The High Republic Adventures — The Monster of Temple Peak 4 is the fourth and final issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures — The Monster of Temple Peak. The issue was written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Rachael Stott, and published by IDW Publishing on November 17, 2021.

Publisher's summary[]

Follow former Jedi turned saber-for-hire monster hunter Ty Yorrick in this adventure-packed High Republic miniseries by Cavan Scott and Rachael Stott!

In the final part, Ty uncovers the truth deep in the Gretalax's cave and must make a choice: the way of the Jedi or the way of the monster hunter? She must choose fast in order to protect the villagers and bring harmony to the settlement.

Plot summary[]

Chapter 4: Bones of a Jedi

Tapel enters a cave, calling out to see if anyone is there. He is answered by Layton Wyke, and Tapel is surprised to find Layton and his people there. Layton explains they're discussing their monster hunter, stating that no one has heard anything from Ty Yorrick since she went up the mountain, and they have no idea if she's dealt with the Gretalax or not. Tapel says they need to give her time, but Layton counters that he expected the beast's head at his feet by now, given how much they're paying her. The group hears a noise and heads to investigate, Layton ordering them to draw their weapons. Tapel points out no one should be back there as it is unsafe, and Layton says that it won't be for whoever is sneaking around. Deep inside the cave, the group comes across a locked, cloth-draped cage, and a Cerean remarks that there's no sign of anyone. Layton orders her to check the cave as Tapel wonders what's going on, and the Cerean reports the locks are secure. But the group is taken by surprise when a voice counters that they won't be for long.

The voice is that of Ty Yorrick, who appears in the centre of the cave, brandishing her lightsaber. Layton asks her if she's completed her task and killed the monster. Ty says no, and rushing forward, past Layton and the others, she leaps atop the cage, adding that the real monsters are in this very cave. Tapel asks her what she means, and Ty snaps that she was told the Gretalax attacked their village, but she should have asked why, tearing the cloth off of the cage. Layton points his blaster pistol at her and orders her to stand away from it, but Ty refuses, telekinetically knocking him back. He shouts for her not to open it, but Ty cuts open the lock and reveals the creature inside, explaining that the Gretalax is not one creature but two: the Greta, up on the mountain, and the Lax, which Layton had captured and imprisoned. Together, the two beings are whole, and separating them was not just cruel but agonizing.

Tapel turns to Layton, claiming that he had said that all of this was wrong, but Layton viciously backhands him and tells him to shut up. Ty shouts that Layton should have listened to Tapel before hiring her to clean up his mess. Layton asks if this is where she takes him down, the scary monster hunter with the glowing sword. Ty suggests that he trust her as he does not want that. Smiling smugly, Layton agrees, and Ty collapses to a stun blast fired from behind. Layton compliments Tapel on his good shooting. Tapel responds that Layton didn't have to hit him so hard, and Layton responds that they needed a distraction. As the Lax is forced back into the cage, Layton orders that both animal and hunter be secured, as they don't want any surprises. A delirious Ty mumbles that this can't be happening.

In the past, Tylera says that this can't be happening as her friend and fellow Padawan, Klias Teradine, screams in pain. Tylera tries to reassure Klias that he – no, they – can fight what's happening together. Klias admits that he's scared, and Tylera says there's no need, as she can't sense anything there, but Klias snaps that there is as he can hear its voice. Grabbing his head, Tylera tells Klias that whatever he's hearing and is doing this to him is not real, just another trap to protect the Yallow Shrine's secrets, a mere echo of the cultists that once worshipped there. Screaming that she is a liar, Klias throws Tylera back, as she asks him what he's doing and for him to stop. Igniting his lightsaber, Klias asks why he should, tauntingly addressing Tylera as "Jedi" and advancing on her. Tylera points out that Klias is a Jedi too, but the possessed Padawan claims that this is no longer the case, blaming Tylera for the change and saying that she should have stopped him. When she says she tried, Klias screams that she didn't do it hard enough, engaging Tylera in a lightsaber duel. Tylera tries to get through to Klias, telling him not to do this, but he tries to put the blame on her, saying that she should have made him listen to their Masters, or warn him what was going to happen. Backed up against a wall, Tylera begs Klias to stop, tears flowing from her eyes. Klias finds himself impaled on Tylera's lightsaber, and his last word as his head momentarily clears is "Ty?" before he collapses to the floor, dead. Tylera is horrified.

In the present, Ty mumbles Klias' name as she comes around, finding herself suspended upside-down in the cave over a large crusher, being watched by Layton and his cronies. Layton is pleased that Ty is awake, and refuses to release her when she demands he do so. He goes on to admit that Ty was right: the Gretalax is the whole reason he and his followers came to Loreth in the first place. Describing the planet as inhospitable, Layton and Tapel explain that the creature's horns are a source of incredible power. Ty is incredulous, but Layton's jealousy of Force-sensitives comes out as he says they always have it alright with their gifts, but on the frontier, there aren't always Jedi around to protect people. Tapel adds that he found ancient texts explaining how to make a potion from Gretalax horn that will make them strong enough to protect the planet from anyone. Ty is incredulous at their motives, snapping that she's never heard so much nonsense in her whole life, adding that it doesn't matter since they don't have the Gretalax.

Layton, however, thinks that he has something better, throwing a switch while announcing that the bones of a Jedi should make an acceptable replacement, even a loner such as Ty. She states that that's where Layton and his "idiot followers" are wrong, since she's not a Jedi, and nor is she alone. At that moment, Rock Weavers enter the cave from all directions. Panicking, Layton manages to activate Ty's lightsaber, but Drewen, riding one of the giant spiders, quickly retrieves the weapon, saying that no one touches it, before tossing it back to Ty. Catching it, Ty tells him not to push it, freeing herself from her restraints and quickly destroying the crusher. Noting several of Layton's followers restrained by the Rock Weavers, Ty comments that that's so much for the settlers, and Drewen says the spiders aren't so bad once you get to know them. Ty notes it's a shame the same doesn't apply to Layton, and wonders where he is, Drewen replying that she has a point, as he thinks he got away.

Attempting to flee, Layton runs through a cave, but realizes he must have gone the wrong way. Ty calmly notes the understatement as she appears behind him, igniting her lightsaber. Layton asks if she's going to kill him, but, remembering Klias' face, Ty responds that she never takes sentient life if she can help it. As the Greta appears behind Layton, however, Ty adds that she can't speak for her friend. Panicking, Layton attempts to apologize to the creature, and Ty says that she thinks they've heard enough, addressing Drewen as Layton sputters in confusion. Becoming visible next to her, Drewen agrees, noting it's a good thing the Rock Weavers found Ty's commbud on the mountain, and he asks Kayel how it's going. Back on Ty's starship, the droid states that she's broadcasting the "pathetic little rust-weevil" as they speak, wondering what the town will think of their leader now. Continuing to panic and apologize, Layton asks what Ty's going to do with him, and as she and Drewen turn and walk away, she says nothing, since Layton's done enough by himself.

Drewen asks if things are over, and Ty says not yet. As the two arrive back in the cave with the cage, the Rock Weavers free the Lax, and Ty points out there's still time for a reunion. The Greta follows Ty and Drewen out of the cave, and it and the Lax run towards each other and reunite, beginning to glow. Drewen asks what's happening, and Ty says she thinks they're healing each other before the real work begins, as the spiders carry Pela into the cave. Ty tells Drewen the girl's name as the Gretalax begins its work, pointing out that she had been trying to stop everyone, including her, from hurting the creature, saying "hi" as Pela wakes up. Able to speak once again, Pela responds, asking what she's missed.

Later, Drewen is surprised that Ty is just leaving after everything that's happened. Ty responds that there's nothing to keep her there, especially as Pela and the other residents of Wyke Town have promised to live peacefully with the Gretalax. Kayel chimes in that it's a shame they're not going to get paid, and Ty tells her to shut up, to which she responds sarcastically. Drewen asks if he's going to come with Ty, or if she has to consult her Verazeen stones, and Ty, remarking that she thinks it's time she started making her own decisions, hands him the bag with the stones, telling him he should think of them as a parting gift. As Drewen sputters, Ty walks away, saying she works alone and it's better for both of them that way. Drewen pleads that he doesn't know where he'll go, and Pela, approaching, asks him why he has to go anywhere, telling him that Ty told her he needed a home, and her village needs more people now than ever. As Ty's starship takes off, Drewen says he doesn't seem to have much choice.

Onboard the ship, Kayel tells Ty that they could have brought Drewen with them, but she responds that she's not talking about it, although the droid continues that they worked well together. Ty asks the admin unit if her audio sensors need retuning, and Kayel remarks that she'll never change. Agreeing that's the general idea, Ty says they're going to need several new jobs, asking "Klo" what she's got. Kayel is taken by surprise that Ty actually used her preferred nickname, but Ty continues that she has to train and to let her know if something comes up as she walks off, and Kayel agrees. Ty hits a button and mutters to herself that there goes nothing. On Loreth, Drewen is surprised by some beeping and pulls out the commbud, with Kayel being pleased he still has it when he answers, before telling him to keep her voice down. Drewen asks why she wanted to keep in touch, and the droid explains that as they both know, Ty Yorrick doesn't always know best. She asks Drewen if he still wants her to train him, and he says that he wants that more than anything. Kayel tells him that they should work on a way for him and Ty to cross paths again, accidentally. Drewen asks if she'll be cross, and Kayel agrees that Ty will be furious. Watching Ty train with several remotes, Kayel points out that that's half the fun.


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Notes and references[]

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  2. The Star Wars Book dates the launch of the Starlight Beacon, which is depicted as part of the events of The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, to 232 years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which corresponds to 232 BBY according to Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. As such, the rest of the novel's events must also occur around 232 BBY. The novel The High Republic: The Rising Storm takes place almost a year after the events of Light of the Jedi, so The Rising Storm must be set around 231 BBY. The Rising Storm further states that the events of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures — The Monster of Temple Peak occurred three months before the events of the novel, dating the comic to around that year.

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