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The High Republic: Tempest Runner is a canon audio drama written by Cavan Scott set in the High Republic Era starring the Nihil Tempest Runner Lourna Dee. It was released on August 31, 2021 by Random House Audio. An accompanying script book of the audio drama was published on March 15, 2022.

Publisher's summary[]

In this Star Wars audio original, delve into the cutthroat world of one of the High Republic's greatest foes, the merciless Lourna Dee.

The Nihil storm has raged through the galaxy, leaving chaos and grief in its wake. Few of its raiders are as vicious as the Tempest Runner Lourna Dee. She stays one step ahead of the Jedi Order at the helm of a vessel named after one of the deadliest monsters in the galaxy: the Lourna Dee. But no one can outrun the defenders of the High Republic forever.

After the defeat of her crew, Lourna falls into the hands of the Jedi–but not before she hides her identity, becoming just another Nihil convict. Her captors fail to understand the beast they have cornered. Just like every fool she's ever buried, their first mistake was keeping her alive.

Lourna is determined to make underestimating her their last.

Locked onto a Republic correctional ship, she's dragged across the galaxy to repair the very damage she and her fellow Tempest Runners inflicted on it. But as Lourna plans her glorious escape, she makes alliances that grow dangerously close to friendships. Outside the Nihil—separated from her infamous ship, her terrifying arsenal, and her feared name—Lourna must carve her own path. But will it lead to redemption? Or will she emerge as a deadlier threat than ever before?

Plot summary[]

Star Wars: The High Republic
Tempest Runner
The galaxy mourns.

The villainous Nihil have struck, killing thousands at the Republic Fair on Valo and unleashing the monstrous Drengir on the galaxy. In the wake of the atrocity, Chancellor Lina Soh has tasked the Jedi with leading the response against the Nihil.

With the Drengir destroyed, Nihil leader Marchion Ro orders his forces to scatter among the stars, safe in the knowledge that the Jedi don't even know he exists. Instead the Jedi believe that Twi'lek Tempest Runner Lourna Dee is the malevolent Eye of the Nihil.

Now the hunter has become the hunted, with Dee on the run from both Jedi and Republic forces.

She will not go down without a fight . . .



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Notes and references[]

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