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The Flail was a terrorist organization active on Coruscant during the years immediately before the Battle of Naboo.

Self-justified with The Flail Manifesto, the Flail accused the politicians of its time of corruption, particularly of benefiting specific companies while slighting the individual citizen. Strangely, The Flail was mostly composed of Humans, and although they accepted aliens such as Twi'leks into the organization, they were not readily preferred. The Flail considered that the Galactic Senate was particularly corrupt.

The Flail performed several guerrilla attacks on Coruscant, disrupting communications, traffic, trade, and weather control systems. They damaged structures and cared little about possible deaths. Whenever they detected a known authority force, such as a member of the Jedi Council, they would immediately attempt to escape the premises rather than fight.

History[edit | edit source]

In 33 BBY, the Flail unjustly accused Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum of corruption, and the chancellor's reputation suffered as a result. Fearing that he would be thrown out of office, Valorum decided to fight The Flail as his last important action while in office. As part of this measure, Valorum's Judicial Department forces captured or killed many members of The Flail, including the entire leadership.

However, The Flail survived with a new leader, Corellian smuggler Zegmon Pent. Pent publicly and falsely claimed to be a Force-using assassin trained by the Jedi Order, and his Flail members firmly believed his claims.

Attack on Valorum[edit | edit source]

Valorum publicly announced that the remnants of The Flail would be jailed before the following Senate hearing. Pent organized reprisals against Valorum in response, including death threats and an unsuccessful assault against Valorum's aide Sei Taria. Meanwhile, Valorum and his ally Jedi Master Mace Windu organized a strike team of previously-unknown agents to foil the Flail's imminent attempt against Valorum's life.

The Flail sent its main expert in explosives, Senn Riip Domeet, to hide a thermal detonator in the platform where Valorum was to give his conference the following day. Although Domeet was disguised, he assumed that he had been discovered and attempted to escape.

However, The Flail had prepared several contingency plans in case of such an occurrence, one of which was to take control of the Weather Modulation Control Center and unleash a powerful thunderstorm in the unprotected buildings surrounding the area which the discourse was to take place. Pent had developed a re-programming software for the weather modulation controls, and sent several Flail members to the center to sabotage the machinery. However, Valorum and Windu had correctly assumed that this would be The Flail's following step, and the terrorists were greeted by Valorum's new security agents.

The Flail immediately enacted their third contingency plan, to enter the Traffic Control Center, and from there remote-pilot a vehicle and hurl it against the meeting building. Pent and seven agents arrived there ten minutes before the speech. Once again, they were met by Valorum's agents and were foiled before they could enact their assassination attempt.

Later history[edit | edit source]

The Flail was present on Talus, in the Corellian system, during the Galactic Civil War. After the Battle of Yavin, the Corellian Security Force discovered their hideout on the planet, leading to a battle between CorSec troopers and Flail henchmen.[1] During that time, the Flail cutthroats were also in conflict with the Hidden Daggers pirates.[2]

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