"The First Order vs. The Resistance" is the forty-sixth episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. It premiered on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel on May 1, 2020.

Plot summary[]

The episode opens with General Armitage Hux addressing the massed First Order army at Starkiller Base prior to the Hosnian Cataclysm, telling that all star systems will bow down to the First Order. As stormtroopers board their Atmospheric Assault Landers, the narrator explains that stormtroopers are the backbone of the First Order. The video flashes forward to Kylo Ren's TIE silencer leading a First Order invasion force to a planet.

Atmospheric Assault Landers land on a planet, disgorging stormtroopers who advance on entrenched Resistance forces. First Order stormtroopers ride treadspeeder bikes through the desert followed by stormtrooper infantry while First Order jet troopers race through the air. The jet troopers decimate the Resistance positions, leaving flame and smoke behind.

The video then flashes forward to First Order forces including Snowtroopers and treadspeeder bikes fighting on a snowy world. The video then flashes forward to Flametroopers firing flamethrowers on a forested world before switching to Kylo Ren surveying a fiery battlefield as stormtroopers charge. The video ends with a shot of a group of red Sith troopers marching while the Emperor's voice cackles in the background.


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