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The High Republic: The Eye of Darkness is a Star Wars: The High Republic novel by George Mann. It was published as part of Phase III of the multimedia project on November 14, 2023.

Publisher's summary[]

One year after the tragic events of The Fallen Star, the Jedi fight to break the Nihil's control over the galaxy.

The galaxy is divided. Following the shocking destruction of Starlight Beacon, the Nihil establish an impenetrable barrier called the Stormwall around part of the Outer Rim, where Marchion Ro rules and his followers wreak havoc at his every whim. Jedi trapped behind enemy lines, including Avar Kriss, must fight to help the worlds being pillaged by the Nihil while staying one step ahead of the marauders and their Nameless terrors.

Outside of the Nihil's so-called Occlusion Zone, Elzar Mann, Bell Zettifar, and the other Jedi work alongside the Republic to reach the worlds that have been cut off from the rest of the galaxy. But every attempt to breach the Stormwall has failed, and even communication across the barrier is impossible. For both Elzar and Bell, their failures and losses weigh heavily upon them as they search desperately for a solution.

But even if the Republic and Jedi forces manage to breach the Stormwall, how can the Jedi ever fight back against the Nameless creatures that prey on the Jedi's connection to the Force? And what other horrors does Marchion Ro have in store? As desperation for both the Jedi and the Republic grows, any hope of reuniting the galaxy could be all but extinguished….

Plot summary[]

Opening crawl[]

It is a time of great turmoil. A year has passed since the
destruction of the STARLIGHT BEACON station by the nefarious
Marchion Ro and his Nihil marauders.

The Nihil have established an OCCLUSION ZONE in the Outer
Rim, stranding hundreds of worlds behind their Stormwall.
Communications are blocked, and ships that enter are lost to the
void or destroyed by the Nihil.

The Republic is helpless against this sinister threat, and the brave
and wise JEDI KNIGHTS remain fearful of Ro's fabled
NAMELESS creatures, which the Jedi have learned are very real,
and very deadly….


George Mann worked closely with Charles Soule while writing the novel.[5] Mann described the novel at Celebration Europe as a story about "the triumph of Marchion Ro." He also accidentally revealed the novel would include Elzar Mann and Avar Kriss.[6] At San Diego Comic Con 2023, Mann described the novel as "brutal."[5] The UK bookstore Goldsboro Books sold a special edition of The Eye of Darkness where each copy was numbered (limited to 750 copies) and signed, the pages were also sprayed yellow.[7]





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