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"The charmingly irreverent animated feature will reunite some of our favourite sequel trilogy characters, including Rey, Finn, and of course Wookiee of the year Chewbacca, to help us all find the true meaning of the holiday spirit."
Kristin Baver announcing the Holiday Special[src]

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is an upcoming LEGO film set to debut on Disney+ on November 17, 2020. The special, produced by Atomic Cartoons, the LEGO Group, and Lucasfilm Ltd., was inspired by the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.[1]

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, chronologically placed after the events of Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker,[1] which took place in 35 ABY,[2] follows the Jedi Rey as she journeys with BB-8 to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force, leaving their friends aboard the Millennium Falcon to prepare for the Wookiee festival of Life Day. However, Rey's course deviates from traveling to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk as she is hurled into an adventure across time at a Jedi temple, meeting various figures of galactic history.[1]

The LEGO special is directed by Ken Cunningham and executive-produced by Jason Cosler, Jacqui Lopez, Keith Malone, Josh Rimes, James Waugh, Jill Wilfert, and David Shayne, the latter of whom served as the film's writer.[1]

The 2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar was designed in concert with the development and production of the show.[1]


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