The High Republic: The Edge of Balance, Vol. 2 is the second trade paperback release in the manga series Star Wars: The High Republic: The Edge of Balance. Written by Shima Shinya and Daniel José Older with art by Mizuki Sakakibara. The eBook edition of the book was published by Viz Media as part of the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project on February 22, 2022. The paperback edition of the collection was released on May 24, 2022.

Publisher's summary[]

A massive, interconnected cross-publisher initiative focused on an all-new era of Star Wars storytelling.

It is the era of the High Republic and Republic expansion is at its height. As trusted guardians of peace, the renowned Jedi protect the Republic and shine their light on those exploring the darkest reaches of the galaxy.

Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi learns the Drengir attack on Banchii was not an isolated event but part of a coordinated attack orchestrated by the Nihil. Master Arkoff is on orders from the Jedi Council to help Master Stellan Gios's investigation, leaving Lily in charge of rebuilding Banchii and restoring hope to the community. Lily vows the temple will not be put in danger again, not under her watch! When a disruptive unannounced visitor appears, Lily must maintain her focus as she seeks the best way to protect Banchii, Keerin, and the Younglings from the growing Nihil threat.[4]

Plot summary[]

The tragic events of the Republic Fair have
galvanized the galaxy. The Jedi and the
Republic have gone on the offensive to
stop the marauding NIHIL. With these vicious
raiders all but defeated, Jedi Master AVAR
KRISS has her sights set on LOURNA DEE,
the supposed Eye of the Nihil, and has
undertaken a mission to capture her once
and for all.

But unbeknownst to the Jedi, the true leader
of the Nihil, the insidious MARCHION RO, is
about to launch an attack on the Jedi and
the Republic, on a scale not seen in centuries.
If he succeeds, the Nihil will be triumphant
and the light of the Jedi will go dark.

Only the brave Jedi Knights of STARLIGHT
BEACON stand in his way, but even they may
not be enough against Ro and the ancient
enemy that's about to be unleashed….

Gathering of the Nihil[]

At No-Space, the Great Hall of the "Nihil," several Nihil including Zaret gather for a meeting with Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Nihil. A female human Nihil named Nan asks what is their next move. Sabata Krill advocates destroying more Jedi temples like the one that he destroyed on Takodana. Krix Kamerat tells Sabata to focus on his Corellian mission. Since he only had to deal with Sav Malagán, Krix reasons that Sabata should be able to handle one old Jedi.

Ro describes Banchii as an unfinished job due to the presence of Great Hyperspace Disaster survivors at the Jedi Temple on Banchii. Ro regard the Temple as a symbol of hope for the Galactic Republic and a likely refuge for an object he is seeking. He tasks Zaret with recovering the object and destroying the Temple. Ro then kills a masked alien Nihil for a recent failure. He then orders the assembled Nihil to eliminate communications and encircle Starlight Beacon. Zaret vows not to disappoint the Eye of the Nihil. When Krix asks about the other temples, Nan asks if he needs to ask. Ro ultimately orders the Nihil to eliminate all Jedi temples.


At the Jedi Temple on Banchii, Doctor Silar briefs Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi about his research into the Drengir spores. He believes that the Drengir currently do not pose a threat since the Great Progenitor has been defeated. Lily says that those who turned into wood are lost and asked if the other Jedi have reported similar incidents. Dr Silar responds that he has trouble contacting the other Jedi temples due to slow communication. He thinks that the drengir's ability to turn their victims into wood is unique to those on Banchii and believes that the Drengir evolve traits to adapt to their environments.

Lily then turns her attention to the Nihil presence in the Banchii system. Silar asked if she found Mr. Kooba's container since it may contain clues to the Nihil's strategies. Lily replies that she has been unable to locate it and reports that the settlers are still traumatized by the earlier attack on Banchii. When Silar asks if Lily is fine, she maintains a strong front and says she is alright and vows to do her job till Jedi Master Arkoff returns to the planet. Lily also asks Silar how he is coping with his duties as a doctor and a researcher, Silar responds that being busy helps him to take his mind off the trauma of the Drangier attack. Lily agrees that staying busy helps them cope with the stressful situation.

The weight of leadership[]

Under the leadership of Lily, the Banchii villagers begin digging bunkers. Most of the farmers are reluctant to build bunkers since it distracts them from repairing the damage to their farms and preparing for the harvest. Citing the memory of Mr Kooba, Lily says that they have to be prepared for a Nihil attack. Another villager responds that the Jedi are responsible for defending their village and stresses the need to rebuild their farms and prepare for the harvest. He says that they don't have time to look out for the Nihil.

Lily responds that she wants them to stay alert. The second villager remarks that it was a bad time for Master Arkoff to leave. Lily agrees silently before turning her attention to Nima Allets and Viv'Nia Nia'Viv, who have stopped meditating. She chides her Padawan Keerin Fionn for not reining in the younglings' distractions. Keerin explains that several indigenous Banchiians want to join their training. Lily tells Nima and Viv'Nia that if they don't improve their focus, they won't be strong enough to protect the people. Behind her back, Nima remarks that Lily is sounding like Master Arkoff.

Keerin explains that the younglings' were following her instructions to continue dialogue with the Banchiians. Lily responds that her priorities have changed since the Drengir attack. In private, Keerin acknowledges that he still has a lot to learn as a Padawan but suggests that Lily let him help her shoulder the burden. He notices that his master has been anxious and concerned lately. Lily attempts to brush off Keerin's concern by saying that she was "born with this face."

Keerin recalls that Master Arkoff once warned him that Lily frowns when she is thinking too deeply. Lily concedes that Keerin is very observant. Lily then admits that she has been searching for the Nihil ever since the Drengir attack. She apologizes for trying to shield Keerin from her search for the Nihil threat. Keerin confides that he was upset by the settlement attack and seeing people in danger. He tells Lily that she doesn't have to shield her from the harsh realities. Lily admits over-exerting herself so that others did not see her concerns and get worried. She concedes that doing so had the opposite effect.

Lily tells Keerin that she is not trying to be like Master Arkoff but that she is trying to strike out her own path. Lilly reassures Keerin that she is lucky to have him by her side and believes that he has a lot of potential as a Jedi. While Jedi archivist Ru-Ru waters plants, Nima and Viv'Nia train with their lightsabers. Kerin and Lily assist the villagers with digging bunkers. The Nihil agent Zaret surreptitiously plants an explosive under a mound of soil.

The Jedi visitor[]

Shortly later, a Jedi Vector starfighter lands in the middle of the construction site, disrupting work on the bunkers. Lily is annoyed by the visitor who turns out to be Master Sav Malagán of Takodana. Lily and Keerin greet Master Sav. When Sav asks about Master Arkoff, Lily explains that he is assisting Master Stellan Gios and that she is in charge of the Banchii Temple. When Lily asks what she is doing on Banchii, Sav explains that she has come to investigate a possible Nihil presence in the system following the Drengir attack.

Lily questions why the Nihil would want to attack Banchii since it is not a transportation hub and lacks a large population. In response, Sav asks Lily why they are building these bunkers. Lily replies that she is preparing not just for the Nihil but for the future. When Keerin points out that Sav's starfighter us blocking their construction zone, Lily suggests that she repark her ship at the landing pad.

The younglings Viv'nia and Nima also greet Master Sav. Lily is upset that Sav disrupted their construction work on the bunkers by landing in the construction zone. She says that they are already behind schedule for their recovery and begins to talk about unplanned problems. Master Sav replies that life never goes as planned in the galaxy. Lily goes on to talk about bunkers but Sav warns her about the danger of rigid thinking and planning. Sav opines that the bunkers are insufficient to stop the Nihil and that a fortress would be more suitable.

Master Sav suggests using more building material but Lily points out that those are for repairing the settlers' homes and farms. With Lily unwilling to go down that path, Master Sav instead reveals that she has brought a box of firearms. When Sav suggests training the villagers to use the firearms she has brought as well as those stored in the Jedi temple, Lily points out that they are farms who worry more about the upcoming harvest. Sav replies that if the farmers died, they would not need the fields. She warns that the Nihil won't go easy on civilians and suggests that they must be prepared to give up the Banchii temple in the event of an emergency.

Sav's words about giving up the temple are hard for Keerin and Lily to accept. Keerin responds that they are here to protect the Temple while Lily adds that the Jedi Temple is a symbol of hope and Jedi commitment for the settlers. The philosophical Sav asks what is the point of protecting one's way of life when there is no one alive. She says that the most important thing is the farmers' survival. The peace has broken and Sav believes that it is beyond the ability of Lily and her younglings to repair.

Sav suspects that the Nihil are already on Banchii and asks if Lily has questioned the villagers. Lily admits that she has not questioned the villagers since she fears that it will lead to a panic that would cause people to turn on each other. Sav is surprised that Lily has not questioned the villagers and warns that being easy going will make them vulnerable. Lily responds that they are a small community built on trust and that she doesn't want to create mistrust. Sav asks if Lily is here to ensure trust.


Realizing that Sav is searching for undercover Nihil operatives, Zaret activates his detonator in the bunker. Several villagers including Zaret are wounded. Assessing the situation, Keerin says they are fortunate not to have sustained any major injuries. Lily orders that the wounded be brought to the Temple infirmary to get checked. Sav surmises that the explosion was not accident but was cause by explosives buried in the soil. Lily confirms that she did not plant any explosives.

Following a search through the entire village, the Jedi and the settlers find four thermal detonators. Lily and the other Jedi meet in the Temple board room to discuss the situation. By this stage, the Jedi and the settlers have conducted a thorough search of the entire settlement but have found no further explosives. Keerin wonders if the explosion was set off accidentally. Lily reminds them about Master Sav's warning that the Nihil may be interested in Banchii. Ru-Ru thinks that the Nihil have failed and are on the run.

Lily orders that travel in and out of Banchii be restricted and tells Ru-ru, Viv'nia, Nima, and Keerin to stay alert for suspicious activity. She also warns them not to engage the Nihil on their own. Ru-ru advises Lily to report the incident to Master Arkoff. Lily agrees and decides to contact Master Arkoff in order to seek her advice. When Lily regrets not noticing the explosives earlier, Keerin reassures her that it is not her fault since they are trying to understand these new threats. Ru-Ru reports that the long-distance communications are still down after the Drengir attack.

Ru-Ru is unable to contact Hon-Tallos since the natural interference is severe and thinks the repairs may take some time. Lily realizes that Banchii is isolated and worries that they have been missing out on important information due to the communications blackout. Master Sav counsels Lily to leave for Starlight Beacon while she and Ru-Ru deal with the comms problem. Keerin supports Sav, saying that a visit to Starlight Beacon could help them patch up missing information.

Lily is reluctant to abandon her duties and the settlers on Banchii but agrees to leave the planet in the care of her Jedi comrades. Sav advises her to take the younglings Viv'nia and Nima in order to broaden their experience beyond Banchi. Lily agrees since the younglings need to prepare for their Jedi Initiate Trials but warns the children not to get lost in the excitement. She reminds them that they are on a mission and that Starlight is where the Jedi dealing with the Nihil threat gather.

Prior to departing on their starship, Lily tasks Ru-Ru with keeping the people calm while she is away. Ru-Ru promises to carry out her duties and wishes Lily a safe trip. Lily also tasks Keerin with keeping an eye on Master Sav since she doesn't want her to "push things too far." Keerin is concerned that Sav will not listen to him but Lily reassures him that he can find a way. She also tells Keerin to keep an eye for trouble on Banchii. Keerin thinks that Banchii's defenses have not been weakened significantly.

Lily compliments Keerin for supporting her efforts to make Banchii a safe home for the settlers and themselves. She tells Keerin that she is counting on him to protect Banchii. Keerin replies that Lily can rely on him and tells her that he is also counting on her. Before leaving, Lily speaks with Master Sav. Despite their different philosophies, she tells Sav that she welcomes his ideas and agrees to leave the Temple in her hands. Sav counsels Lily not to be rigid like stone and to be more like water. Keerin and the other Jedi watch as Lily's ship departs Banchii.

Seeking wise counsel[]

After arriving at Starlight Beacon, Lily along with Viv'nia and Nima find the Jedi and other residents of the space station preparing for a Rumble Race, a "free for all" race with no rules. Since the station is blocked for the race, Lily and the younglings take part in the race in order to find Masters Arkoff and Gios. During the race, the three Jedi encounter the Jedi Masters.

Gios asks what brings them to Starlight Beacon while the Wookiee Arkoff barks a greeting. The younglings add that they came as part of their training. Lily reports that Banchii is safe but that their comms are down. Lily allows Viv'nia and Nima to complete the race while she speaks with the Masters. In private, Lily briefs Arkoff and Gios about the bunker explosion, which is believed to have been caused by the Nihil. In response, the Jedi on Banchii have limited travel to Banchii and are monitoring the planet for signs of Nihil activity.

Gios deduces that the Nihil have sent someone to Banchii. Lily blames herself for not knowing what to prioritize. Master Arkoff counsels Lily to reflect upon her actions with Gios adding that the Nihil are extremely organized. Since there is only so much that Lily can prepare for, he counsels her to rely on her instincts. Arkoff and Gios think that the Nihil will not be satisfied with a small explosion. When Lily asks if they can expect more danger, Gios responds that the Nihil are ruthless and will destroy anything without concern for the innocent.

Gios tells Lily that her arrival is auspicious since he and Arkoff were visiting Starlight Beacon to strategize their next move. He adds that it will be hard to contact them for some time. Lily asks Arkoff if he won't be visiting Banchii for a while. After Arkoff confirms this is the case, Lily realizes that it was Master Sav's recommendation that she visit Starlight. Gios and Arkoff sense there is tension between Lily and Sav. Gios advises Lily to give Sav some time while Gios advises that it is not impossible to learn from someone who is different from her. This prompts Lily to reflect on Sav's advice about the folly of protecting a way of life when nobody is alive.

While Lily understands Sav's motivations and the need to focus on the people, she describes her ways as too spontaneous. Arkoff thinks that Lily is too rigid while Gios counsels her to be flexible. Lily recalls that Sav counselled her to be "more like water." The other Jedi Masters agree with Sav's advice with Gios adding that Lily could be more confident. While Lily is worried about leaving Banchii vulnerably, she is glad that she sought Gios and Arkoff's counsel. Lily also agrees that it would be best to proceed with Viv'nia and Nima's initiate trials.

Old friends[]

After meeting with masters Gios and Arkoff, Lily encounters her Jedi peers Zeen Mrala and Lula Talisola, whom she has not seen since the dedication of Starlight Beacon. Lily notices that Lula has changed. Lula explains that she has been dealing with recent disasters. Lula replies that Master Sav had updated her about Lula's adventures and is relieved that her friend came out safe. Lily also tells Zeen and Lula that Master Sav came to Banchii to help her team. Zeen asks how she is getting along with Sav but decides not to pursue the matter further.

When Lula asks what brings her to Starlight Beacon, Lily explains that the Inugg system's communications has been down and believes that the Nihil are involved. Lily thinks that Starlight Beacon is the safest place to get updates and reach Master Arkoff. She adds that she ran a bit and that her visit to the station was a reminder of "better times" before the Drengir and Nihil. Lily tells her fellow Jedi that she is committed to making the people of Banchii feel safe again since Master Arkoff made her in charge.

Zeen reassures Lily that she was made to lead a Temple. Lily invites them to visit anytime. Before departing, Lula tells Lily to stay safe on her journey and wishes that the Force will be with her. In private, Lula expresses concerns that Banchii's comms are down. She did not inform Lily since she did not want to worry her. Zeen reassures Lula that Master Sav is with Lily and her team and that they will get to the bottom of it. Lula agrees.

Diving into battle[]

After leaving Starlight Beacon, Nima recounts she and Viv'nia overtook Master Torban Buck ("Buckets of Blood") during their race. Before they can jump into hyperspace, Lily is contact over the intercom by Master Gios who informs them that the Nihil have reached the Inugg system and are attacking the Jedi Temple there. Nima asks if Hon-Tallos is under attack while Viv'nia asks if Banchii is next. Gios says that the Jedi are attempting to reconnect with the Inugg system and warns Lily to be ready. Lily fears that they will not make it back to Banchii if the hyperspace routes around the planet are disabled.

Back on Banchii, Ru-Ru and Keerin discover that the transmitter's cable has been cut. They realize that it has been sabotaged. Since the Temple is open to everyone, Ru-Ru says that it will be difficult to identify the suspect and tells Keerin that they have to prepare for the worst case. Keerin tells Ru-Ru to repair the comms while he reports the situation to Master Sav.

Meanwile, Master Sav is watching the skies from a landing platform near the top of the Banchii Jedi Temple. She sees several approaching starships in the night sky. Keerin informs her that their comms equipment was sabotaged. Master Sav realizes that the Nihil were behind the sabotage just as Keerin spots two descending ships. Keerin panics and says that they can't for help and Master Lily has not returned yet. Sav tells Keerin that he has to do his duty even without his master. He tells Keerin to stay focused and to protect everyone.

While descending into Banchii's atmosphere, Lily and the younglings spot three descending Nihil ships. Nima asks what they can do since their ship is not armed. Lily responds that the ship is sturdy and that they just need to get past the Nihil in order to return to the Banchii Jedi Temple. Lily races the ship past the descending Nihil ships. The Jedi ship's engines are hit by enemy fire, forcing Lily to do an emergency landing in the forest. The three Jedi survive the rough landing. Lily tells the younglings that they need to check on the others at the Temple first and to stay together and follow her.

The Nihil invasion[]

The Nihil ships land outside the Banchii Jedi Temple, dispatching scores of troops. Keerin fights and kills several advancing Nihil fighters while Ru-Ru evacuates the wounded. Keerin is aided by several armed settlers who take positon outside the Temple and open fire on the charging Nihil. Master Sav hurls detonators at the Nihil. Sav and the settlers then fire their blasters at the detonator, creating an explosion that takes out several advancing Nihil.

As the fighting spreads into the forest, Lily strikes down a Nihil fighter before he can shoot her Padawan Keerin. Keerin is relieved to see his master. Lily tells him that they barely made it and warns that the skies will be full of Nihil soon. She informs him that they received a distress call from Hon-Tallos just as they were leaving Starlight Beacon and assumed that Banchii would be next. When they are joined by Master Sav, Keerin informs Lily that they found evidence of sabotage in the temple. Lily quickly realizes that the younglings Viv'nia and Nima are missing.

Fearing that the younglings are in danger, the older Jedi spread out. Keerin leaves to search the forest but Lily and Sav are attacked by three advancing Nihil. While Master Sav follows Keerin and tasks Lily with defending the temple, Lily stands her ground and kills the attackers with her lightsaber. Meanwhile, Keerin and Sav find Viv'nia and Nima with several indigenous Banchiians. When Keerin asks why they did not follow Lily's orders, Viv'nia explains that they sensed distress. Nima explains that the Banchiians are trying to tell them something but cannot understand their language.

The Jedi quickly realize that several Nihil are assembling a cannon. Viv'nia asks what they should do but Master Sav places a hand around her mouth. Master Sav asks how long the cannon has been here while Keerin believes that the cannon is powerful enough to destroy the temple. Master Sav orders Viv'nia and Nima to return to the Jedi Temple with the Banchiians to alert Lily while she and Keerin stays behind. After the others have left, Keerin and Sav discuss what to do next.

Keerin's last stand[]

Keerin thinks that he can take out the Nihil cannon crew but Master Sav counsels the Padawan against rushing into danger. She senses something is wrong and believes that they should not escalate the situation. Keerin disagrees and thinks that Sav is being nervous. Sav says that she is not hesitating but believes that patience is key. When the gunners turn their back, Keerin seizes the opportunity and attempts to ambush them. He grabs one of the gunners and demands that the others surrender.

Mr. Zaret appears, claiming to be a hostage of the Nihil. Another Nihil demands that Keerin release his comrade or they will kill Zaret. Sav is forced to follow Keerin now that he has exposed their position to the enemy. To emphasize his message, the Nihil leader points a blaster pistol at Zaret's head. Seeking to save the live of his friend, Keerin releases the Nihil fighter. Zaret approaches Keerin under the pretext of thanking him but instead shoots him dead with his blaster pistol.

Lily hears the gunshot ringing through the forest. Through the Force, she senses something is wrong. Lily is soon joined by Nima and Viv'nia, who tell her that Keerin and Sav are watching a group of Nihil in the forest. While Ru-Ru looks after the younglings, Lily heads to the forest. There she finds Sav holding her fallen Padawan Keerin while a few Banchii watch. A distraught Sav apologizes for being unable to protect Keerin and reveals that the settler Mr Zaret was a Nihil infiltrator who gained the trust of the Jedi and betrayed them.

Lily is devastated by her Padawan's death and asks why he did not listen to her. In her thoughts, Lily blames herself for not being there for her Padawan. While Lily mourns the death of Keerin, Sav expresses her condolences but reminds Lily to keep on going in order to preserve Keerin's memory. She emphasizes that they must be prepared to make hard decisions in response to the Nihil threat. As Sav speaks, the Nihil begin bombarding the Banchii Jedi Temple with their laser cannon. A grieving Lily is unwilling to leave Keerin. Sav responds that Keerin has become part of the Force and that he has left his body behind. She reminds Lily that they need a plan for those who are still alive.

Scorched earth[]

Lily proposes that they escape in her cargo ship but Master Sav disagrees with the idea of running away. When Lily replies that the Nihil cannot be reasoned with and reminds Sav that she had earlier talked about saving their livs, Sav reminds her that they need to stop the Nihil before their path of destruction continues farther. She tells Lily that she needs to look ahead and balance the possibilities. Meanwhile, Nihil forces overwhelm the settlers while more ships arrive.

Though Lily believes they are defeated, Master Sav counsels her that their decisions can still change the tide. After observing that the Nihil are interested in the Banchii Jedi temple, she deduces that the Nihil are searching for something there and proposes disrupting their plans. Reflecting on Sav's words, Lily agrees with Sav's earlier proposal that they must be ready to give up the Temple in an emergency.

Returning to the Jedi Temple, Lily tells Nima, Viv'nia, and Ru-Ru to evacuate the temple before Nihil reinforcements arrive. She tells her fellow Jedi about Keerin's passing. While DD-1A ("Deedee") leads the remaining settlers through the forest, she tells Nima and Viv'nia that the Jedi must protect the people. She sends Ru-Ru to accompany them while she protects the temple's archives.

Meanwhile, the Nihil have succeeded in weakening the Jedi Temple's structure after firing a blast. Though the Nihil gunners are jubilant, Master Sav disagrees and kills the gunners with her lightsaber. While the Nihil search the Jedi Temple, Sav uses the hijacked cannon to bombard the temple, crushing and killing several Nihil. Meanwhile, Lily borrows Sav's starfighter to bomb the Temple from the air, destroying it in a firestorm.


Following the destruction of the Banchii Jedi Temple, the surviving Jedi and settlers gather by their starships outside the forest. While Lily grieves by Keerin's body, she accepts that she learned a lot from her Padawan and laments that Keerin did not live to realize his full potential. Master Sav reassures Lily that destroying the Jedi Temple was the only way to prevent the Nihil from gaining any information from it. Ru-Ru says that only Deedee now has the data about the forest terrain and that the forest will be impossible to navigate otherwise.

Lily is despondent that not only the Banchii T emple but the farmlands, community, and so many people were lost. She laments that the planet that was supposed to be a new start has become a wasteland. Shorty later, Sav receives an urgent transmission from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Masters Xo Lahru, Pra-Tre Veter, and Soleil Agra warn that Starlight Beacon has fallen and issue orders to avoid the Outer Rim Territories due to the Nihil attacks. The Jedi Council orders that all Jedi regroup on Coruscant.

Master Sav remarks that it is rare for the Council to summon all Jedi and thinks that the Order is responding to extreme circumstances. Deedee informs Ru-Ru that the cargo ship is full operational and suggests gathering all the civilians and Jedi to leave for Coruscant. Master Sav elects to stay behind in order to hunt down Nihil stragglers and to keep a watch on Nihil raiders from Hon-Tallos. Lily also decides to remain on Banchii.

Nima points out that the Council's orders were clear but Lily responds that her path is different. Heeding Sav's advice, she tells Doctor Ru-Ru to look after the remaining settlers. Nima and Viv'nia will leave with the others to continue their training on Coruscant. They promise to pass their Jedi Trials and graduate as Padawans. She wishes that the Force will be with them before they depart. After the others have left, Lily blesses the fallen Keerin. Several Banchii also attend Keerin's funeral. While the future of most of the Jedi lies in Coruscant, Lily resolves to remain on Banchii to protect the planet and the Banchiians from the Nihil.




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