The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo is the fourth book in The Last of the Jedi series of young reader novels. It was published in April 2006 by Scholastic.

Publisher's summary[]

Who Are the Last of the Jedi?

Ex-Jedi Ferus Olin has been imprisoned by the Empire. His crime? Trying to save the Jedi Order.

The sinister Empire won't be able to hold Ferus for long—not when he has a friend on the inside. But escaping is only part of the problem. Ferus's quest is going to take him to the planet of Naboo, where a secret vital to the survival of the Jedi and the entire galaxy is being kept…and is in danger of being revealed.

In order to keep this secret, Ferus will have to face the ruthless Inquisitor Malorum. A battle will be fought—and lives will be lost.

Who will die on Naboo?

The thrilling new series from The New York Times bestselling author of Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest.

Plot summary[]

From the moment he was thrown in Dontamo Prison, Ferus Olin looked for an escape. After a few run-ins with Prisoner 677780 he met his old friend, Clive Flax, who had already formulated an escape plan. On the day they were to escape, Ferus was taken by Stormtroopers to the execution chamber. He was able to tamper with a droid there to administer the lethal injection. While the Stormtroopers were distracted he used the force to subdue them all. He ran out of the building to find Clive Flax already in the midst of an escape attempt. They jumped on a supply freighter and fought off several guards and Stormtroopers. They were able to take off but were pursued by several imperial fighters.

Meanwhile, the Jedi Fy-Tor-Ana, known at the time as Solace, was returning from a mission with Trever Flume. They came upon their base in the underground seas of Coruscant to find her people and the Erased fighting with imperials. Although they fought bravely, most of her allies died and their base was destroyed. Solace escaped with Trever and a few other survivors. They went to Dexter Jettster secret hide-out where they discovered Ferus Olin's location. Knowing that he was slated for execution, they hurried to the prison in an ARC-77 and a two-seated Jedi starfighter. When the entered the system, they saw a freighter about to be shot down by the Imperials. Through the force, Solace knew that it was Ferus' and they were able to defend him and make their escape. Afterwards, Ferus found out that Inquisitor Malorum was on Naboo. Having been tasked by Obi-Wan Kenobi to prevent anyone from finding out a secret about the late Padmé Amidala, Ferus quickly went to Naboo and his friends came with him.

On Naboo, they talked to Queen Apailana who assisted them in tracking down Malorum. Malorum, after much frustration had tracked down Amidala's maternal grandmother, Ryoo Thule. From her reaction to his questions he was able to deduce that she believed Amidala's child was alive. With that secret he left her for dead. Ferus reached her house just before she died. With her dying breath she told him that Malorum knew a secret about Amidala. After a brief fight with Malorum and some other Imperials, Ferus enlisted the help of Boss Rugor Nass and Queen Apailana.

Ferus, Solace and their friends joined Gungan warriors in a surprise attack on the imperial barracks attached to the Theed Hangar. While Solace lead the forces, Ferus broke off and found Malorum. They proceeded to have a lightsaber duel and Ferus realized that they were dueling in the exact location Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn dueled with Darth Maul. After a furious battle that lead to the catwalks in the power core, Ferus saw an opening in his opponent. He elbowed Malorum in the face and knocked his lightsaber out of his hands. Malorum jumped of a catwalk and attempted to call the lightsaber back to him and land on another catwalk using the force. But, because he only had basic Force training, he strained too hard and lost control of the Force. He and his lightsaber fell into the abyss.

Solace and the Gungans joined up with Captain Gregar Typho's forces and routed the imperial battalion. In order to prevent Imperial retaliation, Ferus and Clive detonated an illegal imperial explosives cache (which included Baradium). The explosion took out the Imperial headquarters, the Theed hanger. When the Imperial military came to investigate, they engineered a coverup so that the Senate would not know that they were keeping explosive stores on a world illegally.

After regrouping in the Rainbow Nebulae, Ferus, Trever, Solace, Clive, Oryon, Keets Freely, and Curran Caladian all agreed to come back to Ferus's jedi asteroid. But just before they left, Ferus received a message on his comlink from Emperor Palpatine himself. He offered Ferus amnesty and safe passage to meet with him on Coruscant.


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