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The High Republic Adventures 4 is the fourth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. It was written by Daniel José Older, illustrated by Harvey Tolibao and Rebecca Nalty, and published by IDW Publishing on May 5, 2021. It features the story "The Mountain," in which the Jedi confront the Nihil near Ord Mantell, and Zeen Mrala embarks on a mission to face Krix Kamerat.

Publisher's summary[]

Zeen has followed the Jedi to the Starlight Beacon, where she learns what it means to be a Padawan and begins her own training. Meanwhile, her best friend Krix tries to survive on a Nihil ship, fighting their way through a Republic blockade, as he wonders who the mysterious person who rescued him truly is.

Writer Daniel José Older, New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Last Shot, and artist Harvey Tolibao bring IDW into The High Republic, a massive crossover spanning comics and prose!

Plot summary[]

A TRUE TEST OF LOYALTY faces two young friends. MARCHION RO
has offered KRIX KAMERAT power and control. MASTER YODA and
the Jedi have offered force-sensitive ZEEN MRALA safety and a home.
But in order to obtain these, they both must give up the only thing
that has ever brought them peace: each other….

The Jedi path[]

Lula Talisola meditates with Zeen Mrala, telling her that the Force is a mountain, as it connects everything and they are one with it. However, their meditation is interrupted when Zeen becomes upset, causing her head-tendrils to flare up. Lula notes this when Zeen asks her if she felt something, and Zeen explains that she is worried about the message sent to her friend Krix Kamerat. She does not know if he even received it, or if he's still alive, and he might not even respond. An alarm outside draws both girls' attention: the Republic Outpost space station they are on is under alert as the forces onboard gear up for a run.

Lula and Zeen meet up with Farzala Tarabal and Qort, and Farzala explains that a routine patrol got into a skirmish with what they initially assumed were smugglers, only to discover it might be a lead to the Nihil outpost they seek. However, Lula is dismayed that the starfighters are leaving without them.

The Nihil way[]

On Quantxi, the Junk Moon, Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro is informed that his diversionary force has made its move, and starfighters are launching from Ord Mantell. Krix asks if that means they will not need to use Zeen to lure them in, but Ro tells him to be quiet and to send the message only when he says. A member of the Junk Mavens approaches, telling Ro that they want no part in this conflict. However, Krix spots another Maven moving, and Ro realizes it was a diversion of their own. Entrusting Krix with a weapon, he tells him to prove that he is worthy of it as another Nihil says that the Maven is making a break for it. Krix chases the fleeing junker in hopes of preventing her from reaching a communications tower, telling her to stop or he will shoot. When he does, however, he sees that the Maven has disappeared.

Jedi reinforcements[]

In space, Jedi Masters Kantam Sy, Torban Buck and Yoda lead the formation of starfighters in their Jedi Vectors, Sy telling Lula that the Padawans have been placed in too much danger as it is by way of explanation for why she has been left behind. The Jedi and Republic forces engage the pirates.

On the Republic Outpost, Lula is incensed at being left behind, although Zeen wonders if it is for the best. Farzala notes that their trip was never meant to be more than an academic sojourn, and the other Padawans remained behind on the Starlight Beacon because of the danger. Lula snaps that she knows, before getting briefly annoyed at Farzala and Qort always agreeing with each other about everything. He retorts that it is not his fault he is always right and Qort has good sense, and Lula apologizes, explaining that she acted out of worry. Farzala accepts, saying he would be annoyed with him too.

Krix's message[]

On Quantxi, Krix tackles the Junk Maven and tells her not to move. He then records a message on his holoprojector, telling Zeen to meet him on the junk moon at a tower just outside the settlement, offering to get away from all of it, including the Jedi and Nihil, and live normal lives. However, the Maven escapes, and Krix is forced to resume pursuit. He shoots at her again, but yet again she vanishes, to his frustration.

In space, Kantam and Torban shoot down the last Nihil fighter. Yoda, however, thinks the entire battle was too easy, meaning that something was very wrong. In the outpost, Lula finds that Zeen is not in her room and all of her stuff is gone, telling Qort that she seems to have run off. However, her holoprojector is still there, with an unsent message on it.

Krix chases the Maven into the communications tower, but is unable to stop her from reaching the controls. On the Outpost, Lula, Farzala and Qort watch Zeen's message: she explains that she has gone to get Krix because he is her problem. She left the transmitter behind because they may want to find the other Nihil at Krix's location, and promises to come back. Lula tells Farzala that she does believe Zeen, and that even if she did not the fact that she left Cham Cham behind would have been proof enough. Farzala says that they have to go help her, and the three Padawans agree they might all fit in the one Vector left in the hangar. Lula thinks to herself that it is not that the Force is one thing such as a mountain, but that it is ever-changing, as it is the universe. Right now it is all falling apart, but she knows, as she crams herself into a Vector with her friends, that with the Force at her side, she is unstoppable.

In space, Kantam notes that the Ord Mantell base just reached out with an emergency signal, but as they approach, Yoda notes the distress signal is not coming from Ord Mantell itself. Kantam realizes the signal is coming from a comm tower on Quantxi. Yoda orders the force to set course for the moon and call Starlight for reinforcements. However, as Zeen nears the moon in a Vector, Yoda fears they may already be too late.


The High Republic Adventures 4 spotlights Quantxi, the Junk Moon, which was first mentioned in the 2016 novel Aftermath: Life Debt, by Chuck Wendig.[3]



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