The Kingdom of Ice was originally an incomplete seven-part serialized comic story. It was first published in the Marvel Comics magazine Pizzazz #10–16 from July 1978 to January 1979. There were six pages (two parts) remaining to be published when Pizzazz was canceled. After Marvel UK Star Wars Weekly reprinted the first chapters in issues #57–59, the six final pages of the story, titled Pursuit!, saw print in April 1979 in issue #60. When it was finally released in the US as part of Marvel Illustrated Books' Star Wars in November 1981, Pursuit! was reprinted under the title War on Ice!.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, R2-D2, and C-3PO have come to the ice world of Akuria II. As they approach the planet they are attacked by a group of TIE Fighters. Luke and Leia's scout ship is shot and crash lands on the planet, yet before they can destroy the ship and kill Luke and Leia, the TIE Fighters are picked off by an unknown force.

Akurians arrive at the crash site and fight with Luke and Leia, but are soon driven away by Colonel Odan piloting his War Sled. The two Rebels are taken aboard the large vehicle, but the droids are left behind. Luke argues with Odan about going back to get R2-D2 and C-3PO, who, in the meantime, have been taken to a snow fortress by the Akurians. There they meet the real Odan, who was attacked by Imperials and had his War Sled taken from him. Odan explains that the Imperials shot down their own, remote-controlled TIE Fighters to trick the Rebels into believing them to be their rescuers. He warns the droids that Luke and Leia will have to be saved before getting executed by the Imperials.

The Odan imposter is trying to get details on the Alliance's plans from Luke and Leia. Stalling, Luke distracts the fake Odan by telling him he's needed on the bridge. Once they are left alone, Luke and Leia find scorch marks that appear to have been covered up and conclude that a battle must have taken place recently. They start to suspect the colonel, but are captured by the Imperials and the false Odan reveals himself to be an Imperial commander. Believing he can pressure Leia to divulge information pertaining to the Alliance's plans, he leaves Luke on the War Sled and sends it hurtling towards the Geyser Sea to its destruction.

After having R2-D2 replace a broken T-3 unit in a snow flyer, Odan's group rescues Luke from the War Sled before it crashes. As the ship smashes into a cliff, Luke, Odan and their group try to find safety in the wind storm. R2-D2 suggests heating the ground and creating a trench to lay in to be safe from the wind, but as they heat the ground a hole opens up and they all fall into it. The hole turns out to be the tunnel of an ice worm, a creature thought extinct. Yet as they travel down the tunnel towards the Imperials, an Ice Worm starts to follow them. Having arrived below the Imperials, Luke, Odan and Fafnir shoot at the Ice Worm and then hit it with the exhaust of their Snow Flyers, causing it to change direction and burrow upwards into the enemy.

The worm is killed by the Imperials, but not before it takes out many of them. The Imperial commander escapes together with Leia. With the help of Odan, Luke boards the commander's ship, shooting off the canopy. The ship comes to a stop and the commander is captured. Luke has him take the Rebels directly to their base on the planet. Once the gate has been breached, countless Akurians start to attack the base. The cannons, not prepared for a ground attack, prove useless against them. Luke gets into a TIE fighter, destroying the fortress from inside. After the battle Odan pledges that he and his group of Rebels will join the Alliance.

Individual Issues[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Ice!, Part 1 (Marvel UK Star Wars Weekly 57)

Kingdom of Ice!, Part 2 (Marvel UK Star Wars Weekly 58)

Kingdom of Ice!, Part 3 (Marvel UK Star Wars Weekly 59)

Kingdom of Ice!, Part 4 (Marvel UK Star Wars Weekly 60)

  • Pursuit! (by Archie Goodwin in Marvel UK Star Wars Weekly 60)

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