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The Isis Coordinates is a 1990 roleplaying adventure for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, published by West End Games. It was written by Christopher Kubasik, the author of several Star Wars guidebooks from the same publishing company.

The adventure allows players to defend the secret of a Rebel safe world.

Publisher's description[]

An Imperial Survey Corps vessel emerges from hyperspace above an uncharted planet. The survey team begins its sensor sweeps. The lifeforms indicator crackles to life. Habitations are scanned ... a spaceport ... power generators ... landspeeders ... an X-wing fighter ... Rebels!

The survey team has stumbled upon a densely-populated Alliance factory world. If they live to reach an Imperial base and report their findings, hundreds of thousands of lives are at peril, and the Alliance will lose over 30 percent of its starfighter manufacturing capacity. Only two things stand between the Imperials and their base - half a galaxy of hyperspace, and a small band of Rebel heroes.

Opening crawl[]

The Isis Coordinates
In its struggle against the EVIL GALACTIC
EMPIRE, the Rebel Alliance has established
many colonies on worlds far from the
galactic core, worlds which remains hidden from
the Emperor's ever-probing eyes. As long as their
location is kept secret, these worlds serve as naval
bases and dockyards for the Rebel fleet as well as safe
homes for Rebel agents and their families.

There is a branch of the Imperial bureaucracy which directly
threatens the existence of these hidden Rebel worlds. The
Imperial Survey Corps (ISC) is charged with the task of traveling the
galaxy and cataloging uncharted star systems. Usually these new star
systems are devoid of life. Other times they contain civilizations ripe to
be taxed and oppressed by the Evil Empire.

As yet, no Imperial scout team has stumbled across a system containing an
Alliance colony. But since the ISC explores and catalogues a new world every 207
minutes, it is only a matter of time before a valuable Rebel colony is discovered by
agents of the Empire …


  • Introduction
  • Episode One: Discovery! - Details the Rebels discovery of the Wanderer, the battle and the following canyon chase.
  • Episode Two: The Crystal Warriors - Details the Rebels encounter with the native Gutretee, the search of the Wanderer and the group's journey to Neskroff to raise the alarm.
  • Episode Three: The Chase - Details the search for the Imperial scouts, the boarding of the Handree and the entry into hyperspace.
  • Episode Four: Desperate Delays - Details the events which occurs during the Handree's 12 hour journey to Miser.
  • Episode Five: Captured! - Details the Handree's arrival in the Bespin System, the capture of the rebels, transfer to Miser, and the escape.
  • Episode Six: Final Gambit - Details the deletion of the Isis Coordinates from the computer of the Desolator and the final escape of the rebels aboard the Handree.


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