"The First Apprentice" is the tenth episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Paul Dini and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on October 18, 1986.

Plot summary[]

Wizard in training[]

Inside his mountain redoubt, Zarrak speaks to the Prophecy Pool, asking if there is a wizard strong enough to stop him on Endor. The pool shows him visions of the young Ewok Teebo, who has become an apprentice to Zarrak's former Master Logray. Zarrak thinks Teebo could become powerful in the future and decides to recruit him as an apprentice. Zarrak sets off on Zarrak's hang glider to find Teebo.

At Bright Tree Village, Master Logray asks Teebo to try his spell again. Teebo attempts to make a leaf fly but instead causes it to fly around like a projectile. A frustrated Teebo asks when he can learn more advanced tricks. Master Logray thinks that he still has to master the basic tricks first.

Later, Teebo intends to impress Wicket, Latara and Kneesaa with his flying leaf trick. His friend are not impressed since Teebo cannot control the magic leaf. Kneesaa is laughing while Latara is splattered with paint. Zarrak catches the leaf and approaches Wicket and his friends.

Zarrak's flattery and mischief[]

Zarrak flatters Teebo, telling him that he is a great wizard. Latara disagrees while Kneesaa tries to remember who Zarrak is. Zarrak tells the younger Ewoks that he was Master Logray's first apprentice but left Bright Tree Village because Master Logray did not want to teach him what he wanted to learn. Teebo assumes they were flashy tricks. Zarrak impresses the Ewoks by summoning fire to burn a tree stump. He asks Teebo if he is interested.

Zarrak manages to recruit Teebo. Kneesaa tries to warn her friend but Zarrak casts a spell that causes her to sleep. Wicket and Latara carry Kneesaa home. Teebo wants to follow is friends but Zarrak reiterates his offer to teach him more magic. Meanwhile, Wicket and Latara carry the sleeping Kneesaa back to Bright Tree Village. They place her on a cart but it spins out of control, and crashes into the marketplace. They end up in Master Logray's hut where Kneesaa is still asleep.

When he asks what is going on, Latara and Wicket tell Master Logray that Kneesaa has fallen asleep and can't wake up. Inspecting Kneesaa, Master Logray deduces that it was a sleeping spell. Wicket and Latara tell Logray about Zarrak. Logray explains that Zarrak used to be his apprentice until his impatience made him turn to evil. When Logray refused to teach Zarrak evil magic, Zarrak tried to steal the Sunstar and Chief Chirpa was forced to banish him. While Logray attends to Kneesaa, Wicket tells Logray that Zarrak offered to teach Teebo his tricks. Logray and the woklings are horrified.

Zarrak's apprentice and treachery[]

Meanwhile, Zarrak demonstrates one of his powers, which involves hurling a giant boulder. Teebo gives it a try but causes several rocks to fall from the top of the cave. Zarrak is dismissive of Teebo's powers and believes he is better at transformation. For the next demonstration, Zarrak turns a tortoise shaped creature into a giant monster before turning it back into its natural form He asks Teebo to try but Teebo thinks it is kind of mean. Teebo gives it a try but misses and instead turns some strangle vines into carnivorous monsters, which trap him. Zarrak turns the vines back to their normal form.

Growing frustrated, Zarrak speaks to the fountain, which spits back at him. Zarrak decides to dispose of Teebo quickly. For Teebo's final lesson, Zarrak uses a crane to lower Teebo into an abyss full of spirits. The other Ewoks soon catch up, being alerted by Teebo's cries. Master Logray tells Zarrak to leave him alone. Zarrak attacks his former fire with fire. Meanwhile, Kneesaa uses her lasoo to pull Teebo to safety. However, the platform Teebo is standing on breaks off and falls into the abyss. Teeo manages to cling on to Kneesaa's lasso. She and Latara pull him up.

Defeating Zarrak[]

Meanwhile, Zarrak taunts Logray that his magic is no match for his. He encircles his master with fire but the shaman uses his own magic to disperse the fire. Wicket jumps on Zarrak's head, covering it with his robes. Zarrak flashes his diamond while Kneesaa and Latara pull Teebo up from the cliff. Kneesaa is determined to help Logray. Using his crystal, Zarrak hurls rocks at Logray, overpowering him. Kneesaa and Latara attempt to help but Zarrak uses his magic to trap them under metal structures.

Zarrak also traps Master Logray and Wicket in metal structures, hoping to trade the Sunstar for their lives. Teebo decides to use the leaf trip to stop Zarrak. Using his magic powers, he manages to animate several leaves which overwhelm Zarrak, causing him to drop his crystal which shatters and frees Logray and Teebo's friends from their restraints. Wicket is delighted. The leaves chase Zarrak off the edge of the cliff, causing him to fall into the abyss.

Latara and Kneesaa cheer Teebo for being a hero. Later, Teebo apologizes to Master Logray. He says that he doesn't need the "big, flashy" tricks and that he is content with the "little boring ones." Logray reassures Teebo he will be a fine wizard one day. Teebo however thinks that Zarrak's trick with the strangle vines was cool and asks for a demonstration. His friends say no. Logray laughs.



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Behind the scenes[]

A continuity error occurs in the episode; while Kneesaa was sleeping on Logray's table (under Zarrak's sleeping spell), part of the scene shows the girl with four toes at each foot, in contrast with the remaining frames. According to the Star Wars canon, the Ewoks have only three toes at each foot.


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Notes and references[]

  1. SWInsider.png "Star Wars Publications Timeline"—Star Wars Insider 23 dates the events of the Ewoks animated series, which include the events of "The First Apprentice," to three years after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which corresponds to 3 ABY, according to The New Essential Chronology.
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