"In Alliance case why-oh-oh-four-three-dash-seventeen thousand fourteen, The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances versus Luke Skywalker, we have a negotiated conclusion, agreed to this day by the prosecution, the defense, and myself."

The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances versus Luke Skywalker, also known as Alliance case Y0043-17014, was a legal case between the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and Luke Skywalker, in which Luke was charged with reckless endangerment of a population, that took place in the Ninth Hall of Justice on Coruscant. The judge was a Falleen female named Zudan, and Skywalker's lawyer was the Twi'lek Nawara Ven. Soon after everyone was seated, Skywalker pleaded guilty.



Luke Skywalker

Skywalker's sentence was that he would be exiled from Coruscant for ten standard years. He also would temporarily resign the position of Grand Master of the Jedi Order and would appoint Jedi Master Kenth Hamner as acting Grand Master. Skywalker would not be able to visit or approach any Jedi Temple, Jedi Order School, or any other Jedi Temple facility less than one-light year away from where he was. Skywalker could not establish any Jedi Order Temple, Jedi Order School, or any other Jedi Temple facility. Skywalker could not intervene with any business that structurally or organizationally resembled those concerns. If Skywalker disobeyed any of the restrictions, he would be incarcerated in a Galactic Alliance maximum-security prison for the remainder of his ten-year exile.

If Luke could convince a board of inquiry that he had determined the nature of the events that caused Jacen Solo's reign of terror during and leading up to the Second Galactic Civil War, he would be issued a pardon. The board of inquiry would consist of one member of the Galactic Alliance Judiciary Branch, Galactic Alliance Medical Association, and Galactic Alliance Armed Forces. Each of these members would be chosen by the Office of the Galactic Alliance Chief of State. The case was then concluded.


In 44 ABY, following a Jedi coup against Chief of State Natasi Daala that placed the Jedi in charge of the galactic government, Skywalker's sentence was overturned, allowing him to resume his position as Grand Master and return to Coruscant whenever he wished. However, Skywalker decided to remain on Nam Chorios in order to defeat the dark side entity Abeloth and protect the galaxy. However, because his exile was repealed, he was able to fight alongside the Jedi during Operation Shieldfall.



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