The Jedi Master's Quizbook is a quiz book with trivia questions about A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. The questions were compiled by Rusty Miller (who at the time of publication was 11 years old) and range from the obscure to the obvious.


"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." These are the opening words of two of the most popular films ever made—Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.

This is a trivia book about those two films, with questions ranging from the obvious to the obscure. My editors at Lucasfilm have supplemented the book with some additional questions—although we tried to stay mainly with questions that can be answered from the movies, some are drawn from other sources. These questions are marked with an asterisk, and the materials used are the following:

The Star Wars and Empire novelizations
The Art of Star Wars and The Art of Empire
The Empire Strikes Back Notebook
The Star Wars Album
The Empire Collectors' Edition
The 1981 Empire Calendar
The Wookiee Storybook
Once Upon a Galaxy: The Making of Empire
The Star Wars Sketchbook
Bantha Tracks (the Star Wars fan-club newsletter)
The Star Wars and Empire soundtrack albums

I would like to thank in particular my good friends, David Little, Chris Fortier, and Shawn Meredith; my parents, Edawrd and Nancy Miller; Lisa Kernan at Lucasfilm; and numerous other friends and relatives. They all contributed to the work necessary to make this book a success.


Rusty Miller

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