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The Great Golden C-3PO Hunt is a LEGO Star Wars comic featured in the May-June 2007 Lego Magazine Brick Master edition.


It tells a story of four stormtroopers who are sent down to Tatooine in an Imperial landing craft. There one trooper finds a golden droid part, so they search a Jawa sandcrawler. Finding nothing on Tatooine they leave. In space they are attacked by a Rebel Y-wing. They crash land on the planet Hoth. On that planet they find another gold droid part and are met by an AT-ST. The AT-ST pilot looks around and only sees snow, a wampa, and a secret Rebel base, but no gold droid. Then one of the four stormtroopers spots General Grievous and asks him if he has seen C-3PO. Surprised the general draws his lightsabers and carves a giant ice sculpture of the droid and asks the troopers if the droid looks like that. The trooper says yes and Grievous says he hasn't seen him. Then Grievous uses his ship to bring them back to Vader's Star Destroyer that is in Hoth's orbit along with the second Death Star. Along the way one of the troopers come up with an idea. He paints one of his fellow troopers gold and shows him to Vader. Not falling for it Vader chases all of the troopers with his lightsaber through the Star Destroyer. C-3PO, seeing this, wonders what that was all about.


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