"The Fantastic Technology Contest" was a contest held by West End Games and the Role Playing Game Association that allowed players of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game to submit various examples of technology; winning entries were included among the items released in Galladinium's Fantastic Technology. Out of about seventy-five submissions, nearly half were included in the book, with first place going to Michael Zebrowski for his Repulsor Grappling Gun.

Winning entriesEdit

  1. Repulsor Grappling Gun (Michael Zebrowski)
  2. Neural Control Collar (Douglas M. Burck)
  3. CL-3 Droid Command Link (Matthew Silva)
  4. (Item not included in book)
  5. (Item not included in book)
  6. Flesh camouflage (Mike Kogge)
  7. HD 5-D Booster (Dennis F. Belanger)
  8. Credit Case Surprise (Scot Eddy)
  9. R-series Voice Box Adaptor (Jason Davis)
  10. Med Unit (Spencer E. Hart)
  11. System Diagnostic Filter (Dennis F. Belanger)
  12. Field cauterizer (Mark McElroy)
  13. LE-VO law enforcement droid (Mike Kogge)
  14. Nav Computer Route Astrogation Bypass (Dennis F. Belanger)
  15. Vennoc-x Chronometer (Adam Rosenberg)
  16. SB-20 Slicer Droid (Mike Kogge)
  17. NR-5 Maintenance Droid (Greg Dove)
  18. Versatex Survival Suit (Jim Tews)
  19. PX-7 Heat Sensor (Dale Jackson)
  20. V5-T transport droid (Adam Dickstein)
  21. M4 Series Messenger Droid (Matthew Cunningham)
  22. AV-1 combat armor (AV-1S Scout Armor, AV-1C Combat Armor, and AV-1A Assault Armor) (Dennis F. Belanger)
  23. CD-12a autopilot droid brain (Tom Neville)
  24. Clockwatcher (Jason Davis)

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