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"The charmingly irreverent animated feature will reunite some of our favourite sequel trilogy characters, including Rey, Finn, and of course Wookiee of the year Chewbacca, to help us all find the true meaning of the holiday spirit."
Kristin Baver announcing the Holiday Special[src]

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is a LEGO short film that debuted on Disney+ on November 17, 2020. The special, produced by Atomic Cartoons for the LEGO Group and Lucasfilm Ltd., was inspired by the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

Official description[]

"[…] [A]t the end of the day, you don't have a good Star Wars story if you don't have heart. If you don't have soul. And I think the reason those holiday stories are timeless is because there are lessons. Whether all of those specials are great or not, they are trying to warm you with a theme about being with your family, caring, loving others, being selfless. These are things that are automatically inherent to Star Wars. So we really wanted to anchor this with the idea of, 'What is Rey missing right now?' She is so focused on the burden of being the only Jedi in this new era and the duty of potentially passing on that knowledge. She's missing the point that there still needs to be time to be with your friends and the family you've made."
―James Waugh[src]

Individuals celebrate Life Day aboard the Millennium Falcon.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, chronologically placed after the events of Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker,[1] which took place in 35 ABY,[4] follows the Jedi Rey as she journeys with BB-8 to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force, leaving their friends aboard the Millennium Falcon to prepare for the Wookiee festival of Life Day. However, Rey's course deviates from traveling to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk as she is hurled[1] by a key into an adventure across space and time[5] at a Jedi temple, meeting various figures of galactic history.[1] However, she must return home in time for Life Day.[6]

Plot summary[]


The film begins with Yoda establishing that the First Order and the Sith were no more, saying that peace has spread across the galaxy. With freedom restored, Life Day could once again be celebrated. Yoda explains that Life Day is a holiday of friendship, family and connection. The camera then shifts to the pages of a book. Yoda explains that Rey Skywalker and her friends had traveled to Kashyyyk to celebrate with Chewbacca and his family. However, he adds that the celebration would have to wait for Rey and Finn.

Training Finn[]

Aboard the Millennium Falcon on the planet Kashyyyk, Finn trains with a Marksman-H training remote while wielding Rey's yellow lightsaber. As Finn struggles, Rey tells him to relax and concentrate. Since Finn is distracted by the porgs, Rey places a hood on his head. She tells Finn to be mindful of his surroundings and asks if he can feel the remote. However, the remote stings Finn in the backside. When Finn expresses frustration, Rey reassures Finn that the Force is strong with him.

She remind him that a Jedi must let go. Misunderstanding Rey, Finn swings his lightsaber across the Millennium Falcon's passenger hold, causing some damage to the furniture. When his hood comes off, Finn eyes the training remote and slices it in half. Finn cheers but the damaged training remote stings him in the backside. Finn loses his temper. As Rey flips through the book, she wonders what she is not doing right.

A frustrated Finn asks if she is sure that he is meant to become a Jedi. Rey tells him to hand her the lightsaber and explains that the Jedi text says that when we go down the wrong path, we must take another. She hands Finn a wooden lightsaber. Finn parries with the newly repaired training remote but it sets his wooden blade alight. Rey wonders what she is doing wrong.

Preparing for Life Day[]

They are interrupted by Poe Dameron, who tells them that they have got a Life Day party to set up. Poe is followed by Rose Tico, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. Poe mentions that Chewbacca's family is coming and that Wookiees like ripping arms off things and parties. He assigns Finn to do the decorating and asks Rey if she could help to roast the tip-yip. Rey murmurs in agreement before walking away.

Frustrated with herself teaching Finn, Rey goes below deck to her personal Jedi library. Flipping through the books, Rey is frustrated that she can't train Finn despite following every teaching. Rey decides to meditate in the Force. She then feels a breeze which causes a brown Jedi book to drop. While reading the book, Rey smiles.

Meanwhile, Poe tells Rose and Chewbacca that they have to prepare for Chewbacca's dinner. Rey then comes with the brown Jedi book and reads a passage telling her to visit the temple on Kordoku on Life Day where a key to the galaxy's past will help make a Jedi's future clearer. BB-8 beeps while Rose realizes this is not a tip-yip recipe. Chewbacca roars in frustration. When Finn asks what that means, Rey believes that she must go to Kordoku in order to help them with Finn's training. Finn thinks that Rey as a Jedi Master should take a break.

Rey says that she has to go now because today is Life Day to the dismay of the others. Rey suggests that one of them could do the tip-yip but Finn reminds her that it is about family. Poe quips that it is about the tip-yip until Rose punches him playfully. Rey promises not to miss the party while BB-8 decides to leave. D-O pleads with BB-8 not to leave but he follows Rey. D-O is lonely while Poe experiences an allergic reaction caused by the Wookiee fur and tree pollen on Kashyyyk. Dameron says that Generals don't cry and Rose adds that they lead. Poe decides to throw the greatest Life Day party in the history of the galaxy and tells them to decorate while he handles the tip-yip. Poe admits that he does not know how to roast tip-yip but dons his chef's cap.

Journey to Kordoku[]

Outside, Rey prepares to depart on her T-65 X-wing starfighter. Finn pleads with her not to leave, saying that he knows he can become a Jedi. Rey says she has to go for his sake. Rey travels to the planet Kordoku with BB-8 but has trouble finding the temple amidst the colored clouds. Rey finds that the X-wing is flying towards a mountain and tells BB-8 to pull up, narrowly escaping a collision. She finds that the temple is within a mountain with three peaks. The snow-capped mountain is surrounded by snow and a snowy forest.

Rey lands her X-wing and approaches the entrance to the temple, a narrow way through rock-face. Above, the aurora borealis glows over the mountain temple. Rey is impressed by the architecture. BB-8 follows but is covered by snow. Rey brushes aside snow covering a circular doorway and uses the Force to summon a blue-green crystal, which she believes to be the key to the galaxy's past but wonders what it opens.

Adventures in time[]

As she holds the artifact and ponders about what it unlocks, the door begins revolving, opening a portal through space. When Rey puts down the crystal, the door closes. Rey turns the crystal, reopening the portal into a Force gateway. Rey is sucked into the Force gateway and lands in the swamps of Dagobah. There she witnesses a younger Luke Skywalker training under Yoda's tutelage while R2-D2 watches.

As part of the training, Luke has to stand upside down while he levitates Yoda and several tools. Yoda tells Luke to concentrate. Rey realizes that they have traveled back in time to when Luke was training on Dagobah under Yoda's tutelage. Rey is excited that she might learn some profound Jedi wisdom. Luke grumbles that the blood is starting to rush to his head but Yoda tells him to concentrate. Just then R2-D2 starts beeping and Luke loses his concentration.

Rey believes she can learn something from this. Luke attempts to use the Force to lift his X-wing starfighter out of the swamps of Dagobah. Yoda tells him that there is no try. When Luke suggests that trying is a good thing, Yoda responds that participation trophies are not for Jedi. Luke tries to lift his X-wing out of the swamp but fails. Just then, BB-8 is grabbed by a swamp slug. As she struggles, Rey touches the crystal which opens the portal.

The portal takes them back to the Kordoku temple. Rey realizes that the crystal is a key to the galaxy's past that helps makes a Jedi's future clearer. Rey thinks she can train Finn by travelling back in time to watch other Jedi Masters train their students. Rey convinces a reluctant BB-8 to follow her aboard the Trade Federation battleship Saak'ak where Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi are waiting to meet the Trade Federation for negotiations during the Naboo trade dispute. Kenobi is bored but Master Jinn tells him that Jedi do not seek adventures. Just then, the Trade Federation floods the meeting room with gas. Kenobi yearns for adventure and the two ignite their lightsabers.

Rey and BB-8 then travel in time to Coruscant following the assassination attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala. The two end up above the turbolift carrying an older Master Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker. Kenobi senses that Anakin is eager to see Padmé but he reminds him that they are on a mission. Kenobi tells Skywalker that he must be completely aware of his surroundings. Rey is excited to see the older Jedi. BB-8 tries to warn her not to let them see her but the two are noticed by Kenobi and Skywalker, who ignite their lightsabers. Rey says hi before turning the crystal and opening the portal.

Later, Rebel Alliance X-wings launch their attack on the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. As Luke and R2-D2 fly their starfighter through the Death Star trench, Rey and BB-8 land in the cockpit, interrupting Luke as he is trying to aim his starfighter's cannon at the reactor shaft. Skywalker hears the Force spirit of Kenobi telling him to use the Force. Luke pushes Rey out of the way as he tries to find his targeting computer. Just then, Darth Vader strikes R2-D2 with a laser blast from his TIE Advanced x1.

Kenobi implores Luke to use the Force. Rey tells Skywalker to listen to his master. Meanwhile Han Solo shoots Vader's escort TIE fighters and damages Vader's TIE Advanced, causing it to spin out of control. Solo tells Skywalker to blow up the Death Star and go home. After firing a missile down the reactor shaft, Skywalker jets his starfighter out of the Death Star. The Death Star explodes. Before Skywalker can thank Rey, she travels back in time. Solo hears that over the intercom and tells Skywalker he is welcome, believing that Skywalker was referring to him. Returning to the present, Rey tells BB-8 that they helped Skywalker blow up the Death Star. Rey is excited and says this is their best Life Day ever.

A messy preparation[]

Back aboard the Millennium Falcon, Poe and his team prepare decorations and lights with the help of the porgs. However, the porgs let go of one of the cables, which crashes into the ice GNK-series power droid. Rose realizes that they still need a tree and sends Chewbacca to fetch one while she and Finn clean the mess. When Finn remarks that Rey said that they would not notice if she was gone, he says he noticed. Meanwhile, Poe roasts a piece of tip-yip meat over the exhaust engines of the Falcon. Rose is horrified by Poe's recklessness. The tip-yip meat is scorched and only extinguished by D-O. Just then, Chewbacca and the porgs fell a tree, which lands on the hull of the Falcon.

Stepping into peril[]

Meanwhile, on Kordoku, Rey is excited by her adventures of encountering previous Jedi Masters. BB-8 wants to go home but Rey insists on seeing one more master and apprentice for Finn. Yoda warns that even though she did not know it, her quest was fraught with peril. Aboard the second Death Star, Emperor Palpatine gloats over his trap for the Alliance Fleet above Endor. He tells Darth Vader that the rebels will discover too late that the second Death Star is fully operational and boasts of their impending destruction. Palpatine wants to rule the galaxy for eternity.

Vader disagrees and opines that "Death Star Two" feels derivative. He suggests Starkiller Base but the Emperor disagrees. Just as Rey and BB-8 enter through the time portal, Vader reminds the Emperor that today is Life Day. He gives the Emperor a mug saying "Galaxy's Best Emperor" as a gift. The Emperor is dismissive of the gift and hurls the mug aside, causing it to bounce off BB-8. Rey says this is not what she had in mind. She and BB-8 activate the portal and leave the second Death Star. However, the Emperor and Vader see the portal.

The Emperor hurls the mug through the portal, prompting Vader to complain that he had to search hard for it on Batuu. However, the Emperor is more interested in the source of the portal and sends Lord Vader through the portal to investigate. Before Rey and BB-8 can go home, they are followed by Darth Vader who ignites his lightsaber.

Meanwhile, Poe and the others have finished decorating the Millennium Falcon in preparation for Chewbacca's family. Poe is excited and starts to enjoy the music. Shortly later, three Wookiees arrive. The two younger Wookiees go for the food while an older grey Wookiee attempts to eat a porg but is stopped by Chewbacca. The grey Wookiee defrosts a frozen First Order BB-series astromech droid. Rose is concerned that the party is deteriorating and Finn adds that Poe might lose arms. Poe asks who is up for party games but this doesn't work. Rose and Finn decide to send out a distress signal.

Misadventures with Lord Vader[]

Back on Kordoku, Vader uses the Force to snatch the green crystal key out of Rey's hands. While the Sith Lord tries to figure out what the device is, Rey charges at him with her lightsaber. Vader uses the Force to bring down rocks, separating them. Rey however uses her Force powers to cast the rocks aside. She hurls the rocks at him but Vader deflects them with the Force and his lightsaber. He asks if she is a Jedi and Rey confirms this is so.

The two fight over the green crystal key, causing the key to open a portal sucking them inside. BB-8 is left behind. Rey and Lord Vader emerge at Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth. As the two parry, Lord Vader is impressed by Rey and says that almost feels bad about having to destroy her. Before he can finish her, the command center is struck by a laser cannon. The past Lord Vader walks into the base with a contingent of Cold weather assault stormtrooper.

The past Lord Vader and his troops encounter the future Lord Vader. One of the snow troopers is confused, causing the past Lord Vader to Force choke him. The past Lord Vader orders the troops to seize the base but the future Lord Vader tells them to seize the girl. The past Lord Vader exerts his authority, prompting a lightsaber duel between the two Vaders. The two Lord Vaders size up their Force powers before realizing they are the same person. Both Vaders order their snowtroopers to destroy Rey. She manages to activate the portal and escape. The future Lord Vader and two snowtroopers follow. The past Lord Vader orders his troops to continue with their mission to seize the rebel base.

On Mustafar, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the fallen Anakin Skywalker, who has become Darth Vader, are dueling on platforms above the molten lake. The two snowtroopers land on a floating platform while Rey and the future Darth Vader land on separate ones and parry. One of the snowtroopers passes the green kyber crystal, which Rey dropped, to Lord Vader but Rey snatches it in mid-air with the Force. Rey, the future Vader, the snow troopers, Kenobi, and Anakin slide down the time portal as the lava flows down a valley.

On Nevarro, Din Djarin and Grogu shelter behind a wall as Moff Gideon's stormtroopers and Death troopers converge on them. Rey, the future Darth Vader, Kenobi, Anakin, and the two snow troopers fall through a portal. Spotting Grogu, Rey and Vader say he is so cute. They open a portal in the ground, taking some stormtroopers and Death troopers with them.

On Tatooine, nine-year old Anakin Skywalker races against Sebulba in podracers during the Boonta Eve Classic. Just then, the portal opens and a snowtrooper and two stormtroopers land on Sebulba's Podracer. Rey and Darth Vader land on opposite sides of the engines of Anakin's podracer. One of the snowtroopers lands in the desert while the older Anakin and Kenobi land beside the younger Anakin. Fodesinbeed Annodue says that whichever end of the universe they came from, the fall must hurt. The crystal is caught between the force field generated by Sebulba's engines, causing it to suck everyone but the stranded snowtrooper into the time portal.

On Saleucami, two clone troopers on BARC speeders complain about traffic duty and quip about thinking like the same person. Just then, the portal opens and Anakin and Sebula's podracers race past. The two clone troopers realize they don't see podracers everyday, voicing their excitement over the racers' sudden appearance in unison. They race after the podracers, sirens blaring. As Rey and Lord Vader fight, the clones catch up with them and tell them to pull over. The motion generated by Sebulba's podracer engines triggers the crystal key, which sucks everyone onto the planet Exegol.

Rey attempts to summon the crystal but it generates a portal on the hull of an Xyston-class Star Destroyer, sucking everyone include a group of First Order stormtroopers in with them. While falling through the portal, Rey and Lord Vader continue their duel, rapidly entering and exiting a large number of portals, gathering more and more people with them. On Tatooine, an adolescent Luke Skywalker watches the twin suns of Tatooine setting over the Lars homestead while drinking blue milk. The portal opens, dumping everyone on the desert.

As everyone gathers, three different versions of Obi-Wan Kenobi each greet each other. A legless Darth Maul clears his throat. Other people include both an older and younger Han Solo, Greedo, and numerous clone troopers, stormtroopers, First Order jet troopers and Sith troopers, among other combatants of the struggle between light and dark throughout galactic history. The two Solos agree to shoot Greedo first, and a battle commences between the forces of light and dark.

Rey and Lord Vader continue their fight. Lord Vader remarks that someone has trained her well. Rey remarks that he has no idea who. Just then, Luke Skywalker asks who are they. Rey recognizes him as a younger Master Skywalker while Darth Vader recognizes his son but pretends to be referring to the twin suns of Tatooine. Luke notices the green crystal key and asks what it is. When Rey and Vader charge after him, he tells them it is a private farm. The two tackle Skywalker and the three of them get sucked through a portal.

In Sith hands[]

Back on Kordoku, BB-8 is playing with his igniter when the green crystal drops, followed by Rey, Vader, and the younger Luke Skywalker. Rey asks where is the key. BB-8 retrieves the key and tries to roll away. However, Lord Vader uses the Force to hurl BB-8 aside and retrieve the green crystal. He activates the portal and departs with the mug. Rey tries to follow him but the portal closes. Rey says this is the worst Life Day ever while Luke drinks blue milk.

At the second Death Star, the Emperor spins in his chair when Lord Vader returns with the green crystal key. Vader explains that this is a key that allows them to travel through space and time. He says that he has witnessed its awesome power and believes they can use it to rule the galaxy. The Emperor however wants to go to the future where the Jedi are destroyed, the Rebellion is crushed and they reign supreme. The Emperor decides to go thirty years into the future.

In the future, the now Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is fiddling about shirtless in his chambers when General Armitage Hux stumbles on him. Hux informs him that they have send ships to head to the pectoral locations. Hux stutters before withdrawing. The Emperor grumbles about Kylo Ren being the Supreme Leader but their voices are heard by Kylo Ren, who is excited to see his grandfather and the Emperor. The Emperor tells Ren they came through a Life Day 'miracle." Kylo Ren is excited to see his hero but Lord Vader is unnerved by his fan art. Kylo Ren tells his guests that he just made himself Supreme Leader but the Emperor wants to know if he actually rules the galaxy in the future. Kylo Ren decides to update his guests about history but the Emperor tells him to put a shirt on.

Back on Kordoku, Luke Skywalker asks where they are and who Rey is. Rey explains that she is just the Jedi Master who let Darth Vader on the loose to who knows where or when. As Rey attends to BB-8, Skywalker says that he is only a moisture farmer and has no idea who Darth Vader is but is an expert on vaporators. Seeing BB-8 damaged, Luke offers to help repair BB-8, restoring the droid. Rey is impressed with Luke's mechanical skills while Luke is curious about the spherical droid and takes an immediate liking to him.

Back in the future, the Emperor learns the truth about his betrayal and death at the hands of Lord Vader during the Battle of Endor from Kylo Ren. The Emperor asks Ren for his lightsaber and toys with his cross-guard blade. The Emperor is impressed and asks Kylo Ren if he has a mask. Ren replies that he broke it, showing his Sith guests the altar where it rests. The Emperor uses the Force to repair Kylo Ren's helmet. Vader is impressed but the Emperor asks Kylo Ren if he would betray his master under any circumstances. This causes Ren to call his role in the murder of the previous Supreme Leader Snoke. Kylo Ren lies that he would not throw his master down a reactor shaft. The Emperor activates the time portal with the crystal and invites Kylo Ren to change their destiny.

Saving the party[]

Meanwhile, Chewbacca's hungry and bored family wait aboard the Millennium Falcon. Chewbacca chides his grey-furred relative for swallowing a porg. Poe notices Finn and Rose are smiling and asks why they are enjoying the biggest disaster since Jar Jar Binks' Galactic Senate speech. Rose points out that she has invited Max Rebo to set up a drum. Poe asks why they invited Max since nobody has listened to him in thirty years. Poe asks where is the rest of the band and thinks this won't work.

At that point, they are interrupted by Lando Calrissian, who praises Poe and his team's effort. He is accompanied by Jannah and Maz Kanata, who is delighted to see her boyfriend Chewbacca. Poe asks what is going on. Rose says that Life Day is about being with friends and family. Finn adds the more the merrier. They are joined by several Jawa, Rodian, and an Ewok. When Poe asks if they had a plan to feed them, Rose gestures towards Zorii Bliss, who has brought several pieces of tip-yip.

A Mon Calamari gifts Lando Calrissian a present, which turns out to be a blue cape. While Max Rebo plays his drums, Finn and Rose sing a festive song in Huttese, which cheers up everyone but Poe. Rose senses Poe's despondency and asks what is wrong. Poe replies joy.

The Emperor's new apprentice[]

Aboard the second Death Star, the Emperor and Kylo Ren regale about the Death Stars and Starkiller Base. They are interrupted by Vader, whose presence the Emperor does not welcome. The Emperor sends Darth Vader to fetch Luke Skywalker from the Forest Moon of Endor. Vader grumpily complies before leaving. In Vader's absence, Ren warns the Emperor that sending Vader to fetch Skywalker will lead to the exact chain of events which ends up with Vader hurling the Emperor down a reactor shaft. Kylo Ren warns there is no coming back from that and asks the Emperor if he is worried about his apprentice betraying him. The Emperor dismisses Darth Vader as his former apprentice.

Rey's lesson[]

Back at the Kordoku, Rey regrets her recklessness. Yoda speaks to her and materializes in spectral form. Rey tells Yoda that she failed to teach Finn and to stop Darth Vader and find a way out of here. Yoda responds that all teachers fail and says that he erred in teaching Luke on Dagobah. Rey says that is different but Yoda reassures her that she can learn from failure to be a better student or better teacher. Yoda tells her that he will show her what she failed to see before showing her a Force vision of her friends celebrating Life Day aboard the Millennium Falcon.

As Rey watches, a Christmas tree topples but Finn uses his wooden blade to prevent it from crashing to the ground. When Rose asks where he learned that, Finn replies that Rey taught him to be mindful of his surroundings. Yoda reassures her that Finn is wise. Rey disagrees and says that she has studied and memorized the Jedi texts. Rey realizes that by focusing too much on the books, she hurt Finn's feelings and forgot about him. Yoda says a Jedi needs knowledge and training but that these are useless without connection. Yoda shows Rey visions of various Jedi masters with their students including Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin, Yoda, and Luke. Rey realizes that these masters and students shared a friendship.

Yoda asks if Rey understands. Rey says yes and he wishes her a happy Life Day. Before Yoda leaves, Rey asks him what she should do about Vader and the Emperor. Yoda replies that showed her all she needed to know and tells her that she had the power all along before disappearing.

Luke asks if she managed to find the key but Rey says no. Luke asks if that was what Yoda meant when he said that she had all the power all along. Rey realizes that Luke saw the vision and thanks him for teaching her something. Rey meditates and uses the Force to light up the other crystals in the cave. Holding Luke's hand, she commands the crystals to circle around them. Together with Luke and BB-8, they enter a portal created by the many crystals.

Connection and letting go[]

Back on the second Death Star, the Emperor asks if Kylo Ren understands the plan. Ren stops spinning on the Emperor's throne and says that when Vader returns with Luke Skywalker, he will chuck them down the reactor shaft. The Emperor is pleased and vows to rule the galaxy with Ren at his side. Ren however is unsure but the Emperor displays a hologram chart showing that the Emperor is clearly above the Supreme Leader.

Ren is willing to throw Skywalker down a reactor shaft but is not keen on throwing his grandfather down too. The Emperor warns Kylo Ren not to get cold feet. Just then, a time portal appears and Rey exits. As she enters the Emperor's Throne Room, Rey calls out to Kylo Ren through his original name Ben Solo. Confused, the Emperor asks Ren who Ben is. Ren rejects his former identity and says he is Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. The younger Luke Skywalker then exits the portal, and his presence enrages his nephew. The Emperor orders Ren to destroy them.

Rey and Kylo Ren engage in a lightsaber duel. Ren gains the upper hand and hurls Rey against a wall. The Emperor cheers. Luke yells that no one hurts his friend and hurls a carton of blue milk at Kylo Ren. Ren uses the Force to intercept the contents and hurl it back at Skywalker. The Emperor orders Ren to destroy Skywalker. Before he can do so, BB-8 blocks his path long enough for Rey to intercept his blade with her lightsaber. The Emperor orders Ren to also kill Rey and Darth Vader as well.

Just then, Lord Vader arrives with the older Luke Skywalker. Ren is surprised to see his uncle. Vader asks the Emperor what he meant by destroy Vader too. The Emperor is caught off-guard and Rey takes the opportunity to throw Kylo Ren into Vader. Rey enlists the older Luke Skywalker's help. The Emperor convinces Vader and Kylo Ren to join him in the fight against Rey and Skywalker. A lightsaber battle ensures with Kylo Ren fighting Luke and Rey fighting Darth Vader.

Kylo Ren tells Skywalker that he has always hated him but the older Skywalker says that he has never met him before. The Emperor unleashes Force lightning. Rey charges at him but is intercepted by Kylo Ren. To Rey's surprise, Ren deactivates his lightsaber, offers his hand and invites her to rule the galaxy with him. While the Emperor is briefly distracted by Ren and Rey's interaction, BB-8 takes the key from his hands. Ren attempts to use the Force to get the key from BB-8, but it fly passes him to Rey. A saddened Rey looks at Kylo Ren and calls him Ben again, as she says goodbye to him while using the key to send him back to his ship. Ren's helmet shatters and he throws a tantrum by destroying his room with his lightsaber. A horrified General Hux sneaks out of the room.

Back aboard the Emperor's Throne Room, the Emperor attacks the older Luke Skywalker with Force lightning, weakening him. The Emperor then unleashes Force lightning on Darth Vader, crippling him. The Emperor invites Rey to join him as his newest apprentice. Rey rejects his offer, telling him that he has failed before and will fail again. She says that good will always triumph over evil. The Emperor attacks her with Force lightning and threatens to destroy both Skywalkers, Ren, and Vader if she does not join him.

Vowing to rule the galaxy by himself, the Emperor summons the blue-green crystal and attempts to summon the time portal. Rey stops him. The Emperor dismisses her as pathetic and asks if she can think to defeat him alone. Rey responds that she is not alone. The older Luke Skywalker comes to Rey's aid and uses the Force to levitate the green crystal. Rey asks Luke if she remembers his first Force lesson to "let go." Luke lets go, causing the crystal to slam into the Emperor and Vader who crash into the Emperor's throne.

With the Sith distracted, Rey departs with the younger Luke and BB-8. She tells the older Luke that she is putting his younger self back where he belongs. The older Luke stays behind and watches as Lord Vader flings the Emperor down the reactor shaft, telling him that he has had enough taking orders from him. He also throws the Emperor's mug down, wishing him a "happy Life Day." As the Emperor plummets to his death, he realizes that he was so mean and decides to change his ways. Distracted, he hits the reactor shaft and is lost to the abyss.

Celebration of life[]

Rey takes the younger Luke Skywalker back to Tatooine. She tells BB-8 that he will be fine because he is one tough Jedi even though he does not know it yet. Rey then takes the various combatants back to their time zones before returning to the Jedi Temple on Kordoku.

Back at the Millennium Falcon, Poe and the others celebrate. Rey arrives and is delighted that she made it back in time. BB-8 tells an incredulous C-3PO about his encounters with numerous Master Skywalkers. Rey tells Finn that she found that what she was looking for was right here before hugging him. Poe invites Finn to cut up the tip-yip but Rey gives Finn the honors of doing so. Finn ignites his lightsaber and Rey says she is ready to train him. Attempting to focus on let go, Finn cuts the table in half by mistake but Rey says that they will work on that together. Just then, it begins snowing on Kashyyyk. Everyone rushes out to enjoy the snow. One of the Wookiees hurls BB-8. Poe and Zorii also spend a tender moment together. Rey sees the Force spirits of Luke and Leia Skywalker. Yoda ends the story by saying that Life Day is a time for family and friends before wishing the viewer a happy Life Day.



"It was completely anathema to talk about doing a holiday special within the halls of Lucasfilm for years, but the truth is, it's part of our tapestry. It's part of our story. And fans have embraced it in a kind of ironic, fun way. And we're not doing THE Holiday Special. It's more honoring the elements of that holiday special that have lingered with the franchise. The truth is, Life Day is now in The Mandalorian. Life Day is celebrated at [Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge]. So, it's part of our DNA and it was something to look back to."
―James Waugh, vice president, franchise content and strategy at Lucasfilm[src]

Never officially released by Lucasfilm Ltd. after its one-time airing on television in 1978, The Star Wars Holiday Special, albeit widely maligned, introduced elements such as Life Day that lingers with the Star Wars franchise and are included in canon.[6] In late 2019, Jon Favreau expressed his interest in making another Holiday Special, musing that he could pitch the idea for a release on the new Disney+ streaming platform,[7] having included a reference to Life Day in the first episode of The Mandalorian.[8] Eventually, Lucasfilm found itself talking about holiday specials, and the heritage of coming together and watching holiday specials every year, as well as how beloved and timeless such things are. The company was in the talks of creating a new one when LEGO Star Wars sought new creative approaches on Disney+, and, seeing that the LEGO Star Wars galaxy allowed stories to have a playful tone that would connect with families, a LEGO Star Wars special came into the making.[6]

The LEGO Star Wars production is a holiday film.

The creative team on the special took inspiration from their own favorite holiday classics, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, as well as by observing how children played with LEGO Star Wars. Finding that children made use of all elements of the franchise, mixing LEGO from different Star Wars time periods, James Waugh and Josh Rimes—vice president managing franchise content and strategy and director of animation development at Lucasfilm, respectively—discussed how a story could be crafted that allowed for such integration. The goal for the holiday special thus became to bring over 40 years of Star Wars together, and a 'bucket dump' moment was envisioned for it. Waugh and Rimes hope The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special would be timeless[6] despite the current age of nonstop content,[9] becoming a tradition celebrated alongside Rudolph and Frosty for people who love Star Wars, LEGO, and holiday specials.[6]


"I can't wait for everyone to see this on 11/17! One of the most fun @starwars projects I've ever worked on in sound."
―David W. Collins[src]

Produced by Atomic Cartoons, the LEGO special is directed by Ken Cunningham and executive-produced by Jason Cosler, Jacqui Lopez, Keith Malone, Josh Rimes, James Waugh, Jill Wilfert, and David Shayne, the latter of whom served as the film's writer.[1] Using mainly LEGO CGI assets, the special stars voice talents from performers who worked on Star Wars films and television series, including Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, James Arnold Taylor, Tom Kane, and Kelly Marie Tran.[6] Along with Matthew Wood, David W. Collins worked on the sound for the holiday special at Skywalker Sound. The Keeper of the Holocron, Leland Chee, also composed the lyrics to the song "Joh Blastoh,"[2] a contribution which he stated might end up being the personal highlight of his career.[10] Chee later changed his Twitter header image to that of Finn preparing to sing on the Holiday Special, and his Twitter account status to "Huttese songwriter".[11]

The 2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar was designed in concert with the development and production of the show,[1] the two influencing each other. The figures and trinklets included in the product directly takes from the Holiday Special.[6]


"I want it to be timeless. That was always our hope. 'Let's try to make something that is as timeless and everlasting as those holiday specials we love.' LEGO and Star Wars mean a lot to people's lives. They mean a lot to my life. They've been woven into my life with my son. And so, hopefully, this becomes something like all those classic specials that people who love Star Wars, people who love LEGO, people who just enjoy holiday specials will sit down and watch every year. And it becomes part of their lives."
―James Waugh[src]

Unveiled on August 13, 2020, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special debuted on Disney+ on November 17 of the same year, exactly forty-two years after the original Holiday Special.[1] Clips of the special were advertised by the Disney+ Twitter account in a post made on November 1, 2020,[12] and an official trailer of the LEGO film was later posted by the Star Wars YouTube channel on November 5. The trailer uses music from The Nutcracker's "Russian Dance," which was composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.[5]

The Holiday Special's score, composed by Michael Kramer, expands on John Williams' friendship motif that featured in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, developing it as the leitmotif for Life Day.

On December 9, 2020, the Star Wars YouTube channel launched a LEGO Star Wars Holiday Contest based on the film in coordination with Star Wars: Force for Change, robotics builders club FIRST, and the LEGO Group. The promotional video featured Kelly Marie Tran, who had played Rose Tico in the Sequel trilogy.[13]


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