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The High Republic 2 is the second issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: The High Republic. The issue was written by Cavan Scott, illusttated by Ario Anindito and Frank William, and published by Marvel Comics on November 9, 2022.

Publisher's summary[]

DEATH STRIKES ON JEDHA! A Jedi lies dead in an ancient shrine, another on the trail of the murderer. Who is using ancient Force powers on the streets of the holy city, and why are sacred relics going missing? And why do all roads lead to the Temple of the Whills?

Plot summary[]

Chapter II: Tey Sirrek
Death strikes on Jedha.

Jedi Knight Vildar Mac came searching for
answers on the Pilgrim Moon, only to find a
world divided. As arguments between Force
believers rage in the street, Vildar and young
Padawan Matthea Cathley investigate the
disappearance of a piece of religious art in a
near forgotten shrine.

But a mysterious figure lies in wait for them, a
figure who claims to have knowledge of
ancient rituals long forbidden by the Jedi.
Haunted by the horrors of his past, Vildar Mac
moves to apprehend the dark sider, only to fall
victim to his arcane powers….

Continuing the flashback from the previous issue, Vildar Mac remembers how he almost died on his homeworld to a darksider when he was young. As this is mentioned, he is seen presumably dead as

Matthea Cathley calls for help. Moments later, he wakes up and immediately begins searching for the thief, concerned about his presumed power of Morichro. Mac uses psychometry to figure out where this powerful thief is going, and Cathley identifies the spot Mac sees as the Enlightenment, a bar. Cathley is hesitant to go because of her past experiences there and her Master's orders, but Mac convinces her to show him the way.

On the way, Mac and Cathley encounter a group of members of the Path of the Open Hand who denounce the two Jedi when they pass. As one member warns Cathley that what the Jedi are doing is wrong, Mac intervenes and slaps the member before continuing on their way. Cathley tries to explain to Mac how Jedha is different than other planets, and how he needs to earn the respect of the people, but Mac dismisses her as they arrive at the Enlightenment.

The Jedi are confronted by the Twinkle sisters, the bouncers of the establishment, before Kradon Minstinvites them in. As they prepare to explain their situation, Mac spots the thief and tries to trap him. Quickly taken down by one sister, Minst warns Mac not to be violent and laughs when Mac insists the thief is a dark sider. The thief introduces himself as Tey Sirrek and explains that he is a Sephi who has been investigating the thefts of various holy objects. He also reveals that a pheromone had stopped Mac's heart, not Morichro. He then leaves, but Cathley encourages Mac to go after him.

Mac and Cathley follow Minst's instructions and follow Sirrek, eventually finding him attempting to sell Mac's lightsaber, which he stole in the bar. Briff is not interested in buying the lightsaber, but Sirrek is intrigued by another item Briff has, leading to Briff drawing his blaster. Mac intervenes but ends up being shot at, however Sirrek leaps in front of Mac to avoid him being hurt.

After some banter, Cathley asks Sirrek about his findings. Sirrek reveals that the object he found is the statue of the Starbird from the Temple of the Kyber. Cathley notes that the Guardians of the Whills have not reported any thefts, but as she, Mac, and Sirrek find themselves surrounded by armed Guardians, Sirrek tells Cathley that if the Jedi are on good terms with the Guardians, that could be useful right then.


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