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"The Kyber Saber Crystal Chase" is the ninth episode of the first season of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the ninth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on August 1, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

The Freemakers are in hot pursuit of the remaining Kyber Saber Crystals, but each time they find one, Naare steals it away.[1]

Plot summary[]

Ambush on Takodana[]

The Rancor's Fist on Takodana

On Takodana, the Freemakers, smug and confident that Naare will not find anymore Kyber Saber crystals, prepare to leave the planet. To Rowan's misfortune, Naare arrives on the Eclipse Fighter and steals the fourth kyber crystal. The Freemakers follow her into space but come under attack from Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist. The Freemakers then flee into hyperspace. Graballa complains that they are gone but Naare tells him that she has a way to track them down. The Freemakers come up with a plan to steal the next kyber crystals in order to prevent Naare from reassembling the Kyber Saber. Realizing that the next two kyber crystals are on the planets Naboo and Ningoth. Realizing that Naare will go for the obvious, they decide to visit the more distant Ningoth first. Roger is unhappy with both choices; regarding Naboo as a graveyard for battle droids and that Ningoth's watery environment will cause his metallic body to rust.

Confrontation on Ningoth[]

The Freemakers on Ningoth

On Ningoth, Zander presents his submarine to Rowan and Kordi, who treat it with an admiration of cuteness to where she christens it as the Bubbly Subbly. While Roger remains aboard the StarScavenger, the Freemakes take the Bubbly Subbly into the depths of Ningoth's oceans. After a confusing set of directions, they find the crystal in the antenna of an opee sea killer. The opee sea killer uses the illuminating crystal to hunt for food. After a brief confrontation, they decide to trade their spotlight for the crystal. Rowan uses the Force to repair the damaged light. After completing their exchange, they rendezvous with Roger on Ningoth's surface.

Before the Freemakers can leave aboard the StarScavenger, Naare and Graballa ambush them for the second time. While Roger holds off the Rancor's Fist with the Star Scavenger's turret, the other Freemakers use the Bubbly Subbly to drag the Eclipse Fight underwater. Following a struggle, they are able to sever the tow cable and launch the sub into the ship's cargo hold. Before the StarScavenger's rear exit can close, Naare uses the Force to snatch the fifth kyber crystal out of Rowan's hand and departs in the Eclipse Fighter. The Freemakers then flee into hyperspace, triggering a wave that swamps Naare and the Rancor's Fist.

The Freemakers debate how Naare found them. Kordi remarks that Naare seems to know where they are going. Zander adds that they went to a planet where they are the only things on the surface; making them easy to spot. Roger than jokes that Rowan is not the only one terrible at this but it doesn't go down well with the others. Rowan then remarks that Roger also knows what to say sarcastically. Back on Ningoth, Graballa and Naare discuss the expensive damage to the Rancor's Fist's engines caused by the sea water. Naare is not concerned by such "trivialities". When Graballa complains that he seems to be footing the bill for everything, Naare reassures him that those "trash-pickers" will not escape for long and that she has a way to track them. Graballa then tries to impress Naare but Dengar is unprepared.

Heist on Naboo[]

The Freemakers at the Emperor Palpatine Museum

The Freemakers' next stop is Naboo, which Roger regards as a graveyard for battle droids. After landing in the capital city of Theed, they discover that the sixth crystal is hidden inside the former royal palace, which has now been revamped as the Emperor Palpatine Museum. Wick Cooper, who describes himself as Palpatine's "No 1" fan, jumps the queue. Knowing that they won't be accepted poking around a museum in broad daylight, the Freemakers decide to break into the Museum at night.

Roger proposes entering the Emperor Palpatine Museum disguised with a fake mustache. However, Zander comes up with a better plan that involves smuggling Roger into the Museum disguised as a decommissioned B1-series battle droid from the Clone Wars. Zander fools his way into the Museum disguised as a delivery worker. While pushing his "cargo" through the Museum, Zander has a near run-in with the Imperial General Durpin and Commander Plumestriker, who are assigned with safeguarding the exhibits. The officers joke about the stupidity of trying to break into the Emperor Palpatine Museum. When they approach Zander, Roger manages to evade detection by donning the fake mustache.

Later that night, Rowan, Kordi, and Zander wait outside the Emperor Palpatine Museum to be let in. Generals Durpin and Plumestriker are playing holochess to ease their boredom when Roger breaks out of his glass exhibit. Plumestriker hears the sound of breaking glass but Durpin dismisses the noise since he is too preoccupied with the game. Roger leads the other Freemakers into the Museum. When Kordi remarks about rich people and their palaces, Zander plays with a discounted souvenir Palpatine voice changer. However, Kordi and Rowan remind Zander to stay focused on their mission to find the sixth kyber crystal.

Before long, Roger gets distracted and attempts to reunite with his fellow battle droid R0-HK in a Clone Wars exhibit. While Kordi and Rowan continue the mission, Zander gets distracted by an N-1 starfighter hanging from the ceiling. Kordi tries to stay focused but soon gets mesmerized by the sight of Queen Amidala's gowns in a nearby exhibit. Rowan resolves to stay focus but gets temporarily distracted by a motorized pogostick. However, Rowan resolves not to get sidetracked from the mission and runs into several statues of Emperor Palpatine at various stages of his life.

Frightened by a talking statue of Darth Sidious, Rowan topples the statues. One of the heads breaks off and rolls down the hall; startling Roger while he is regaling his days as the head of the salvage operation to the inactive R0-HK. The head knocks Roger into the other exhibits, which triggers their blasters. The blast ricochets against several stormtrooper helmets before knocking the hanging N-1 starfighter exhibit into the Theed Hangar. The noise alerts the complacent Durpin and Plumestriker to the presence of intruders inside the Emperor Palpatine Museum. Durpin tries to dismiss the problem but Plumestriker sounds the alarm and orders the stormtrooper sentries to search the Museum.

Escaping the Museum[]

Plumestriker and his stormtroopers corner the Freemakers

Meanwhile, Kordi, who is wearing Queen Amidala's royal gown, stumbles upon Roger helping Zander out of the fallen N-1 starfifghter exhibit in the Theed Hangar. She asks the "Nerf herders" what they are doing before defending her right to have fun. Before the three can leave at Zander's urging, they are cornered by Plumestriker and stormtroopers. Durpin, who is tired of promotions and ceremonies, tries to convince Plumestriker to let the intruders go and dismiss them as "mischievous" kids. However, Plumestriker remembers the Freemakers from their earlier encounter on Kashyyyk and announces that they will answer for their crimes. In deference to General Durpin, he decides to skip the paperwork and orders the stormtroopers to execute the Freemakers.

Before the Imperials can execute the intruders, a disguised Rowan turns up dressed in Palpatine's robes and wearing a Palpatine voice changer device. He chastizes Durpin and Plumestriker for trying to harm "generous" donors. Durpin begs the "Emperor" for forgiveness and offers to be demoted to Ensign; which the fake Emperor accepts and orders them to leave. After the Imperials have left the hangar, Kordi and Zander thank Rowan for his quick thinking and ingenuity. Zander tells Rowan they have to leave but his younger brother is adamant that they not leave without the Kyber Saber crystal. Rowan finds that the sixth crystal is hidden inside Kordi's "Queen" headdress.

Before they can leave the Emperor Palpatine Museum, they are cornered by Naare and the bounty hunter Dengar, who have come to collect the sixth kyber crystal. Dengar shoots the headdress off Kordi's head, prompting an angry protest. Kordi and Zander hide but Roger fires back with a working blaster he had salvaged from the Clone Wars exhibit. Rowan and Naare fight for the crystal using the Force. Naare grabs the crystal with the Force but Rowan engages her in a lightsaber duel using her stolen Sith lightsaber. However, Naare is more powerful than him and hurls him against the fallen N-1 starfighter.

Zander tries to knock out Dengar with a mug but that doesn't work. Roger is pinned down by the armed bounty hunter. When one of Dengar's blaster bolts hits R0-HK, this throws Roger into a berserker rage and he chases the bounty hunter out of the hangar with a blaster. Meanwhile, Rowan stirs only to be confronted by Naare, who is wielding both the Jedi and Sith lightsabers. Before she can kill Rowan, the boy uses the Force to collapse the bolt holding the dangling N-1 fighter. The fighter collapses; triggering an explosion which destroys the other ships in the hangar and causing the collapse of the Museum. The Freemakers escape before the Museum collapses with Roger vowing not to forget R0-HK. Rowan manages to steal Naare's Jedi lightsaber and comments that the color is more suited to him. However, they are forced to leave the sixth Kyber Saber crystal behind with Naare.

Naare fighting Rowan

Later, Graballa patronizes Naare about her "master plan" which he dismisses as getting an entire Museum dropped on her head. An angry Naare replies that her plan was to get the sixth Kyber Saber crystal at any cost. Graballa retorts maybe you can tell that to the Emperor when he asks what you have done to his Museum. Durpin tries to dismiss the damage as a drill but ends up slipping among the rubble.

Discovering the leak[]

Meanwhile in hyperspace, Rowan asks how did Naare close in on them. Kordi and Zander are adamant that they are not transmitting their every move to anybody. Roger then reveals that his transmission pack has been transmitting since their last adventure on Tatooine. Graballa and Naare are listening to the conversation. When Graballa asks what they will do next since their transmitter has been exposed, Naare tells him not to worry because she now knows that the seventh and last Kyber Saber crystal is on the ice planet of Hoth.


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