The History of the Jedi Knights was a book that chronicled the history of the Jedi Order, a copy of which was stored on the space station Nespis VIII in its Jedi library.

History[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the Destruction of Alderaan, Borborygmus Gog, a Shi'ido scientist working for the Empire, found the abandoned Nespis VIII station and reconstructed the Jedi library contained within, fitting most of the books with extensions of the Essence Stealer. In doing so, Gog hoped to remove the life-essence of a Jedi by posting legends of Jedi Knights onto the HoloNet under the name of ForceFlow to attract Force-sensitive individuals to the space station and lure them into the trap. One such individual was Tash Arranda, the niece of Mammon Hoole. She desired to become a Jedi Knight and searched for Jedi and artifacts that would lead her to them. After contacting the enigmatic "ForceFlow" she was persuaded to visit Nespis VIII. While running from what she perceived to be a Jedi 'ghost', Tash stumbled into the library. While browsing through the entries held on the shelves, she found a book titled The History of the Jedi Knights. However, when she tried to read the book, she was saved by the ghost of Aidan Bok.

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