"The First Order Occupation" is the fifteenth episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on February 3, 2019.

Official description[]

As the First Order tightens its grip on the Colossus, the pressure mounts for Kaz and Synara.[3]

Plot summary[]


The episode opens with a flock of snarlfishes flying over the ocean of Castilon. They are followed by a TIE fighter, which swoops over them and flies over the Colossus.

At the Colossus, Synara San deals with a droid at a ticket stall. Synara asks why she is not able to purchase passage on a shuttle. The droid tells her the First Order is locking down the station. Synara grumbles and leaves. The Ithorian Egdir walks up to the stall.

First Order "peacekeepers"[]

At the Colossus marketplace, Kazuda Xiono, Tamara Ryvora, BB-8 and Neeku Vozo are walking. Neeku tells his friends that this is the fourth TIE fighter that has arrived this week. Kaz corrects him that it is the fifth TIE fighter they have seen this week. Neeku notices that Kaz has a tremendous interest in the First Order and asks if he is thrilled about the First Order increasing their security presence. Kaz replies that he is both thrilled and nauseated, hiding his true feelings and mission.

Kaz asks Tamara if she has seen Synara lately. Tam says that Synara has been keeping to herself and wonders what is going. The group pass a stormtrooper patrol. The Gotal resident Rolt tries to make contact with the stormtroopers but they ignore him. When Kaz complains that people can't see that the First Order are the "bad guys," Tam points out that they saved Torra Doza from pirate kidnappers and that they need better security here.

Kaz replies that stormtroopers are only here for one thing. Before he can continue, the stormtroopers then stop the Rodian port worker Glem and ask him for his identification. Glem says he has left his identification at his domicile. The stormtrooper officer orders his men to arrest him. Kaz protests and the stormtrooper officer asks if he has something to say. He and his men point their blasters at Kaz. One of the stormtroopers suggests that Kaz is the spy they are looking for.

BB-8 beeps in fear. The stormtrooper officer asks what Kaz's name is. Kaz claims he is just another resident and nobody special. When the stormtrooper officer repeats his question, Neeku says that Kaz is nervous to meet them because he admires the First Order. Neeku gives Kazuda's name and tells the stormtroopers that he works with them at Jarek Yeager's repair shop in Quadrant 3.27.

Before he can continue, Glem says he has found his identification. The stormtrooper officer says that it appears to be in order and allows Glem to move along. Kaz and his group walk away while the Arcona lady Garma walks past the stormtroopers. Seeking to question Kaz, the stormtrooper officer asks where Kaz went.

Liberty for security[]

While walking through the corridor, Kaz is upset with Neeku for telling the First Order about him. Neeku says they are only looking for spies and asks what he has to fear. Tamara reassures Kaz that he bought that guy some time to find his identification. When Kaz says that the attempted arrest supports his point about the First Order, Tamara replies that they are just doing their job and adds this is what Captain Imanuel Doza wants. Kaz remarks she is right.

Meanwhile, Captain Doza contacts Commander Pyre via holoprojector and raises his concerns that the stormtroopers are acting as if their authority supersedes his. Doza reiterates that the Colossus is his platform and tells him not to forget that. The droid 4D-M1N is standing at attention.

Commander Pyre claims to respect Doza's authority and responds that their "peacekeeping forces" are only helping to keep his station secure. Captain Doza tells him that the First Order security forces are only here till the pirates are dealt with. Commander Pyre responds that the security measures are only for the safety of his family and constituents and reiterates that Doza needs them and tells him not to forget that. 4D opines that Commander Pyre is correct because the Colossus has never been safer than it is now. Doza sighs and asks but at what cost.

Yeager's advice[]

At Yeager's repair station, Kaz tries to convince Yeager that they have to send a message to the Resistance and remarks that this First Order occupation is too much. Yeager takes Kaz into his trophy room and tells him that it is too risky to transmit new messages because the First Order is tracking everyone's communications. Kaz protests that this is a prelude to a full-on occupation and says they have to do something. Kaz slams his fist on the table.

Yeager disagrees and tells Kaz to wait until Poe has contacted him. Yeager says to otherwise would risk Kaz being outed as a spy. He warns that could get them all in trouble. Just then, R1-J5 ("Bucket") enters the room and tells Yeager someone is here. In the repair station, they are greeted by Neeku and three stormtroopers.

The stormtroopers' visit[]

Neeku tells them that the stormtroopers were looking for Kaz and Yeager and that he let them inside. Kaz tries to suppress his irritation by thanking Neeku. The stormtrooper officer from the marketplace tells Kaz that he just wants to talk to him and that they have questions. Yeager walks between Kaz and the stormtrooper officer and says he would be happy to help. The lead stormtrooper insists on speaking with Kaz only.

The stormtrooper officer tells Kaz that they are looking for a spy onboard this station. Kaz feigns ignorance and incredulity. The stormtrooper officer says they are responding to intelligence reports that the pirates have inserted a spy on the Colossus. Kaz feigns ignorance while Yeager backs Kaz up and says that he is no pirate.

The stormtrooper officer counters that security programs show Kaz lurking near Doza Tower on the night of Torra Doza's abduction. Kaz says he was the one that warned Captain Doza. The stormtrooper officer informs Kaz that they are looking for a salvage operator named Synara San as well. Just then the stormtrooper receives a comlink message in his helmet about a situation on Level 3. The stormtrooper officer and his men leave but not before ordering Kaz to remain at this station until notified.

After the stormtroopers leave, Yeager warns Kaz to stay out of the trouble on a Level 3 and to keep his head down until things cool off. He tells Kaz to trust him. Kaz responds that he wasn't going to do anything.

Synara's predicament[]

At the loading docks, Synara strikes a deal with Glem to work the night shift in return for preparing the containers. There is an unidentified purple alien. Kazuda Xiono and BB-8 are hiding behind the containers. Kaz debates whether he should tell Synara that he knows she is a pirate spy. BB-8 beeps this is a bad idea and Kaz agrees. However, he says that they still need to find out what she is up to.

Kaz is struck in the head by a falling crate. Synara notices some movement but Kaz tells BB-8 to keep quiet. Synara goes to investigate while two stormtroopers search the platform. Kaz and BB-8 head through the corridors and brush past two loading droids. They find Synara contacting Kragan Gorr by holoprojector.

Synara tells Kragan to get her off the station but Kragan chides her for missing her chance to leave. Synara is unhappy that Kragan is backing out of his promise but Kragan points out that they cannot get within five kilometers of the Colossus ever since the First Order betrayed them. He tells Synara to find her way out of the Colossus and they can arrange a pick-up. Kaz and BB-8 eavesdrop on the conversation and hide in a corner.

After Synara leaves, Kaz and BB-8 witness two stormtroopers arresting Rolt. The Gotal protests that he has rights but the stormtrooper responds that he is under arrest for loitering past curfew and orders him to move. Kaz and BB-8 agree that things are getting out of control.

Later, they see two stormtroopers haggling with the Frigosian janitor Opeepit. One of the stormtroopers tells him they are going to have to take his machine. Opeepit protests, but to no avail. Walking past, Kaz realizes that Synara is in danger and tells BB-8 they have to do something. BB-8 protests because Synara was involved in Torra's kidnapping but Kaz reminds BB-8 that she helped to rescue Torra and helped protect the Colossus form the sea monster. BB-8 beeps and Kaz responds that he likes her as a friend. They leave the dejected Opeepit behind.

Helping a friend[]

That night, Kaz and BB-8 sneak back into the loading docks. They find Synara taking over from Glem. Kaz sneaks up on Synara from behind but she elbows him in the face. Kaz is upset but Synara is apologetic and says she is on edge. When she asks what he is doing here, Kaz says he wanted to chat about food. Kaz asks her the hypothetical question of liking a foodstuff that makes everyone else sick. Synara realizes that he has come to talk about something else.

Just then, they hear the voices of stormtroopers who are searching the loading dock for the spy. Kaz and Synara hide. Kaz tells Synara that he hears the First Order are looking for some pirate food and that is best for that food to get off the Colossus right now. Meanwhile, the stormtroopers asks Glem if he has seen Synara and he tells them that she is over there and that she might have gotten to the metal yard. The lead stormtrooper orders his men to split up and to set their blasters to stun.

Kaz and BB-8 transport Synara through the loading dock in a container on a hoversled. Kaz tells Synara her best bet is sneaking onto a cargo ship. He tells her that he is going to wheel her into the hold of a cargo freighter bound for Takodana. Synara asks why he is helping her. Kaz says that he knows she is a pirate but that he is helping her because she is a good person. Kaz, who is wearing a welding helmet, tells her to stay down or they will get caught. They walk past the alien janitor who is grumbling about his confiscated machine.

A botched escape[]

In the hangar bay, they walk past two stormtroopers questioning another Gotal and a human woman. One of the stormtroopers briefly turns his head to look at Kaz and his hoversled. Outside a Star Commuter 2000 freighter, Kaz unloads Synara and tells BB-8 to bypass the security system and unlock the door to the freighter. As BB-8 accesses the freighter door's network terminal, Kaz tells Synara to get as far away as she can and that he has no time for "sensitive goodbyes."

Just then, BB-8 triggers an alarm system on the Star Commuter freighter but manages to activate a docking ramp. The stormtroopers take notice of the alarm. Kaz tells Synara to hide in the cargo compartment while he and BB-8 distract the stormtroopers. Synara thanks Kaz before heading inside the freighter. She breathes a sigh of relief but watches a masked Kaz and BB-8 fleeing the stormtroopers.

Kaz and BB-8 reach a dead end. Before the stormtroopers can catch up with them, the two are knocked out by Synara with a wrench. Kaz is shocked that Synara came back for them. Synara tells Kaz to hurry before they wake up. While running back to the hangar bay, Kaz tells her she is supposed to be gone, but Synara counters that he is not supposed to be captured by the First Order. Kaz tells BB-8 he told him so.

Returning to the hangar, they find that the shuttles have all taken off. Synara shouts in frustration. Since all the other ships have launched, Synara asks if there is any other way off the Colossus. Kaz says he doesn't know but tells her that he knows some guy who knows the Colossus like "back of his hand."

Seeking Neeku's help[]

Later, Neeku expresses confusion at Kaz's remark that he knows the station at the “back of his hand” until Kaz points out it was a figurative expression. Neeku says he is still confused until Kaz tells him that Synara needs help getting off the station. When Neeku asks why she is not going through customs and admissions like anyone else, Kaz tells him not to ask questions for once. Synara tells Neeku that stormtroopers do not like people like her.

Neeku recalls that his great-grand Nikto told him stories about the Empire not being very nice to his people. Neeku says that Synara has been nice to him and that he will help her. When Kaz asks Neeku how they will sneak her off the station, Neeku struggles to find a solution until Kaz points out that she needs to escape. Neeku recalls that the escape pods are underwater and remarks that "she will be able to sneak while she escapes."

Meanwhile, the stormtrooper officer meets with his men. He briefs them that the spy's name is Synara and orders his men to seal every exit, remarking that she can't hide for long. Neeku leads them through the corridors to the escape pods. Synara is spotted by a stormtrooper who orders his men to stop her. Neeku realizes that Synara is the pirate spy, and Kaz says that he will explain everything later. Realizing that they need a distraction, Neeku loosens a gas valve, which lets out gas into the corridors. Neeku runs in a different direction, leading the stormtroopers his way.

Synara is impressed at Neeku's courage. Kaz sends BB-8 to take care of Neeku. As they go down a turbolift, Synara expresses concern for Neeku, but Kaz says that as long BB-8 is with him he will be fine. Meanwhile, Neeku runs into a wall of crates. Before two stormtroopers can converge on Neeku, BB-8 discharges smoke at them and leads them in a chase, allowing Neeku to escape.

Escape into the sea[]

As they take the lift down, Kaz and Synara encounter the sullen Opeepit, who is still upset at the loss of his machine. Kaz asks the janitor what is wrong. Kaz expresses his sympathies while Synara says that she is sure he will get it back soon. Reaching the escape-pod floor, Kaz finds that there is only one escape pod left and says he hopes that it works.

After Kaz opens the hatch, Synara warns him that the stormtroopers will be heading down here and that they don't have much time. She says she wants to thank him and says that being at the Colossus has opened her eyes. Kaz says he wished that things worked out differently before closing the hatch. The hatch hits his head, and Kaz struggles to close the hatch. Synara asks if he needs a hand, but Kaz insists that she has got it. She helps him shut the escape-pod hatch from the inside before wishing him good luck with his "food."

The escape pod descends into the ocean of Castilon. Kaz bids Synara goodbye. Just then, the lift monitor chimes and several stormtroopers enter the escape-pod floor. One of his troops says they are too late, and the stormtrooper officer sighs.

Synara pilots the underwater escape pod past a large sea monster and radios Kragan, telling her that she has made it out. She transmits the pickup coordinates as she takes her escape pod into the deep.

Back to base[]

Heading back to Yeager's repair shop, Tam asks where Kaz has been and says that she heard that he was looking for Synara. Kaz tells Tam that Synara had to leave because she was very uncomfortable with the First Order presence. Tam asks why since the First Order is just protecting the platform. She remarks that she figured that Synara would have said goodbye. Just then, a screaming Neeku enters the hangar. He hugs Kaz and says that they didn't get a good look at him. Neeku says he will head for a rest but collapses from exhaustion.

Reuniting with the Warbirds[]

Elsewhere, Synara's escape pod surfaces, startling a flock of snarlfishes. As she climbs out of the conning tower, she strokes a snarlfish. Shortly, Kragan Gorr's skiff arrives and shines a searchlight. A rope is let down, and Synara climbs aboard the pirate skiff. Kragan remarks that he did not expect her to make it off the station and says she is ready to come home. Synara responds more than ever as they depart on their skiff.


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