The Ewok Who Was Afraid: An Ewok Adventure is a 1986 children's book written by Helena Clare Pittman and illustrated by Ron Fritz. It was published by Random House.

Publisher's Summary[]

Willy asks his big brother, Weecheee, if he can be his partner in the raft race along the underground rapids. But the caves are dark and scary - and Willy is afraid. How Willy turns his fear into courage when it really counts is told in this exciting Ewok adventure!

Plot Summary[]

The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village are holding an annual special celebration where young ones are taking part in various games. Weechee Warrick refuses his brother Willy's request to accompany him in a raft race along the rapids in the underground caves. When Teebo informs him that Paploo, his original rafting partner, hurt himself in the bordok relay, Weechee has no choice but to take Willy with him.

At the cave entrance, Willy gives up, having remembered his father's stories about the sounds of rapids, twisted tunnels and mysterious cave spirits. Weechee calls him hopeless and ultimately enters the race on his own. Left outside alone, Willy suddenly spots a bright blue stone in the grass and he is convinced that this is one of the magic stones that Logray gives out to grown-up warriors. He then resolves to become brave.

Meanwhile, Weechee realizes that he never rafted on his own and, once he's started paddling through the cave's rapids, he gets scared for having to manage both sides of the raft himself, but he is still convinced that the victory is in his hands. He then whips around a turn and loses the paddle, which causes the raft to spin. Weechee escapes in the last moment and the raft is smashed to smithereens. The cave starts to echo and it's dark, causing the bold young Ewok to be scared, just like his brother would be; and now he's convinced that the cave spitis indeed exist.

Willy is observing the rafts coming out of the cave and looking anxiously for his brother. The other rafters are starting to wonder about Weechee as well and Willy's doubt that something has happened are confirmed by Teebo's claim that there was nobody behind him. While everybody else heads back to the forest, as it's getting dark, Willy decides to look for his brother, using the "magic" stone as encouragement. He paddles through the tunnel on a log and manages to locate his brother, who then jumps on the log behind him. Once they're out of the cave, they're reunited with Deej, Shodu, Chief Chirpa and the search party. Willy's mother hugs her son and ensures him that he was very brave to save his brother. He then reveals that he had a magic stone. However, once he reaches for it, he realizes that he'd lost it somewhere in the rapids.

Later the same night, the Ewoks gather in the ceremonial hut, where Chief Chirpa gives each young rafter a sacred shell; while the grown-ups are observing the ceremony. Willy is given a fire shell, the mark of bravery and the chieftain tells him that courage is magic from within the heart. Everybody cheers on Willy.


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