"I intend to warn all Imperial units to steer clear of this cursed planet in the future! Obviously it's completely unstable... a certain deathtrap for any who touch down upon it!"
―Unidentified Imperial commander[src]

The Final Fury! was the ninth and final instalment of The Keeper's World, published in Pizzazz 9 in June 1978. The entire story arc was reprinted in the UK in Star Wars Weekly 4750 in 197879, and in the 1999 limited-release comic Star Wars 0.

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As lava geysers erupt from the surface of Keeper's World the Imperial forces retreat, believing that the rebel foes they were chasing have perished in the cataclysm. After they leave the Keeper stills the groundquake and reveals that the natural disaster was under her control the whole time. Moreover, she has protected Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, C-3PO, and R2-D2.

The Keeper reveals that she has near complete control over the planet, as part of her mission to restore it for her creators' eventual return. She uses some of this control to repair the rebel scout ship, allowing the rebels to continue on their mission. Leia is happy that things will be more peaceful for the Keeper, while Luke hopes that if they defeat the Empire that peace might extend throughout the galaxy.

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