The Good Stuff! is the third episode in the LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars television series. It debuted on October 31, 2018.

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The episode opens with Roger distributing a can of 30 weight oil to R2-D2 in the hangar of the Home One. He says that the 30 weight oil reminds him of Chapter 48 of his autobiography From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story: "The Good Stuff."

In Roger's flashback, Rebel Alliance operative Cassian Jeron Andor briefs the reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO about a mission to pick up a set of stolen Imperial codes from a Gotal rebel spy, who is disguised as a vendor. K-2SO dislikes the Gotal vendor's garish orange jacket and opines that spies shouldn't draw attention. Cassian tells K-230 that the Gotal is expecting a droid and that the password is "fetch me the good stuff."

K-2SO says that the code phrase is sub-par Cassian grumbles about K-2S0 criticizing every detail of the mission. K-2SO replies he is only criticizing 99.7% of the mission. Cassian tells K-2S0 to proceed with the mission. K-2SO approaches the Gotal spy and tells him that he has a nice jacket. However, K-2SO is knocked over by Roger's hoversled. Roger has come to the Gotal vendor in response to news he has acquired a new shipment of the "30 weight" or "the good stuff." Roger tells him to give him all that he's got.

The Gotal passes Roger one of the "good stuff." Roger grumbles about expecting a big order and tosses the hoversled away, sending it crashing into something. Cassian realizes his plan has fallen apart. Three stormtroopers denounce the Gotal vendor as a traitor and demand to know where are the codes. The Gotal vendor tries to bluff his ways out until the stormtroopers point their blasters at him.

Roger is walking away with the can when the stormtroopers order him to stop. The stormtroopers shoot at him, prompting Roger to flee. Roger thinks the Empire is after his tasty oil and narrowly avoids a human man carrying a tray of fruits. The stormtroopers knock the man over and reach a dead end. Roger tries to hide in a rubbish bin and poses as an astromech droid called "R2-3PO." One of the stormtroopers counters that astromech droids cannot speak Basic

Roger tries beeping in Binary but the second stormtrooper kicks the bin open. As two of the stormtroopers restrain him, Roger demands his 30 weight oil can back and says the Empire can afford more oil. The lead stormtrooper fishes out the Imperial codes from the can and praises his men for their good work. Posing as an Imperial droid, K-2S0 claims he has orders to take the code into processing. When one of the stormtroopers asks if they brought a security droid, K-2SO knocks them out with his arms before answering no.

When Roger asks what is going on, K-2S0 says a little thank you and hands Roger back his can of the "good stuff" after retrieving the Imperial codes. After handing the codes to Cassian, K-2SO says that he's not the only droid who has been repurposed for a good cause and adds that he loathes the taste of 30 weight.

Returning to the present, Roger says to this day he doesn't know who those guys were R2-D2 beeps in Binary that they were heroes of the Rebellion. Roger is amazed and drinks a toast to the fallen Cassian and K-2SO.

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