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The High Republic 7 is the seventh issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: The High Republic. The issue was written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Andrea Broccardo, Marika Cresta, Mark Morales, and Frank William, and published by Marvel Comics on March 29, 2023.

Publisher's summary[]

THE SIEGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT! Vildar, Tey and Matty are forced into a corner, with enemies closing in all around. But what is the secret of the hidden Jedi vault? And who will die in the freezing Jedha desert?

Plot summary[]

The Battle of Jedha continues! As pilgrims incensed
by the Herald rage through the streets, enforcer droids
exchange blaster-fire with the defenders of Eiram and
E'ronoh. The Holy City is in flames!

Tey Sirrek enlisted the Guardians of the Whills to help
Jedi Vildar Mac and Matty Cathley save the Path of the
Open Hand from a collapsed building, but now the
streets of Jedha have become too dangerous, even for
the Jedi.

While the Guardians of the Whills fight rioters, Vildar
takes the survivors to the only safe place he knows…

…a bar called Enlightenment….

Battle for Enlightenment[]

Matthea Cathley, Vildar Mac, Tey Sirrek, and various other citizens of Jedha arrive outside Kradon Minst's bar, the Enlightenment. Cathley begs Minst to let them enter, but Minst is unwilling. Mac and Sirrek both support Cathley's plea. However, when more rioters come after the Jedi and members of the Path, Minst relents and lets the citizens enter as long as the Jedi defend Enlightenment. Cathley and Mac have a brief standoff with the rioters, who accuse Mac of manipulating them and ultimately attack the Jedi. The Twinkle Sisters back up Mac and Cathley, and a skirmish ensues. Mac eventually demolishes a wall, stopping the rioters and allowing the Jedi to seal themselves into the bar. Archivist Feric Oranalli] is concerned about their being sealed in, but Cathley tries to soothe him, turning to Mac to see if he has a plan. Sirrek wonders similarly.[3]

Trapped in the Desert[]

Meanwhile, Oliviah Zeveron and Leebon make their way from the fallen statue of the Protector to return to their speeders. Zeveron finds that they have been scrapped in the explosion, and is somewhat frustrated. Leebon stumbles and Zeveron asks if she is alright, to which Leebon replies it is simply an old wound and that the Force will sustain her. Zeveron asks if it will sustain her back to the Holy City, but Leebon says they must stay there. Zeveron protests that the riots and people are there, and that the statue is fallen and there is nothing left to protect. Leebon vaguely replies that she wishes that were true and ignites her lightsaber, to Zeveron's confusion. The two Jedi are then attacked by raiders.[3]

Planning in the Bar[]

Sirrek is astounded that Mac wants to do nothing more than hide in the bar. They briefly argue, and Cathley takes Sirrek's side, noting that people still need them outside. Mac protests that they are also needed where they are, but all are distracted by a bang coming from the back entrance. The entrance bursts open and Representative Tarna Miak is hurled in, starting another battle. Miak was pursued by droids, whose presence he can't explain. Mac attacks the droids and destroys them, and Minst seals the entrance with an energy shield. Mac sees that Miak is injured, and Miak notes that there have been several riots and attacks on the city.[3]

Sirrek proposes that they are connected, describing the raid on the Temple of the Kyber and noting that the raiders were looking for the Rod of Daybreak. Cathley is surprised, thinking the Rod was a myth and describing how it's said to be hidden in a secret Jedi vault on Jedha. Sirrek once again says that they need to go do something, to which Mac replies that it isn't their fight. Sirrek is stunned by this statement, and tells Mac as much. Mac is pressed to tell the others about his childhood experience with a rogue Sorcerer of Tund, and Miak notes that the Sorcerer in question was expelled for embracing the dark side. Cathley understands why Vildar has been acting the way he has since he arrived at Jedha, and why he came there in the first place. The two Jedi come to an understanding and Sirrek jokingly says that they should hug. Mac is then interrupted by his comlink where Zeveron is calling him.[3]

Zeveron says that she is in the desert, near the statue. She tells Mac that Leebon was taken by the raiders, and that Leebon knew about the rod. They briefly lose touch, and Sirrek notes that Zeveron backs up his explanation given that she mentioned raiders. Sirrek concludes that the whole riot and battle is a distraction from the hunt for the Rod of Daybreak.[3]

When communication is restored with Zeveron, she tells Mac that she once again experienced what she felt in the city - the absence of the Force. She tells him that the raiders have her lightsaber as well as Leebon's. She is interrupted by a raider sneaking up behind her and stabbing her in the back with her own saber, causing Mac to yell her name in distress into the comlink.[3]


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