The Inquisitor's Trap is a young readers book in the Star Wars Rebels series based on the episode "Rise of the Old Masters." Written by Meredith Rusu, it was published by Disney–Lucasfilm Press on December 9, 2014. A hardcover edition of the book was published in the Star Wars Rebels children's book collection Star Wars Rebels: Storybook Library.

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When the rebels receive a secret broadcast, they discover that one of the great Jedi Masters is still alive—and a captive of the Galactic Empire! To save her, Kanan, Ezra, and their friends must break into her heavily guarded prison. Can they find the lost Jedi? Or will the Inquisitor find them first?


The Inquisitor's Trap is an adaptation of the Star Wars Rebels episode "Rise of the Old Masters," written by Henry Gilroy.

It was also published as part of Star Wars Rebels: Storybook Library.[3]




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