The High Republic Adventures Free Comic Book Day 2021 is a one-shot comic book that serves as a prelude to the canon comic series Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. The issue was written by Daniel José Older, illustrated by Nick Brokenshire and Rebecca Nalty, and published as a Free Comic Book Day title on August 14, 2021 by IDW Publishing. It contains the story "Attack on the Republic Fair".

Publisher's summary[]

Join Yoda, Buckets o'Blood, and their Padawan learners as they go on an adventure to help maintain peace during the glory days of the Republic, in a prelude to IDW's Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures series! Written by series architect Daniel José Older, this is the ideal entry into the world of the High Republic-and a can't-miss story for fans!

Plot summary[]

The galaxy celebrates. With the dark days of the
hyperspace disaster behind them, Chancellor Lina Soh
pushes ahead with the latest of her GREAT WORKS. The
Republic Fair will be her finest hour, a celebration of
peace, unity, and hope on the frontier world of Valo.

But an insatiable horror appears on the horizon. One by
one, planets fall as the carnivorous DRENGIR consume
all life in their path. As Jedi Master AVAR KRISS leads the
battle against this terror, Nihil forces gather in secret for
the next stage of MARCHION RO's diabolical plan.

Only the noble JEDI KNIGHTS stand in Ro's way, but
even the protectors of light and life are not prepared for
the terrible darkness that lies ahead….

The Nihil attack[]

Jedi Padawan Ram Jomaram is confident that one day, he'll change the galaxy. Over the past day, his city was attacked, he made some new friends, and he realized just how big the galaxy is. The problem is, Lonisa City is still under attack by the Nihil, and they have to get as many people as they can to safety. Lula Talisola asks if everyone is ready. With assents from Ram, Tip, and Zeen Mrala, Lula says they'll head to the Jedi temple, gathering everyone they can find to bring them there to safety. The three teens ready their weapons and prepare to leap into action.

In the wreckage of the city, Ram is shocked by the destruction and pain. As the group gathers civilians caught in the disaster, he thinks that all they can do is help one person at a time, but it doesn't feel like enough. Lula is explaining to the rescuees that they are going to help them all to safety when a Nihil on a speeder bike shows up, declaring that the city is theirs now.

Fighting back[]

The trio draw their weapons as Lula declares that the pirate will have to get through them first, Ram adding that the city is literally his home, before commanding V-18 to give it to them. The sight of the droid's missiles causes the biker pirates to flee, although Zeen notes that they're circling back around and Lula reiterates that they have to protect the civilians. Ram, however, draws attention to something he's just seen: Ty Yorrick — who helped them reach Crashpoint Tower — riding a sanval while being attacked by Nihil scav droids. They decide they have to help her.

Lula says that she and Zeen can hold off the Nihil on the ground, and Ram hops onto V-18, calling on the Bonbraks Tip and Breebak to join him. As the droid takes off, Ram thinks about how confident he sounded and hopes it holds up. Pulling down his goggles, Ram has an idea. Force pulling one of the scav droids over to him, he uses the Force to check its workings. Getting the result he wanted, he flies over to the midair battle, planning to get their attention. Ty is surprised to see Ram and demands to know what he's doing, but the Padawan tosses the scav droid into the air, yelling for the other droids to "fetch" it. The droids duly follow the scav droid as it heads off, to Ty's surprise.

She asks Ram what he did, and he explains that he activated a mechanism in the droid so it thought it was Ty and the sanval, before having it send a signal to the other droid saying as much. Impressed, Ty deduces that they all went after it, and tells Ram he didn't do bad for a Padawan. Parting ways with the mercenary, Ram yells after her "May the Force be with you!" Down on the ground, Lula and Zeen throw back some pirates with the Force. Noting that the others are running away, the two girls high-five as Ram and V-18 return. Ram thinks to himself that maybe he doesn't know how he will change the world just yet, but it will begin with what is happening right now, helping one person at a time and learning more about themselves along the way.


Despite the publisher's summary calling The High Republic Adventures Free Comic Book Day 2021 a prequel to Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures,[1] the comic is actually set immediately after the events of The High Republic: Race to Crashpoint Tower.

The illustrations of Race to Crashpoint Tower depict Zeen Mrala wearing an outfit consisting of a grey jacket and brown pants,[3] but although Attack on the Republic Fair takes place immediately after the novel, Mrala is shown wearing the blue-and-tan robes she wore in the comic's first story arc.[4]


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