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Imprisoned One mind prison

The Mind prison

At some point, Rodian smuggler Lurze Kesh acquired a mind prison and sold it to Motta the Hutt. He hired Revan to serve as courier, with one warning: never to open the box. Kesh did not say what would happen if he did, though, and Revan's curiosity overcame his caution, trapping him in the prison. Two others had also become trapped there in the last month, but they had already gone mad and run off into the white void. Revan met the prison's original occupant, a Rakatan warrior who had been imprisoned for leading a rebellion. After all that time, the warrior could not even remember his own name, but still desired to escape, and so challenged Revan to the only contest that would be fair to both and applicable in a world where neither had a physical body: a game of riddles. After stumping the warrior, Revan was given leave to escape back into his own body. However the box worked, he was unable to activate it again.

Revan then went on to Tatooine as planned and gave it to Motta at the local swoop track, and learned the history of the device from Motta, who was amused to see that Revan had opened it.

Behind the scenesEdit

«My, my, my… the contest is over already! Fair is fair, sentient… I go free.»
―Rakata prisoner to Revan[src]

If Revan loses the riddle game against the prisoner, the game ends. The player can also choose not to open the box and merely give it to Motta the Hutt, avoiding the dangers of the prison within.



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