The Last Command 5 is the fifth issue in the The Last Command series of comics based on the novel The Last Command. It was released April 29, 1998.

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We're getting closer to a final resolution in the standoff between Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces and the heroes of the New Republic. Feints and counter-feints abound as Thrawn attempts to outguess the New Republic's Bilbringi attack strategy. Meanwhile, Jedi Master C'baoth is confident that he will end up the biggest winner in this battle…


Padmé's first appearance as a painting

A painting in one of the scenes at the Imperial Palace shows Padmé Amidala. At the time the Thrawn Trilogy comics were coming out, the decision had just been made to cast Natalie Portman as the future mother of Luke and Leia. The author of the comics then decided, as a reference, to place her likeness in the background. Although this clashes to some extent with the eventual revelation that Leia never knew her mother, this comic nonetheless was the first in-universe appearance of Padmé.


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