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Target: Komari Vosa

"You are one of a select few chosen to participate in a special hunt, for a special prey."

The Hunt was the term used for the event in which Count Dooku hired Jango Fett and Montross to hunt down and destroy the Bando Gora leader, Komari Vosa in 32 BBY. Whoever succeeded was to get a bounty of 5,000,000 credits. Other than ridding the galaxy of the Bando Gora, the true goal of the hunt was to find a worthy template for the Grand Army of the Republic clone troopers.

The hunt waged through many worlds, such as Oovo IV, Tatooine, Coruscant, and Malastare. It was at the Bogden moon of Kohlma that Jango Fett tracked Vosa's stronghold.

The two engaged in one last battle. The duel waged on into Vosa's throne room, where Jango mortally wounded her. As she grasped for life, Jango hesitated to kill her. Dooku entered the room and finished off his old apprentice, and chose Fett as the template for the Clone Army. Fett accepted, on the condition that he receive the first clone for himself, unmodified.

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The Hunt
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