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"The Escape" is the two-part final episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television January 26, 2020 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

Kaz and Yeager attempt to rescue Tam from the First Order while trying to evade capture on a Star Destroyer. Meanwhile, the Colossus is in trouble and faces an impossible choice.[1]

Plot summary[]

Massacre on Aeos Prime[]

The episode opens with the Thunderer traveling through hyperspace. Tamara Ryvora and Jace Rucklin retreat to their room for some downtime. Tam is curious as to why the First Order is having them work so much. Rucklin replies that there is a rumor of a big mission coming up and that the First Order is going to need all hands on deck. When Tam asks what he means, Rucklin says that there are pockets of resistance all over this system. Just then, the klaxons rings and the two rush to a viewport.

They see that the Thunderer has arrived above the planet Aeos Prime. Tam wonders why they are back at Aeos. On the planet's surface, several Aeosians watch as a fleet of fourteen Star Destroyers converge on the planet. The Resurgent-class Star Destroyers orbitally bombard Aeos Prime's surface, destroying the area where the Aeosian village that helped the Resistance was located.

Tam is horrified, but Rucklin is smug and says that those "subversives" got what they deserved. Tam responds that there are innocent people there too. Rucklin counters that they harbored criminals and that they are not that innocent. He reminds Tam that she is a Squadron Leader now and has to accept these things. Tam runs away and Rucklin asks where she is going.

Tam's choice[]

Tam returns to her bunk, but is followed by a First Order MSE-6 series repair droid 5-L. She tells the droid to upgrade the system later because she is in the middle of something. The droid extends an antennae. Tam changes her mind and tells the droid to stay right there. She tells the droid to upgrade the system. When the mouse droid tries to leave, she locks it in her room and opens it up. She tells 5-L that it is doing her a good service. After restoring the droid's systems, she tells it that 5-L that it is going to help her get out of here.

The Supreme Leader's wrath[]

Meanwhile, Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny confer with General Armitage Hux by holoprojector. Tierny informs him that the suppression of the Aeos system is complete and that there is no longer a Resistance presence in the sector. General Hux walks away and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren turns to address them about the only remaining Resistance presence in the sector, the Colossus.

Pyre and Tierny kneel. A nervous Tierny says that it's whereabouts are unknown, but that they are already working on a solution to that problem. Ren berates Tierny for how long her list of failure is, warning her that he will not tolerate the existence of any Resistance cell no matter how small. He warns that if they are not capable of dealing with them he will find someone else who can.

Tierny says they understand, but Ren disagrees and uses the Force to force Tierny and Pyre to lift the blasters out of their holsters. He also forces them to stand and aim the blasters at each other. Ren asks them if they now understand and Tierny and Pyre reply they do. A chastened Pyre tells Tierny that he suggests doubling their efforts immediately.

Tam's change of heart[]

After Pyre and Tierny have left Tierny's office, Tam and 5-L sneak inside the chamber. Tam helps 5-L though the blast door and thanks it for doing great. Tam climbs onto Tierny's desk and retrieves her comlink. She then hears voices upswing the corridor and tells the droid to hide. Tam manages to hide, but 5-L is not able to hide when Tierny returns to her office. While Tierny is engrossed with her datapad, Tam takes the opportunity to flee. Tierny notices 5-L and asks the mouse droid if the systems upgrade is complete. The droid beeps before leaving and Tierny closes the door.

Outside, Tam carries 5-L into another chamber and tells the mouse droid that she needs it for one more thing. She uses one of the droid's power cells to power her comlink and says she hope this works.

A coded message[]

At the Colossus, Kazuda Xiono and Neeku Vozo are repairing the Fireball with CB-23's help. CB-23 hands Kaz a tool. Neeku asks Kaz to pass him the electrostatic discharge coupling. Kaz passes the coupling to Neeku, earning his praise. Neeku is impressed with Kaz's improving mechanical skills. Kaz replies that he learned a lot from Neeku and Tam. Jarek Yeager is pleased with their work on the Fireball and offers to help.

Kaz says it will be like the "old days." Neeku reminds Kaz that back in the old days, Tam would have yelled at him for putting accelerator rods in the deccelerator pods and then Kaz would have electrocuted himself. Bucket quips, but Kaz says that those days are gone and so is Tam. Just then, Kaz's comlink starts beeping static.

Neeku recognizes it as a coded transmission that he created. He explains that it is a mechanic's code that he and Tam came up with. He says that he and Tam used it to discuss Kaz's lack of mechanical talent and skills without him eavesdropping. Neeku and Kaz soon discover that it is a coded message from Tam. Neeku realizes that the transmission contains a code that is being used as shorthand for an emergency.

When Kaz asks what it says, Neeku explains that the Tam is telling them to meet them in three cycles at the place where Bibo lives. Neeku says he misses Bibo. Kaz asks if Neeku is sure. Neeku says that there is more to the message that he can't make out including something about the First Order, but that the signal appears quite weak. Kaz quickly figures out that Tam wants to leave the First Order and meet up with them on Castilon.

Getting permission[]

Yeager advises caution and warns it could be a trap. Kaz says that the Colossus would be safe here halfway across the galaxy. To test if the message is real, Kaz offers to travel to Castilon alone. Yeager insists on accompanying Kaz, but says they just have to run this rescue plan on pass Imanuel Doza. Kaz thinks that should be no problem since Captain Doza will understand because he's been in her position before.

However, Captain Doza thinks that Kaz is mad and believes it is a trap. Kaz says it could be, but asks why would Tam personally contact them using Neeku's code. Kaz thinks that Tam is ready to leave the First Order because she has had a change of heart. Yeager reminds Captain Doza that he had one when he left the Empire.

Jade Leader and Commander Venisa Doza says that if they had the same situation with Torra Doza, they would take any risk to get her home safely. Captain Doza relents, but tells Kaz and Yeager to take the First Order shuttle since it will attract less attention and to keep their coms open and on a secure frequency. Venisa wishes that the Force be with them.

A "training flight"[]

Back aboard the Thunderer, Rucklin asks Tam what is going on, addressing her as DT-533. Tam tells "798" to mind his own business. Tierny would like to know that as well. The two TIE cadets put on their helmets. Tam claims that she is preparing for a training session, but Tierny recalls that the training session is in Hangar D13. Tam says that Operations must have moved it to different hangar. Tierny orders Rucklin to assist her, but gives them a menacing look.

Kaz and Yeager fly the First Order Atmospheric Assault Lander to Castilon. Flying through the clouds, they land near a racing ring, which is covered with barnacles. Kaz recalls that this was the first ring that he crashed into the first time he raced at the Colossus. CB-23 is with them. Yeager says that they will wait for Tam and hope that she doesn't have company with her.

Back at the Thunderer, Tam briefs her squadron, telling them that they will be training in the Tashtor sector. Rucklin recognizes that is the home sector of Castilon and asks Tam if this training exercise has been authorized. She warns him not to question his superior officer and the three TIEs jump into hyperspace.

Aboard the Star Destroyer's bridge, a TIE officer informs Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny that Lieutenant Ryvora's squadron jumped to another system. When Tierny asks where, the officer says that long range sensors indicate that she jumped to Castilon. Pyre remarks that her new Squadron Leader is feeling homesick. Tierny returns to her office and checks her desk. She finds the comlink missing.

Waiting for Tam[]

Back on Castilon, Kaz says that he is glad to be back on this "waterball." Yeager adds that he has lot of peaceful memories here before he showed up. He tells Kaz that when he first met Tam, she had run away from home to become a racer. Yeager says that Tam reminded him a lot of his brother Marcus Speedstar, who had a habit of not staying in one place for too long. Yeager explains that Tam came to the Colossus to race, but lost everything and had to sell her ship to survive.

He recalls that Tam only wanted to race for a living. When Kaz asks why he did not just give her the Fireball, Yeager replies that he was afraid that she would just take off and race somewhere else. He says he did not want to lose her. Just then, they hear the roar of TIE engines. Kaz sees Tam's TIE fighter, but realizes she is flying with two other TIE fighters.

Tam tells her squadron that training will have to wait because she has spotted a shuttle that was reported missing months ago. She orders her fighters not to engage. Kaz and Yeager retreat back aboard the shuttle. Jace spots Kaz and Yeager standing on the racing ring and orders all TIEs to fire. However, Tam knocks him out.

Defection and reunion[]

Two of the TIEs strafe the racing ring. Kaz tells CB-23 to prepare the shuttle while he and Yeager cling on for dear life. Tam tries to order the squadron to stand down, but they continue shooting. CB-23 powers up the shuttle's engines.

Tam repeats her order to stand down and shoots down a TIE fighter for disobeying her orders. Kaz realizes that Tam has shot down one of the TIEs. Tam then shoots down the second TIE before flying towards the racing ring. She docks in front of the ring and climbs out of the TIE fighter. Tam removes her helmet and greets Kaz and Yeager on the racing ring.

Tam is glad that Kaz decoded her comlink message. Kaz replies that Neeku did before Tam hugs him. Kaz hugs her back. Tam is surprised to see Yeager, thinking that he would not trust her after what she did. Yeager admits that it was difficult. Tam points out that he did lie about Kaz and the Resistance. Yeager responds that it was for her own good and is about to chastise her for joining the First Order when Kaz steps in and tells them they can resolve their differences when they go home.

Failed escape[]

Tam reminds them not to forget Rucklin, saying that she cannot abandon him even though he is a "smooch." Kaz is horrified that Rucklin is traveling with her. Kaz carries the unconscious Rucklin aboard the shuttle. CB-23 informs them that the Thunderer has exited hyperspace. Yeager, Tam, and Kaz retreat aboard the shuttle as the Thunderer opens fire on them, causing the sea to churn.

Inside the cockpit, Yeager tells CB-23 to power up the engines they dodge the Thunderer's blasts which churn up the sea around them. Yeager manages to fly the ship past the Thunderer. He tells Kaz to contact the Colossus and CB-23 to take them into hyperspace.

Aboard the Colossus' command bridge, Captain Doza, Venisa, 4D-M1N, and Neeku receive Kaz's transmission that they have gotten Tam. They try to jump into hyperspace, but are caught in a tractor beam. Their shuttle's communications are also jammed. Tam proposes doing a dangerous flight maneuver Yeager did at the Battle of Jakku, but he thinks it's too dangerous.

Meanwhile, Rucklin awakens and checks a computer. He finds that the Colossus is in the Barabesh system. Yeager agrees to do it, but tells Kaz and Tam to erase their flight logs so that the First Order can't track down the Colossus. Kaz demands to know what they are doing while Rucklin takes position.

Caught by the tractor beam[]

As the shuttle approaches the Thunderer's hangar bay, Yeager reveals that he is setting the shuttle to self destruct. Kaz is shocked and asks how much time they have. First Order stormtroopers converge outside the shuttle. Tam and Rucklin exit the shuttle with their hands up. Rucklin claims that Tam is a traitor, but the stormtrooper officer orders them to raise their hands. Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny turn up.

When Pyre asks where are the rest of her conspirators, Tam says that it is just her and Rucklin. Rucklin says that is not true and says that there are others inside. Kaz, Yeager, and CB-23 sneak out of the shuttle through the underbelly, avoiding the stormtroopers.

Agent Tierny expresses disappointment in Tam for her treason, saying she once had great potential. Tam defiantly replies that she is not afraid of her anymore. Tierny says perhaps not now. When two First Order executioner troopers approach, Rucklin says that he saw that the shuttle came from the Barabesh system before they erased it. Rucklin says that is where the Colossus is hiding.

Pyre orders his stormtroopers to take them away, but Rucklin says that it is true and insists that he is loyal. Kaz, Yeager, and CB-23 hide before the shuttle explodes, throwing debris and people everywhere. Tierny, Pyre and several stormtroopers survive the explosion. She spots CB-23, Yeager, and Kaz and opens fire on them. She orders her stormtroopers not to let them escape while Pyre orders another stormtrooper to lock down all corridors. CB-23 is chased by two stormtroopers while Kaz and Yeager exchange fire with their pursuers, shooting down some stormtroopers. Kaz and Yeager manage to flee into a corridor.

Behind enemy lines[]

Back at the Colossus, Neeku tries to contact Kaz and Yeager. He informs Captain Doza and Venisa that they have lost their signal completely. Torra Doza announces that she is going to investigate and suggests taking Hype and Freya with her. Her father counters that they will wait for them to respond and that he will make his decision from there. When Venisa asks what if they don't respond, Doza remains silent, but firm.

As stormtroopers pursue Kaz and Yeager, Tierny warns the crew that they have Resistance operatives aboard and issues a Code Red alert. Pyre says that they have tracked down the Colossus and says that there is nowhere else for them to run. Tierny says he better hope so or they will lose both their heads. Pyre orders the ship to set a course for the Barabesh system.

Meanwhile, Rucklin pleads his innocence and denounces Tam as a traitor. Tam replies that he is not helping himself. Rucklin tells the stormtroopers that they are making a big mistake. An executioner trooper tells him to keep moving. Rucklin says that he is on their side and that they are going to catch the Colossus because of him. One of the stormtroopers strikes him with a rifle, but Tam speaks up for him. Just then, they catch sight of Kaz running past.

Yeager shoots the stormtroopers behind her and tells Tam to get down. After shooting down the executioner troopers, Yeager frees Tam and tells her that they have to keep moving. They are soon joined by Kaz. Yeager shoots down the stormtroopers pursuing him and the three are about to leave.

However, Rucklin gets up and says that he told them where the Colossus is and that they have already lost. Tam punches him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Yeager asks if this is true and Tam tells them they have to run.

A desperate mission[]

Back on the Colossus, Torra is growing impatient and says that they have to go to Castilon to help. Venisa admires her daughter's courage, but says that they can't let her go. Captain Doza decides to have their friends go with Torra. Venisa thinks its is too risky for everyone aboard the Colossus. Captain Doza recognizes that it is risky, but says that they should make everyone aware of the risk. Doza tells Neeku to gather everyone on the Colossus at Aunt Z's Tavern.

As the Thunderer travels through hyperspace, Tam, Kaz, and Yeager try to flee down a turbolift, but find that it has been locked down. Kaz contacts CB-23 and tells her to activate the lift at G27. CB-23 finds a network terminal and manages to activate the turbolift in time for Kaz and his friends to flee down the lift. CB-23 tells them that they are already in hyperspace.

Tam says that it is only a matter of time before they reach the Colossus. Yeager says that it doesn't look good, but reminds them that they are Team Fireball and says they can figure it out. Kaz says they have to warn them. Tam comes with an idea to go to engineering and reroute a subspace frequency with CB's help. She says they can use the frequency to warn the Colossus. Yeager warns that this would attract the attention of the First Order.

Kaz knows the risk, but says that it is worth saving their friends. Tam says that this is the least she can do after what she has done. Kaz tells CB to meet them in engineering. Aboard the bridge, a stormtrooper tells Pyre and Tierny that DT-533 has escaped with the Resistance that they were last seen at Turbolift G-27. Pyre says he thought all turbolifts were locked down. The stormtrooper says that the lifts were tampered with.

A town meeting[]

At Aunt Z's Tavern, several Colossus residents including Kel, Eila, Jooks, Hype Fazon, and Synara San gather for the town meeting. Synara asks what is going on, but Aunt Z responds that they are here because Captain Doza ordered them to be here. Grevel says that if Captain Doza is here to give them orders, he should come down and give them himself.

Doza replies that he is not here to give orders. He understands that they have lived here for many years and that it is has been difficult, but is nothing compared to running from the First Order. Grevel blames Kaz for their troubles with the First Order. Doza counters that without Kaz's help, they would all be working in prison camps or worse. When Aunt Z asks what Doza is asking from them, the Captain explains that Kaz and Yeager went to rescue one of their own, Tam Ryvora. He says that they haven't heard from them since.

Aunt Z asks if he wants them to fight. Doza replies that he is asking them to help their friends. Several Colossus residents think Captain Doza is out of his mind. When Synara asks where are they, Doza thinks that they might be trapped aboard a Star Destroyer. Flix says that he is out while Al and Jooks think that it is too dangerous. Grevel also doesn't want to get involved. The Dozas have a look of despair.

Into the engineering deck[]

Meanwhile, Kaz, Tam, and Yeager storm the engineering deck and take out the two First Order security droids manning it. Tam tells them that they need to get to the bottom of the engine core to send their subspace frequency. Kaz is daunted, but Tam says that is the only way they can transmit their signal without getting it bypassed. They are soon joined by CB as they climb down to the depths of the engine room.

Near the bottom, they are spotted by two stormtroopers. Yeager shoots them down and one of the stormtroopers falls down into the pit. Yeager says he will get down to get the signal out. A stormtrooper reports a security breach in engineering and Commander Pyre issues orders to lock down the engineering level. Pyre leads the other stormtroopers to engineering.

Later, Neeku receives a transmission. Meanwhile Captain Doza is trying to calm the civilians by telling them that he is not asking them to join the Resistance. Flix thinks that going head on with a Star Destroyer is insane. Orka agrees and says that they are still recovering from the damage they took the last time the First Order found them. Jooks says they don't have enough pilots to protect the station, but Hype counters that everyone of his Aces are worth a dozen tie pilots.

Neeku arrives with the datapad. Neeku informs Captain Doza they have an incoming transmission from Kaz and plays it to the crowd. Torra addresses the crowd and says that Kaz, Yeager, and Tam are part of the Colossus and that they are all family. Bolza Grool says that it is too dangerous.

Kaz's message[]

Kaz tells Captain Doza and the crowd that their rescue mission went wrong and warns them that the First Order is coming for them and that they need to get away. Grevel thinks they should run while they still can and Al agrees. Tam then addresses the crowd. A Gotal calls her a traitor.

Tam apologizes for making a terrible mistake and for putting them at risk. She implores the Colossus to escape before the First Order arrives. As First Order stormtroopers close in on them, Kaz tells the Colossus residents to save themselves before the signal terminates. All the Colossus residents including Torra, Flix, and Orka are saddened.

Aunt Z speaks up and says that they have to help Kaz, Yeager, and Tam. Her droid Glich and Opeepit also agree. Grool says no more running while Al decides they should take action. Synara says they should help their friends. Aunt Z asks how they should fight back and Venisa says she has some experience with that. Torra quips that they won't know what hit them while Neeku says Kaz's catchphrase of let's "blast some buckets."

While exchanging fire with the stormtroopers, Tam leads the group into the maintenance hatch. A stormtrooper informs Commander Pyre that the Resistance fighters have entered the maintenance hatch as he had planned. Kaz and his friends reach a hangar where a shuttle is waiting. However, the trio are ambushed by Pyre, who orders them to drop their weapons. The trio are surrounded by stormtroopers. Pyre orders his troops to take them to the bridge. CB-23 manages to slip back into the maintenance hatch.

Preparing for war[]

Back on the Colossus, Flix and Orka assemble a blaster as the Colossus residents prepare for their rescue mission. Several gorgs ride buckets. The Colossus residents set up gun positions in the marketplace as the hatch opens. Commander Doza, her squadron, and all the Aces including Bucket prepare their starfighters for the confrontation with the Thunderer. On the bridge, 4D-M1N informs Captain Doza that their cannons are online and ready. Neeku admits that he is terrified, but Doza reassures him he knows the feeling well.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Thunderer, Pyre leads Kaz, Yeager, and Tam to Agent Tierny. Tierny says she is impressed by her adversaries' tenacity, but says it would soon come to an end. Tierny asks Tamara how did she fail her and says that she made Tam a pilot and gave her purpose and everything she wanted. When she asks what Yeager gave him that she could not, Tamara replies that he gave her a family.

Pyre tells Kaz that it is amusing that his efforts amounted to nothing. He says they will be arriving at the Colossus soon. Kaz responds that they have already warned them and that the Colossus will be long gone by the time he gets there. Just then, they exit hyperspace. Kaz is horrified that the Colossus is still there.

Standing their ground[]

Commander Pyre orders them to launch all fighters and to prepare cannons for open fire. Tierny tells her prisoners that they will now get to watch their "family" perish. The Aces and Jade Squadron fly towards the Thunderer with a modified shuttle. Venisa says that they are flying towards the engines. She orders Jade Squadron to focus ion bombs on the panels near the thrusters, hoping to take them out. The Thunderer dispatches a swarm of TIE fighters to meet the Colossus fighters and Resistance.

Hype boasts to his Aces that one Ace is worth a dozen TIEs. Griff Halloran says they will find out soon enough. A dogfight ensues and several TIE fighters are shot down. Bucket flies the Fireball while Torra flies the Blue Ace. She shoots down some fighters that are pursuing the Fireball.

The Aces fire on the Thunderer's engines, but Griff says they are unable to penetrate since their shields are still up. Venisa tells him to do what he can. Meanwhile, CB-23 sneaks to the shield generator and accesses a network terminal. Pyre informs Tierny that the enemy is trying to attack their thrusters. Tierny is confident they will never breach the shields and tells Pyre to prepare a boarding party.

CB-23 is also able to listen to the First Order communications as she continues to work. The Thunderer begins to bombard the Colossus. 4D informs Doza that their attacks have had little effect on the Thunderer's shields while theirs have decreased to 30 percent. Meanwhile, Venisa urges the Aces including Freya Fenris to keep bombarding the rear thrusters.

The tide turns[]

CB-23 manages to deactivate the shields. A bridge officer warns Tierny that their shields have been deactivated, but Tierny orders him to raise them back online. However, he reports that he cannot as Kaz, Yeager, and Tam wink a smile. Meanwhile, 4D informs Captain Doza that the Thunderer's shields are down and Doza informs the Aces and Jade Squadron.

The Aces and Jade Squadron under Venisa's orders launch a full assault on the Thunderer's engines. Then Captain Doza orders 4D to fire on the Thunderer, Neeku protests that Kaz, Yeager, and Tam are still on the ship. But Doza insists they'll have to trust that they'll get out in time.

With that the Colossus also begins bombarding the unshielded Thunderer. Yeager, Kaz, and Tam take the opportunity to break free of their stormtrooper captors. Yeager shoots Tierny in the hand. Tam tells them to disable the controls and shoots at the dashboards in the crew pits.

Kaz, Yeager, and Tam flee down a turbolift with CB-23. The Aces and Jade Squadron blow up several engines while stormtroopers board their Atmospheric Assault Landers as Pyre watches. Reaching the troop hangar, Tam spots a transport and says they have to get their fast. While crossing a bridge, Tam asks CB to lower them onto a crane.

CB-23 uses her grappling cable to reach the crane's controls. Kaz and the others descend, but a blast from a ruptured engine causes their grappling cable to break lose and they fall down. CB-23 captures them before they fall. Meanwhile, Tierny warns Pyre that their shields have been compromised and the prisoners have escaped the bridge.

Fight for freedom[]

Kaz and Tam land on a block of canisters, attracting Pyre's attention. Yeager gets CB to lower them. The Resistance fighters engage in a gun battle with Pyre and his stormtroopers. Yeager shoots a crane lifting cargo, causing the cargo to crash on top of Pyre's stormtroopers and explode. Yeager tells them to flee.

Meanwhile, Atmospheric Assault Landers approach the Colossus. A turbolaser emplacement shoots down one of the troop landers, but two manage to land their stormtroopers on the Colossus marketplace. The defenders including Mika Grey and Aunt Z retreat behind blast doors.

Back in the Thunderer's hangar, Pyre awakes and pursues Kaz, Tam, Yeager, and CB-23. He shoots at a box of munitions, causing an explosion. Kaz is pinned down by a box. Torra contacts him by comlink as Pyre advances on him with a BL-155 Laser ax. Kaz struggles to reach his ax, but it is too far.

Before Pyre can behead him, CB-23 uses her grappling cable to grab his ax. Pyre attacks CB with his laser ax and strikes her down, causing her to short circuit. However, Kaz attacks him from behind with another laser ax and strikes him down. Kaz carries CB and comforts her, telling her they will get her fixed. Kaz reunites with Tam and Yeager as they evacuate aboard an Atmospheric Assault Lander. Kaz contacts Torra and tells her that they are escaping on a First Order transport and not to fire on them.

Meanwhile, three stormtroopers pursue Jooks and Mika throughout the Colossus' corridors. However, Bolza grabs one of the stormtroopers and throws him against his comrades. Meanwhile Opeepit pushes his floor sweeper into the path of two stormtroopers, knocking them down. Aunt Z and Glitch gun them down. Opeepit cheers.

Thunderer's demise[]

Aboard the Star Destroyer, Tierny receives a transmission from Supreme Leader Ren. Tierny tells Ren that she has the Colossus in her grasp, but that she needs reinforcements. Ren, however, knows that she has failed and tells her that the First Order does not tolerate the weak. Tierny says she understands, but the Master of the Knights of Ren believes otherwise and kills her with a Force choke.

Venisa tells her pilots to make a final pass on the Thunderer's engines. The engines explode as Hype cheers. Commander Pyre is killed as the Thunderer explodes while Kaz and company escape in their transport. Captain Doza and the bridge crew watch the Thunderer fall. The Colossus residents including Aunt Z, Bolza Grool, Opeepit, Garma, Buggles, Mika Grey, Kel, Eila, and Grevel also celebrate their victory.

Tamara's homecoming[]

Kaz, Yeager, and Tam arrive back aboard the Colossus with the Aces and Jade Squadron. Kaz welcomes her back to Yeager's repair station while CB-23 and Bucket walk down the gangplank together. Tam also reunites with Venisa and Torra. Tam seeks Venisa's permission to come aboard, which she gladly gives. Venisa tells her this is her home.

Neeku soon joins them and embraces Tam. Neeku says that he is so happy to see her because they have so much maintenance work to catch up on. He says that things will be so much easier and more efficient with her around. Tam apologizes and Neeku says that they all make mistakes. He forgives her and Yeager takes them to Aunt Z's Tavern.

As they walk past Aunt Z's Tavern, a droid clears the dead bodies of the fallen stormtroopers. Seeing the tavern in ruins, Tam thinks that it is a disaster, but Aunt Z replies that it is the price of freedom. She serves Kaz and his friends drinks, but jokes that drink prices have gone up. Tam apologizes to her friends and says that she was so afraid. Yeager replies that she was the bravest of them all. Kaz says he was brave, but Tam reassures him that he has always been brave.

Captain Doza, Venisa, and Torra enter the tavern with the Aces and Jade Squadron. Aunt Z serves them drinks and they all drink to the toasts of "Team Colossus." The Dozas embrace each other while Neeku hugs Kaz and Tam. Yeager watches happily in the background.


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