' leader Kragan Gorr, who takes it as an insult. Neeku speaks up for Nena and says that she is just reporting her findings. Kragan is accompanied by Valik, Skreek, and Gork. Nena says that the facts don't lie and shows the datapad to Kragan, who dismisses her data as wrong.

Kragan wants to teach her manners but Nena dares him. As the power flickers, Neeku tries to calm the situation down and says there is no need for violence. He says they are all friends and fellow platformers. Nena disagrees and claims that the pirates are using him and stealing all of the Colossus' power.

Kragan disagrees and claims they are not getting their fair share. Gork grunts in agreement. Just then, the hangar lights go out again. Nena convinces Neeku to get out under the cover of darkness. Kragan and several of his associates taunt them as cowards. Synara senses something is not right and turns her head.


Back at the Colossus bridge, Nena shares her findings with Captain Doza and Yeager. Doza wants the pirates off his ship, claiming they have cost them too much. Yeager points out that the pirates will not go without a fight. Kaz asks for permission to investigate the matter. He proposes cutting off their power supply while Nena and Neeku will make sure that the pirates cannot steal it again. Captain Doza nods his head in agreement.

While the pirates are sleeping, Kaz and CB-23 sneak into their hangar. He tells his droid not to make a sound. Kaz looks at the cables and thinks that there is nothing suspicious about their position. As Kaz investigates the cables, Synara stirs from her bed. Kaz walks past Gork, who is sleeping, approaches the main plug.

However, Synara taps him on the shoulder and shushes him. Kaz asks what she is doing her, prompting Synara to turn the question on him. A pirate tells them to keep the noise down because he is trying to sleep.

Winning Neeku's heart[]

Meanwhile, Neeku shows Nena his new power regulators, claiming that nobody will be able to steal their power again. He says it is nice to work as a team. Nena asks Neeku why he chooses to live in this flying fuel station and if he has family here. Neeku tells her that his family are bantha herders who did not understand his interest in machines. They explained that they sold their prize bantha calf so that he could become a great engineer. Neeku remarks that it has been a long time since he has talked about himself.

Nena observed that his friends never asked. Neeku laughs and remarks that Kaz likes to talk about the New Republic Academy, the Resistance, and how he has personally met General Leia Organa. Nena remarks that Kaz just likes to talk as she tightens a wrench. This powers up the regulators.

Neeku then asks Nena about her childhood. Nena explains that she was a little girl when pirates captured her. They sold her to a Hutt clan and that she worked as a slave for years until she escaped. Neeku understands why she dislikes pirates. Nena tells Neeku that the case blind that she installed doesn't do what it is supposed to do. She admits that she didn't come here to fix things. Neeku jokes that she is doing a terrible job and asks her to help finish the last of the adjustments. Nena bows her head sadly and says that he is right.

Uncovering a saboteur[]

Meanwhile, Kaz argues with Synara. He believes the other pirates are stealing power. Synara responds that she knows that the pirates are not stealing power because she installed those power couplings herself. Kaz says he saw the reroutes which showed that the station's powers were being rerouted to the pirates. Synara points out that Neeku's new friend Nena has been fiddling with the power. Kaz responds that she has been trying to help but Synara asks him to consider why she couldn't fix her own ship if she is such a good engineer. Synara also asks Kaz to consider what he really knows about Nena. Kaz admits that he knows little about her.

Synara proposes checking Nena's ship to investigate her claim that she was attacked by the First Order. Kaz thinks that Nena's ship is pretty scratched up. Synara points out that the damage to the surface is just wear and tear. As they enter the ship, Synara says that they need to prove deeper and find out where she has been and who she has contacted.

Synara inspects the cockpit and thinks that Nena is trying to hide something. She notices that all of her flight data has been encrypted. Kaz thinks that is strange but Synara says not if she is trying to hide something. Synara reveals that she is an experienced code-cracker. The ship data indicates that Nena has been tracking them for days and that she is working for the First Order.

Kaz asks what they are going to do. Synara says that she will stay with Nena's ship and make sure she can't get away. Kaz says he will warn everyone. While running along the corridor with CB-23, he tells the astromech droid that Nena is working for the First Order and that they cannot let her contact them. Kaz notices that Neeku really likes her and that it is hard to convince him otherwise once he sets his mind to it. CB-23 remarks something about Kaz being the "greatest pilot" in the galaxy.

The moment of truth[]

Kaz enters the engine room to find Neeku and Nena giggling together. Neeku tells Kaz that he and Nena have just fixed the lights. Kaz asks Neeku if they can talk. When Nena asks how it went with the pirates, he claims it went great before pulling Neeku away. In private, Kaz tells Neeku that Nena is working for the First Order. Neeku thinks that Kaz is insecure that he is no longer Neeku's best friend because Nena has become his best friend. He reassures Kaz that he is still his best friend even though Nena is a vastly superior engineer. Neeku thinks Kaz is making up stories but Kaz points out that she is sabotaging the ship.

Just then, the lights go out. They find that Nena has gone but Neeku thinks that it is a ruse caused by Kaz. Kaz drags Neeku along into the corridor. Nena flees into the corridor and uses her datapad to power up her ship and transmit her coordinates to the First Order. A First Order official speaks into the intercom of Nena's ship and tells her to prepare for their arrival. Synara hides outside the ship.

In the corridor, Neeku asks Nena to refrain from running. As they close in on her, Nena fires a blaster at Neeku and Kaz, forcing them to hide in a corner. She tells them not to bother warning anyone because they have no powers, no thrusters, and no defenses. She tells them that the First Order is on their way as they speak.

Kaz asks her if she makes her living sabotaging ships and leaving them at the mercy of the First Order. Nena says that she is surprised he figured it out so quickly. Neeku tells Nena that she lied about everything. Nena replies not everything and says that she was enslaved by pirates as a child. She says she is prepared to do anything to survive.

Neeku counters that is what he and his community do, surviving. He pleads with her to stay and help them. Neeku tells her that she is smart and capable. Nena replies that she is smart enough to be on the winning side. She fires some more shots before fleeing down the corridor despite Neeku's pleas. Nena says that the Resistance has already lost and pleads with him to come with her, adding that she has never had a partner before. She says he is different.

Despite his feelings for her, Neeku says he cannot go with her because he we won't leave his friends. CB-23 tried to trap her with her grappling hook, leading Nena to exclaim that Neeku tricked her. CB-23 tries to block her but she jumps over the droid.

Nena's escape[]

Meanwhile, Commander Pyre's Resurgent-class Star Destroyer exits hyperspace. 4D-M1N informs Captain Doza that the First Order has arrived, taking the Captain by surprise. In the hangar, Synara ambushes Nena and the two engage in unarmed combat. Nena breaks free and rushes aboard her ship. Synara fires at her but is unable to stop her from fleeing inside her ship.

Just then, Kaz and Neeku arrive. Nena powers up the ship and reverses out of the hangar. A heartbroken Neeku watches as Nena flies away. At that point, Captain Doza contacts Kaz and alerts him to the presence of the First Order and that nothing is working. Kaz tells Doza that Nena did all of this. He tells Kaz and Neeku to undo what she did or the First Order is going to destroy them.

Kaz asks Neeku how they are going to fix all this. He says that he doesn't know because she fixed everything. Neeku points out that she rerouted and drained the ship's power. When Kaz asks how he can help, Neeku says he will go to the command deck and tells Kaz to go to Service tunnel A2 and disable the regulators.

The Resurgent Star Destroyer dispatches several TIE fighters while Nena flies past in her freighter. She tells Commander Pyre that the Colossus is defenseless and that her work is done. He tells Nena that her account has been credited and thanks her for her excellent work. In private, she is remorseful and hopes that Neeku understands what she was trying to tell him. She jumps into hyperspace.

Escaping the First Order[]

Aboard the bridge of the Star Destroyer, Pyre grudgingly admits that Agent Tierny's plan with the saboteur is working. Tierny is pleased that Pyre is admitting for once that she is right and says that he will learn to regret ever doubting her. Pyre responds that they will see about that.

TIE fighters bombard the Colossus, knocking out the holographic projectors above the Colossus marketplace. In Service tunnel A2, Kaz manages to disable the regulators. Neeku tells him to go to engineering. In the deck, Yeager reports that communications are back online. TIE fighters continue strafing the Colossus.

In the engineering deck, Kaz manages to restore the turbines. Neeku then tells him to fix the plasma cables. 4D-M1N reports that shields are fully operational but thrusters are still down. Captain Doza tells them to get those thrusters working because they need to get out of here. While Neeku is fixing the thrusters, he tells Kaz they need to reroute more power.

As the Colossus' gun emplacements take out some marauding TIE fighters, Neeku tells Kaz that he needs him to do one more thing. Kaz tells Synara and the pirates that he needs them to unplug their power source. Snarl is reluctant to do it. Just then, some objects topple. Kaz tells them there will be nothing left if they don't help him. Kaz apologizes for blaming them for draining the ship's power but emphasises they have no time left.

Kragan Gorr gives the order to unplug the pirate's power source. Kaz tells Neeku the pirates have complied but Neeku realizes that something is still missing. As the TIEs strafe the bridge, Neeku recalls the case blind and removes it. 4D-M1N reports that all systems are fully functional. Captain Doza orders 4D to jump into hyperspace. The Colossus flees into hyperspace.


Aboard the bridge of Pyre's Star Destroyer, Pyre taunts Agent Tierny that her saboteur failed to completely disable the Colossus. Agent Tierny gives orders for Nena to be executed for her failure on the grounds that an asset is only useful as long as they are effective. Pyre replies with pleasure.

In the Colossus marketplace, Kaz apologizes for the trouble with Nena. Neeku regrets being trusting and open with others but Kaz tells him that is what makes him a good person. He reassures him he is the best he has ever met. Neeku in return tells Kaz that he is his “bestest” friend because he values him as a friend. When Kaz asks him who else is his friend, he tells Kaz he is fond of a particularly chair, Buggles is quite interesting, and that he loves Bibo. He wonders what Bibo is doing now.


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Notes and references[]

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