The Kashyyyk Depths is a Star Wars newspaper comic strip distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and published in U.S. and Canadian newspapers on Sundays from July 15 to September 9, 1979. The series was written by Russ Manning.

Plot summary[]

C-3PO is telling the story of how Han Solo met Gyla Petro to the BRT supercomputer Mistress Mnemos. He begins by saying that Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca were heading to Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day.

When they arrive on the planet, they hear a Wookiee Elder telling the Wookiees that Life Day is canceled and that no one can go to the lower levels of the forest to get Orga root for the ceremonies. Chewbacca does not agree with the cancellation and confronts the elder. They start to wrestle when Han jumps in and tries to stop the fight. Han stops the fight by saying he will get the Orga root. Chewbacca is to come with him.

Riding a sureggi, Han, Chewbacca and the droids set out to find the Orga root. Chewbacca stops to talk to the plants and they tell him that it is not safe. As they continue, they come across some Imperials destroying the plants to make a trail. Among the Imperials is Gyla Petro, who does not agree with the way the plants are being destroyed.

The plants attack the Imperials and defeat them easily. Han rescues Gyla, because she was just a scientist and didn't do anything wrong. She is the only survivor of the Imperial group. Chewbacca gets some Orga roots and returns to the Wookiee city's celebrations.

After the story, Mistress Mnemos asks C-3PO why her records indicate that Gyla Petro was an Imperial spy. C-3PO says that story will come later, but in the meantime he will tell the story of a strange occurrence on Tatooine.


A possible can-cell on Kashyyyk

Upon original publication, this story arc was untitled. Jason Fry coined the title The Kazhyyyk Depths in the early 1990s in an online document he created prior to becoming a Lucasfilm author.

This is the only Star Wars newspaper comic strip that was not reprinted either by Dark Horse Comics or in the Webstrips feature of Hyperspace. However, it was eventually reprinted in Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Newspaper Strips Volume 1 and Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics Vol. 1, which officially titled the strip The Kashyyyk Depths.

The Wookiee planet Kashyyyk is spelled both "Kazhyyyk" and "Kazhyyk" in this comic strip.

One panel has a magenta insect with four wings and a long tail in the background. This looks remarkably similar to a can-cell, which would first officially appear 26 years later inhabiting Kashyyyk in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.


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