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The Ewoks Join the Fight is a children's book published by Random House. It was later adapted into a book-and-record of the same name and illustrations, but with slightly different narration.

It is a retelling of the events of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, but with a focus on the portions involving the Ewoks. It also includes translations from C-3PO's story of events leading up to their meeting.

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The Ewoks, natives of a tiny moon called Endor, come to the aid of the Rebel Alliance in its climactic battle against the evil Galactic Empire.


As the story focuses on the Ewoks, Luke Skywalker's actions aboard the Death Star II are described, but not depicted. During the celebration with the Ewoks on Endor, he discusses what happened with Leia Organa, who whispers to him, "You tried to save him," regarding Darth Vader, his father, who was once the great Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Luke replies, "I tried. But it was too late for him."[1] This defies the spirit of the film, where, on the Death Star, Luke tells Anakin, "I've got to save you," to which he replies, "You already have, Luke… You were right about me. Tell your sister you were right."[2]


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