The High Republic: Jedi Brave in Every Way is a Star Wars: The High Republic children's book. It is written by Rosemary and Charles Soule, and illustrated by Valerie Valdivia. The book was published by Disney–Lucasfilm Press on October 10, 2023.

Publisher's summary[]

Learn how to be Jedi brave with Yoda and Burryaga!

Beloved Jedi Master Yoda teaches Jedi Younglings and Padawans of every species, including fan-favorite Wookiee Burryaga, to overcome their fears in this timeless tale for children.

Set in the era of the High Republic, this beautifully-illustrated book teaches empowering lessons through the lens of familiar, lovable characters.[3]


During development, the book was titled The High Republic: Yoda and the Younglings.[5]



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