The Ice Princess! is a short story that appeared in the 1988 Marvel Ewoks Annual.

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Plot synopsisEdit

When Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka is bitten by an ice-beetle, she is encased in ice. Logray reveals that only the juice of the fire plant, found only on the Mountain of Doom, can save her. Unable to spare any warriors due to increased Dulok raids, Chief Chirpa[1] agrees to let Teebo and Wicket Wystri Warrick find the cure. The pair fly to the mountain by skin glider and scale the peak with ice clamps, evading a dragon-bird attack by escaping into a cave.[2] Wandering within its passages, they stumble upon a table complete with food—a feast for the Frost Giants and their king.[3] The king nearly freezes the Ewoks to death, but a guard reveals that the dragon-bird is attacking. Warrick suggests that he and Teebo can deal with it, and the king agrees. Warrick gets the Frost Giants to create a large ice wall, then taunts the dragon-bird to fly near it. He then orders the wall pushed over, and the resulting avalanche incapacitates the bird.[4] The grateful king shows the Ewoks the way to the fire plant, and the Ewoks return to the village with it. There, Logray uses the plant to reverse the princess's predicament.[5]


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