The Kallea Cycle: Vessa Brentioch as Freia Kallea and Gelod Vothran as Sival Brentioch

The Kallea Cycle was a famous Brentaali opera by Maestro Trebian Shullos on the life of Freia Kallea and the founding of the Hydian Way. The opera premiered at Votrad Stadium on Brentaal on 38:2:13.[1] After the successful performance, the show went on tour throughout the Core Worlds and the Colonies.[2] During this tour, it debuted on Imperial Center in 3 ABY, where it was performed inside the Grand Convocation Chamber of the Senate Building. Its opening was attended by the Galactic elite, including Grand Admiral Miltin Takel and other high-profile socialites.[3]

Controversy erupted in the media when it was found that Amaro Fonteen, a Human, would be playing the role of Banu Hydia, traditionally played by a Duros double-bass vocalist. The Brentaal Council on High Human Culture and the Brentaal Hall Conservatory both released statements that denounced the "narrow-minded idea that a Duros role [could not] be voiced by a human." The council and the conservatory also both rejected the notion that certain arias in The Kallea Cycle were offensive in their portrayals of nonhumans and their philosophies, arguing that the Cycle was one of the highest achievements of Brentaal and Core culture. An addendum explaining these views was added to the program for the Cycle with assistance from the Arts Division of the COMPNOR Coalition for Progress.[1]



Act I[]

  • Chorus: "The Center of the Galaxy"
  • Olun and Henne: "A Fine and Proper Place"
  • Sival and Chorus: "The Lady Must Hear"
  • Arhul and Freia: "As Far as Farana"
  • Sival: "All of This for You"
  • Arhul and Freia: "Credit"
  • Chorus: "A Daughter of Brentaal"
  • Freia: "Strange Eyes"
  • Sival: "The Lady Shall Hear"
  • Freia: "Half the Galaxy"

Act II[]

  • Chorus: "The Stars Are Ours"
  • Thoax, Farge, and Banu: "Loyalties"
  • Freia, Banu, and Chorus: "The Safest Form of Passage"
  • Sival: "Somewhere in the Dark"
  • Chorus: "Weak Little Thing"
  • Banu: "Ever Closer"
  • Arhul and Freia: "The Road to Zonju"
  • Arhul and Chorus: "The Lady Wouldn't Hear"
  • Thoax and Farge: "A Fine and Private Place"

Act III[]

  • Chorus: "A Daughter of Brentaal [Reprise]"
  • Thoax and Farge: "The Stars Are Ours [Reprise]"
  • Banu: "Somewhere in the Dark [Reprise]"
  • Banu and Freia: "The Jungles of Nuvar"
  • Freia, Arhul, Olun, and Henne: "All the Vertex on Brentaal"
  • Banu and Freia: "One Last Road"
  • Freia and Chorus: "Bow Down to the Stars"
  • Thoax and Farge: "The Vaults of Imynusoph"
  • Freia, Thoax, and Farge: "Here Stands a Ghost"
  • Banu, Freia, and Sival: "Go Now"
  • Freia: "The Hydian Way"
  • All: "The Center of the Galaxy [Reprise]"



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