The Haunted Village is an animated film released on VHS in 1997 and on DVD in 2004. It is a feature-length compilation of the Ewoks episodes "The Haunted Village," "The Cries of the Trees," "Rampage of the Phlogs," and "Sunstar vs. Shadowstone."


In 1997, eight episodes of the Ewoks animated series were edited together as two full-length films. Episodes 2 ("The Haunted Village"), 1 ("The Cries of the Trees"), 3 ("Rampage of the Phlogs"), and 9 ("Sunstar vs. Shadowstone") were edited together to make The Haunted Village, and Episodes 10, 5, 4, and 13 were edited together to make Tales from the Endor Woods.[2][3] These compilation films were later released in several Region 4 countries, such as Brazil (the Brazilian edition was released in 2005 with the Region 1 and 4 codes on the same disc) and Australia. The Haunted Village combines four loosely related episodes into one story, while Tales from the Endor Woods connects four seemingly unrelated stories via a newly recorded voiceover. The original opening credits and theme song are not included as part of the films, and were replaced with simple credit sequences and new scores by Marco D'Ambrosio.


The cover of the 2004 DVD release of Star Wars: Ewoks

In 1997, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox released the film on VHS. Fox created a commercial advertising the newly edited film, along with its counterpart Droids animated film, The Pirates and the Prince.[1] The commercial was included on the release, and was later hidden on the DVD release of The Pirates and the Prince. The initial shipments of the tapes were sent to many stores in a display bin that featured a Star Wars Animated Classics header. Several stores also received a merchandising kit with shelf danglers, shelf talkers, countertop displays, mobiles and buttons.

The Haunted Village was released on Region 1 DVD on November 23, 2004 under the title Star Wars Animated Adventures: Ewoks. It contained both The Haunted Village and Tales from the Endor Woods on a double-sided disc.[4]


The sequence of the episodes in The Haunted Village causes several continuity errors. Chief Chirpa's campfire story at the beginning of the film was taken from the ninth episode, "Sunstar vs. Shadowstone." However, the rest of the ninth episode is presented as the final act of the film. In his campfire story, Chirpa says he is relating events from the previous night, but with the intervening stories, several nights have passed between the two sequences. Additionally, Malani gets her hood in the first episode, "The Cries of the Trees." However, since this episode is presented second in the film, we see Malani wearing her hood before she receives it.

An error unrelated to the resequencing is when Paploo is seen playing his horn, but it makes no sound.


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  • Jim Henshaw
  • Cree Summer Francks
  • Peter Blais
  • Paulina Gillis
  • Melleny Brown
  • Marvin Goldhar
  • Jackie Burroughs
  • Nonnie Griffin
  • George Buza
  • Dan Hennessey
  • Doug Chamberlain
  • Pam Hyatt
  • Paul Chato
  • Ron James
  • Leanne Coppen
  • Taborah Johnson
  • Alyson Court
  • Hadley Kay
  • Rob Cowan
  • Joe Matheson
  • Richard Donat
  • Don McManus
  • Desmond Ellis
  • Antony Parr
  • Michael Fantini
  • Eric Peterson
  • Alan Fawcett
  • Diane Polley
  • Don Francks
  • Pauline Rennie
  • Myra Fried
  • John Stocker
  • Glori Gage
  • Greg Swanson


  • Based on characters created by George Lucas
  • Music: Marco D'Ambrosio
  • Written by Paul Dini
  • Executive Producer: Miki Herman
  • Producers: Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith
  • Supervising Producer: Lenora Hume
  • Directed by Raymond Jafelice
  • Unit Director: Dale Schott
  • Assistant Unit Director: Lawrence Jacobs
  • Animation Director: Charlie Bonifacio Wendy Perdue
  • Additional songs and Music: Taj Mahal and Inshira Mahal
  • Voice director: Rob Kirkpatrick
  • Recording Assistant: Susan Phillips
  • Casting Director: Arlene Berman
  • Casting assistant: Deborah Patz
  • Art Director: Julie Eberley
  • Design Co-Ordinator: Cathy Parkes
  • Background Styling: Peter Moehrle,Barry Atkinson
  • Production Design: Jim Craig, Cynthia Swift, Dave Quesnello, Shawn Sales
  • Storyboard Supervisor: Arna Selznick
  • Artists: Alan Bunce, Raymond Jafelice, Dave Cox, Roy Meurin, Sam Dixon, Dale Scholl
  • Assistants: Ted Ravn, Nicholas Campbell
  • Layout: Scott Bennett, Barbara Massey, Marie Carter, Armen Melkonian, Robert Cowan, Tom Nesbitt, Jeff Dickson, Howard Parkins, Richard Forgues, Bill Payne, John Hill, Brian Poehlman, Antonio Iacobelil, Debra Pugh, Chris Labonie, Anthony van Bruggen, Howard Lonn, John van Bruggen
  • Character Layout: Lil Andre, Bob Jaques, Willy Ashworth, Pat Knight, Ian Freedman, Mark Pudleiner, Michelle Houston, Allen Swerling, Dick Zondag
  • Special Effects Director: David Marshall
  • Special Effects Design: Trevor Davies, Jan Steel Moffatt, Alexis Wallrich, Peter Yamasaki
  • Animation Supervisor: Bill Perkins
  • Graphics: Kim Cleary
  • Color Design: Carol Barbour, Parker McIntyre, Glen Binmore, Eileen Middleton, *Mary Eklund, Margaret Rol, Jan Leitch, Dana Orlando
  • Associate Producers: Paul Dini, Peter Saunder
  • Assistant Supervising Producer: Peter Hudecki
  • Unit Manager: Richard Pimm
  • Production Supervisor: Dale Cox
  • Production Co-Ordinators: Heather Walker, Judy Nelson
  • Production Manager: Karyn Booth-Chadwick
  • Production Assistants: Barabara Bjarnasan, Paul Hogarth, Steve Chadwick, Garth Roerick
  • Production Secretaries: Jay Folla, Nancy Shenton
  • Quality Control: Evelyn Baker, Rose Nangle, Brenda Kelly, Betty Oldham, Diana Lyle, Lisa Ratke, Rhyette Zazinski
  • Supervising Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick
  • Co-Ordinator: Steve Fraser
  • Supervising Editor Pre-Production: John Broughton
  • Editors: John Bakits, Gordon Kidd, Richard Bond, Paul McGowan, Peter Goodale, Michele Moses, Sheila Murray, Mac Holyoke, Philip Stilman, Stephen Hudecki, Keith Traver, Chris Hutton
  • Assistants: Dave Allman, Ian Jeans, Mike Bass, Al Maciulis, Peter Branton, Kathy Nicholaichuk, Stephanie Crawford, Mike Reid, Steve Fitch, Cindy Romanovich, Tim Griffin, Jamie Whitney, Eric Hurlbut
  • Additional Production at Wang Films Production Co LTD, Cuckoo's Nest Studios

Feature Edition:

  • Producer: Rick McCallum
  • Editor: T.M. Christopher
  • Main Title Sequence: Kirk Henderson
  • Assistant Editor: Mike Jackson
  • Music Editor: Robin Lee
  • Re-recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo
  • Machine Room Operator: Al Nelson
  • Lucasfim LTD Archive: Tim Fox, Des Carey
  • A Nelvana Production for Lucasfilm Ltd.


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