"The Knight & the Dragon" is a short story that was published in Myths & Fables. The story was authored by George Mann, illustrated by Grant Griffin, and published on August 6, 2019.

Plot Summary[]

"As it had each night before, the dragon came with the setting suns- a vast and horrifying silhouette, stark against the reddening sky."

A village of Sand People on Tatooine was plagued by the great dragon, Krayt, who lived amongst dunes near their village.  

Every night, Krayt would visit the village and snatch their livestock, which it would then take back to its nest to consume. On the fifth night, the villagers tried to drive the dragon away, to no avail. Eventually, all the livestock were consumed, and the dragon instead abducted a young boy from the village. The villagers attempted to hide their children in pits of sand, but the dragon found them. The villagers dispatched a warrior, who was also swallowed by the dragon.

In a desperate attempt to placate the dragon, the villagers kidnapped animals from another tribe of desert inhabitants, but the dragon had developed a taste for people. Thus the villagers kidnapped seven humans and fed one to the dragon every night, when this solution appeased the dragon, the villagers raided the settlement and took more captives.

However, this incurred the wrath of an Old Knight, a once-great hero who had retired from adventure and come to the desert world to protect a treasure. The Old Knight felt sympathy for the villagers but cannot allow the sacrifices to continue. After allowing himself to be captured, The Old Knight rescued the other hostages and thereby became the dragon's sacrifice.

When the dragon appeared, the Old Knight escaped his bindings and lit his lightsaber to fight Krayt. He and Krayt fought for an hour, neither of them gaining momentum. The Old Knight became tired, and the dragon swooped down, preparing to devour him. Old Knight, however, lifted his hand and halted the Dragon, putting a spell on it to calm its mind.

As the villagers celebrated, The Old Knight assured the people that the Dragon was now under his command and would no longer eat the villagers.. However, if the villagers continue their raids, he will return with the dragon and destroy the village. Thus, the villagers never raided or took captive from the settlements again, which was unique amongst the tribes of Tatooine


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