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"The High Tower" is the fifth episode of the first season of the animated series Star Wars Resistance. It first aired on October 28, 2018 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

The First Order arrives at the platform for mysterious reasons and Kaz and BB-8 are determined to sneak into the tower to find out what they want.[1]

Plot summary[]

Power outages[]

The episode opens with the Colossus experiencing a power outage. Kazuda Xiono falls onto Bucket in the darkness. Kaz asks who turned off the lights, and BB-8 beeps. Kaz apologizes to Bucket, who grumbles in Binary. Tam Ryvora helps Bucket up and asks Kaz what he did to Bucket. Kaz counters that he is the one with the smashed face. He receives a transmission from Neeku Vozo, who is testing new comlinks.

Neeku is delighted that he can talk with Kaz whenever he wants, and Kaz tells him he doesn't need to do that because he is right here. Neeku replies that it was dark and that he did not see him. Kaz warns him not to get closer as the comlinks generate static. Neeku deduces that because of this, they can't stand too close when they're using them.

Team Fireball then hears an overhead announcement from Captain Imanuel Doza telling the residents of the Colossus to refrain from using any unnecessary power because they are rationing their fuel supply for the next 100 hours. Tam groans and tells them to shut down the repair shop, and that they might as well go for some drinks at Aunt Z's Tavern. Kaz says he's in, while BB-8 beeps.

The mechanics enter Aunt Z's Tavern. Aunt Z is delighted to see her favorite customers, asking Kaz if his group is going to spend any credits this time and offering them three "waters." Kaz orders three Cirilian Sour Pastes, earning Neeku's praise. However, the station's power then shuts down, sparking grumbling among the patrons. One elderly human patron named Al says that he feels like blinking with his eyes open. A woman grumbles that she can't get anything done.

Kaz asks Aunt Z how long this is going to keep up. Aunt Z says it's not accidental and claims that Captain Doza is behind the power outage. She adds that Captain Doza and his friends in Doza Tower have power, while they don't. When Kaz asks what she is talking about, Aunt Z asks if he hasn't seen the ships that come at the night, and claims that Doza is part of the First Order. In the background, the circuits fry and the patrons continue their grumbling.

Enter Hype Fazon[]

Later, the power comes back onto to Kaz's relief. BB-8 beeps. Tam is skeptical of Aunt Z's claim that Captain Doza is behind the power outages, and asks what he would get out of it. Neeku adds that he cannot see Captain Doza being part of the First Order, but admits that he has never met anyone in the First Order before that he knows of. Kaz whispers to BB-8 that they need to go into Doza Tower and see what's up. Neeku tells Kaz that the tower is up.

Kaz notices that Hype Fazon has entered Z's Tavern, He's elated to see the Ace leader and wishes he was one. Tam is bitter to see Hype, who greets a green astromech droid and another patron after sitting in a booth. Neeku tells Kaz that being an Ace pilot is not all fun and games because they also have to bring in shipments and guard the skies. He warns that it can be dangerous and tells Kaz that Tam knows Hype better than anybody.

Tam tells Kaz that Hype used to be a good friend until he became an Ace. She says that Hype then forgot all about her, and that Hype is only interested in himself. When Kaz asks if Tam can introduce him to Hype, she chides him for being "unbelievable." Kaz decides that he needs to introduce himself to Hype and thanks Tam.

Kaz goes to Hype's table and greets the Ace leader. He introduces himself and tells Hype he has won every race this year. Hype adds last year, too. He recognizes Kaz as the kid who raced Torra Doza, and says she is a protégé and that it was pretty gutsy racing against her. Kaz says that he didn't know that at the time, but that he is working his way up under Jarek Yeager. Hype remarks that Yeager can really fly.

The plot thickens[]

Kaz tells Hype that he has one of the best modified G30s he has ever seen, including custom boosters and cut wings. Hype then remarks that Kaz has an operator, earning a glare from Tam. Kaz then asks Hype about the Aces' work in bringing in shipments. Hype says that the other Aces are bringing in a fuel shipment, and that he's not participating because he and Doza have an understanding that when it is "them," he'll be at Aunt Z's Tavern. When Kaz asks about "them," Hype clarifies that he is referring to the First Order.

Upon learning this information, Kaz tells BB-8 that they have to get inside the tower. BB-8 chimes. When Tam asks what happened, Kaz tells her and Neeku that she was right that Hype was all ego. Kaz then claims that he has to charge BB-8 because his power is getting low, so BB-8 pretends to be running out of power. This allows Kaz and BB-8 to sneak off.

Meanwhile, in the cloudy skies of Castilon, three other Aces are on patrol. Freya Fenris tells her wingmates to pick up their visual scanning. Since the power is out on the platform, Ferris says they'll have to bring the shipment in manually. She tells them to follow her signal. A transport emerges from the clouds, and the Aces fly around the ship. Over the intercom, Ferris tells Transport TY-700 to pick up her signal and to follow them home. The TY-700's pilot says "copy that" and follows the Aces to the Colossus.

The First Order arrives[]

At the Colossus hangar bay, an Ugnaught vendor is harried by two birds. After driving them off, he tells Kaz and BB-8 that the power outage has led the authorities to impose a curfew and that everyone needs to stay inside. Kaz says that it sounds good. While watching over the balcony, Kaz sees the Aces escorting a fuel tanker. He thinks that it doesn't look like a First Order ship. Kaz is surprised by Tam and Neeku, with the former asking what he is doing out there.

When the Aces do a flyover, Tam asks Kaz if Hype told him that the Aces were doing a mission. Kaz confirms this is the case. Tam asks if Kaz was trying to gain an edge over her by studying the Aces. Kaz denies this is the case, but says he is studying. The tanker lowers its ramp to reveal Major Elrik Vonreg and a contingent of stormtroopers. Both Kaz and Tam are surprised by the the presence of the First Order.

Tam thinks that Aunt Z's suspicions that Captain Doza is in league with the First Order have been confirmed. BB-8 beeps. When Kaz says that they have to find out what the First Order is doing here, Tam tells him to relax because there is nothing they can do about it. She adds that they can come to the Colossus just like anyone else.

Kaz notices that Neeku is missing, and contacts him via comlink. Neeku tells Kaz that he's going to ask the First Order what they are doing here. Kaz, Tam, and BB-8 rush to warn Neeku, and Kaz tells him not to do it. They are unable to stop Neeku from asking Major Vonreg and his men on behalf of Kaz what the First Order is doing here. One stormtrooper tells Neeku that he is not authorized to be here, and orders him to move along.

Neeku complies, but tells Kaz that he tried to ask them on his behalf but that he is apparently not authorized to be here. As the First Order delegation walks past, Kaz manages to cushion his comlink. Afterwards, Kaz asks Neeku what he was doing and confiscates his comlink. A perplexed Neeku asks how they are going to communicate.

Hype, ticket to Doza Tower[]

Kaz, BB-8, and Tam walk down the corridor. BB-8 beeps, and Kaz says he wishes Hype would invite them to the Aces' Lounge in the tower. Overhearing their conversation, Tam says that he would never get him in. Tam explains that she was obsessed with getting to Doza Tower when she first got to the Colossus. She adds that Hype wanted the same thing and became an Ace, but that she didn't. Tam says that Hype forgot all about their friendship and that Hype only cares about himself. She tells Kaz that Hype is arrogant, egotistical, rude, and a terrible friend.

At that point, Hype approaches them from behind. Kaz pretends to be friendly and tells Hype that Tam was telling him all kinds of great things about the Ace pilot. He remarks that his outfit is so green. Hype recalls seeing Kaz at Aunt Z's earlier and thinks they should talk. Tam reminds Hype that he knows where she has been all this time. Seeking to mend the relationship, Hype invites Tam and Kaz to the Aces' Lounge as a sop. Kaz says they would love that. Hype says he will call ahead to get them clearance. When Kaz remarks that Hype isn't such a bad guy, Tam tells him to keep believing that before walking away. Kaz tells BB-8 they're in.

Despite Tam's bitterness towards Hype, she decides to follow Kaz and BB-8. The three follow Hype to the tower's entrance, which is guarded by three security droids. The droids admit Hype and his guests into the High Tower. Hype offers to show them his trophy room on the way. Tam remarks sarcastically that they fill so privileged. Hype welcomes the "lower dwellers" into the Ace's Lounge. They walk past Griff Halloran. Hype tells them that they will find the best drinks, food, and fuel here.

Kaz greedily helps himself to a tray of dainties, offered by a service droid. Tam looks away in disgust at the window. Just then, Kaz captures a glimpse of Major Vonreg and his troopers entering a corridor. Kaz asks Hype if the First Order appears a lot. Hype tells Kaz they have appeared a lot lately, but stresses that he doesn't deal with them because it is Captain Doza's business.

Hype asks Tam if she's still racing. Tam tells him that she's got a ship she's working on. Hype jokes about Kaz racing the Fireball. Tam asks Hype if seeing Kaz crash was his favorite move. Hype casually remarks that this is why Tam is working on the "junk" instead of flying. Tam retorts that she doesn't need some "overpriced, tripped-out ship" to win and turns her back on Hype. Hype responds that she will never become an ace without a real racer. Tam vows that when she is finished with the Fireball it will be a "real" racer, better than his. Tam tells Kaz that they are leaving, but finds he has disappeared. As Tam looks for Kaz, Hype tells Tam he was just joking.

Spying on Captain Doza and the First Order[]

While navigating through the corridors of the High Tower, Kaz sees Major Vonreg and his men entering an office. Kaz tries to enter the office but finds it locked. Just then, a serving droid comes along with a tray of soup and caf. Kaz pretends to befriend the droid and jokes about it losing weight. He then plans a comlink on the droid's tray before apologizing for mistaking him for another droid. As the serving droid enters the room, Kaz activates his comlink.

As the droid carries the tray into the room, Captain Doza asks Major Vonreg what he really wants. The major claims that the First Order wants to offer "protection" for the Colossus from the pirates, and reiterates that Doza needs the First Order. He claims that the pirate attacks are escalating, and that Doza's Aces need their help, adding that the Colossus is vulnerable without its fuel supply. Captain Doza rejects his offer and threatens to report this coercion attempt to the New Republic.

Major Vonreg counters by threatening to report his numerous dealings with the criminal underworld, all of which violate New Republic trade sanctions. Doza signals for the serving droid to bring his mug of caf, and tells Vonreg that this deal does not suit him. He dismisses the First Order's attempt to bribe him with a single fuel shipment and tells Vonregy that he has to do better than that. Kaz eavesdrops on their conversation using his comlink.

Major Vonreg responds that they will do better, but warns Captain Doza that until they reach a deal, his future will be dim. The First Order delegation leaves while Doza sips his cup of caf. Kaz is excited by his find and hides behind the doorframe while the stormtroopers exit the room. Kaz waits for the droid to leave, but the proximity of the two comlinks creates static, alerting the stormtroopers and Major Vonreg.

Saved by Torra[]

One of the stormtroopers notices Kaz and demands to know what he is doing here. Kaz retrieves his comlinks and runs. Major Vonreg orders two of his stormtroopers to capture the boy. The stormtroopers chase Kaz through the corridors, one of them firing his blaster, set to stun. Kaz dodges the stormtroopers and calls BB-8 for help. BB-8 races through the corridors of Doza Tower to his charge's aid.

Kaz finds himself caught between the stormtroopers at opposite ends of a corridor. Just then, a serving droid exits a room and demands to know what is going on. Kaz takes the opportunity to flee inside the room, only to discover that it is Torra Doza's bedroom. Kaz greets Torra, but she demands to know what he is doing here.

Beforer he can tell her, Torra assumes that he has mistaken her kindness for love. As the stormtroopers bang on her door, Torra helps Kaz to escape through her bedroom window. The stormtroopers and the female serving droid enter the room. The droid protests the First Order's intrusion. Torra tells the stormtroopers that Kaz went the other way, but one of the stormtroopers looks out the window. Kaz manages to stay out of sight by hiding on the narrow ledge below. The stormtroopers believe Torra and leave the room. Kaz moves carefully along the ledge.

Cat and mouse[]

Meanwhile, Tam and Neeku are having drinks at Aunt Z's Tavern. Neeku remarks that Kaz seems to be having a "great time" at Doza Tower. Tam grumbles that she's glad someone is, before asking Neeku how he knows Kaz is having a great time. He points to Kaz navigating his way along the Tower's ledge. Aunt Z and her serving droid also notice Kaz. Tam is astounded, while Aunt Z bets 20 credits that Kaz will fall. Al bets 50 credits on Kaz, while Jooks bets 60. The other customers begin placing bets on Kaz to the distress of Tam and Neeku.

Kaz reaches the end of the first ledge and tries to jump to a second ledge. However, he loses his balance and barely manages to cling on to the second ledge. As Kaz climbs back up, Neeku cheers with the other patrons but Tam is worried. Kaz continues his walk. He tries to leap to the third ledge, but finds it too wide. Neeku joins in the cheering. Kaz realizes he has to jump in order to avoid capture. He takes a gamble and manages to jump onto the third ledge.

The bar patrons cheer for Kaz. While walking along the third ledge, Kaz comes under fire from two stormtroopers. Under the hail of blaster fire, Kaz leaps onto the fourth ledge and descends the building's exterior. Meanwhile, BB-8 is frantically searching for Kaz. Kaz runs across a balcony while dodging blaster bolts. As the stormtroopers race after Kaz, he bangs on a blast door. Just in the nick of time, the blast door opens and Kaz falls inside to the cheer of Aunt Z and her patrons. While Neeku cheers with the crowd, Tam is relieved that Kaz escaped.

On the other side, Kaz is relieved that he escaped the stormtroopers and hugs BB-8, thanking the droid for saving him. He tells BB-8 he has big news to report to Poe Dameron: that Doza is going to make a deal with the First Order. BB-8 beeps. Kaz tells BB-8 he is worried that if Doza is the First Order mole, they'll be in over their heads. He reassures BB-8 that Poe will know what to do.

Avoiding a diplomatic incident[]

Meanwhile, Captain Doza asks Major Vonreg and his stormtroopers the meaning of the commotion. Vonreg tells Doza that they found a spy outside his office. Torra, standing behind her father, feigns shock. Major Vonreg adds that the spy tried to escape them. Captain Doza is shocked, but Torra vouches for Kaz by telling the adults that the "spy" was just one of her friends visiting her. When Vonreg asks why he was not with her, Torra claims he was trying to leave the tower.

Believing his daughter, Doza tells Major Vonreg that he does not appreciate the First Order coming to his platform and falsely accusing his citizens. Captain Doza says that he knows his people and backs up his daughter's account. He tells Major Vonreg that it's time for him and his troopers to leave. The major reluctantly complies while Torra smiles at her dad.

Home away from home[]

Back at Yeager's garage, a weary Kaz and BB-8 return while Tam and Neeku are repairing the Fireball. Tam asks Kaz what he was doing, and tells him that he could have gotten himself killed. Kaz tells them he was in an unauthorized area. He says that it's a long story and that he's glad to be back before lying down on a mattress. BB-8 beeps.

When Tam asks about Doza Tower, Kaz says that it is not as wonderful as it is made out to be. Tam welcomes Kaz back to reality, where they have to work for a living, before dropping a tool on him. Kaz passes Neeku back his comlink. Neeku is delighted that they will get to speak to each other, and Kaz tells him not when they are in the same room. Just then, the power returns to the delight of Tam and Neeku. Neeku says Captain Doza did it. Aware of Doza's dependence on the First Order for fuel, Kaz adds that he did it all right.

As Major Vonreg and his troopers depart on their tanker, Captain Doza watches security cam footage of Kaz on the ledge and wonders who the boy is.


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Notes and references[]

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