The Last of the Jedi: A Tangled Web by Jude Watson is the fifth book in Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi series of young reader novels. It was published in July 2006 by Scholastic. The cover art was done by John Van Fleet.

In this novel, Ferus Olin is called by Emperor Palpatine. The former Chancellor gave Ferus clemency and requested that he help him with a matter on a planet. Ferus at first refused, but then was trapped into accepting the offer. The Emperor's request led to an exciting and dangerous adventure along with his friends, the Erased and Trever.

Publisher's summary[]

Who Are the Last of the Jedi?

Since evil Emperor Palpatine destroyed the Jedi Knights and seized power, his reign has been absolute. He controls the Senate. He controls the Imperial Army. He controls the galaxy. He is a Sith.

And now, for mysterious reasons, he wants to control Ferus Olin, ex-Padawan.

Ferus does not want to aid the Empire in any way. But when the Emperor threatens the lives of the people closest to him, Ferus doesn't have a choice. He agrees to go on a secret mission for Palpatine—to become a double-agent—and somehow keep his allegiance to the fallen Jedi Order.

Can he succeed? Or are the Emperor and his henchman Darth Vader too powerful to overcome?

The thrilling new series from The New York Times bestselling author of Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest.

Plot summary[]

After receiving a summons from Emperor Palpatine, Ferus Olin discovers that Roan Lands and Dona Telamark, two people from his past on Bellassa are being held for trial. If Ferus agrees to help find the saboteur who is disrupting the computer system in the city of Sath on Samaria, then Palpatine will offer clemency to Ferus' two friends. Ferus has no choice but to agree. He heads to Samaria, after secretly telling his friends, the Erased, Trever Flume, and Clive Flax, what he has to do.

While Ferus tries to find the saboteur, Solace, Trever, and Oryon attempt to rescue Dona and Roan, so Ferus doesn't have to follow the Emperor's orders. Clive, a client of Olin and Lands goes with Ferus, while Keets Freely and Curran Caladian stay with Dexter Jettster. Eventually with Keets and Curran's help, Solace's group rescue Roan and Dona.

Ferus finds the saboteur and discovers that it is Astri Oddo along with her son, Lune Divinian. She says that she was hired by the Aaren Larker, the prime minister of Samaria. Ferus hears someone on the roof, and finds out that Darth Vader was doing a door-to-door check. After being reunited with Solace, Trever, Oryon, Dona, and Roan, they all head towards Solace's ship, which was stolen from the Galactic Empire. Ferus stays, however, to become a double-agent against the Empire.

Back on Coruscant, Keets and Curran were captured because they broke into a Senator's office. Later they managed to escape, using a gun that Dex's droid had brought them.


On page 3, Ilum is mispelled as "Illum".


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