"So you're heading for the Floating Fish? Nice place. Nasrabi keeps it clean, runs some honest games."

The Floating Fish was a casino owned and operated by Mussat Nasrabi on Cloud City, Bespin. It was registered with the Cloud City Gambling Guild.

The casino was small but high-class, a two-storied establishment fronting onto an elegant plaza. Its external windows were polarized to provide privacy for its clients. Inside, it was tastefully decorated, with ornate pillars and a number of fish filled globes hanging from the ceiling. The casino gained a reputation for being clean and honest, and provided many games, such as sabacc and Trin sticks.

The Floating Fish had a broad clientèle, with numerous Mon Calamari, Quarren, Duros, and Sullustans frequenting it. One of its regulars was the Human woman, Neeta.


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