Reckoning is the tenth and final book in Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi series of young reader novels.

Publisher's summary[]

When Ferus Olin was a young Jedi apprentice, his rival was a headstrong student named Anakin Skywalker.

Now Ferus is older, trying to save the Jedi Order from extinction. His enemy, however, remains the same. Because Anakin Skywalker is now Darth Vader…and Darth Vader wants Ferus Olin destroyed.

This is their final encounter.

The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

The thrilling series from The New York Times bestselling author of Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest.

Plot summary[]


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Ferus Olin has found out that his old rival Anakin Skywalker is now Darth Vader. With hatred for what he did to his partner and best friend Roan Lands, Ferus plans to end Vader, once and for all. Darth Vader plans the same fate for Olin. He finds out that Jenna Zan Arbor has lost her memory, and cannot give Vader the drug he needs to dump Padmé out of his life forever. He thinks Ferus is behind this and plans to kill him no matter what his master Darth Sidious says.

Meanwhile Clive Flax and Astri Oddo have found out that Flame, their loyal and trustworthy friend has been a spy for the Empire all along. They contact Ferus and tell him this. Being under the influence of the Sith holocron he tells them to terminate her. A few minutes later he comes to his senses and tells them to dump her on the planet, turn heel, and leave.

Ferus then goes to the Jedi Temple and finds Vader there. The two started dueling each other. While they are fighting Ferus tells Vader that he knows who he is and that he knows how he secretly married Padmé, then supposedly killed her. Vader roars in anger and comes at Ferus with everything he's got. Ferus realizes that this isn't the way to bring Vader down. He destroys the Holocron and becomes his old Jedi self again. Vader takes advantage of this movement and chokes Ferus until he passes out. Thinking he has killed him Vader returns to his Star Destroyer.

Ferus' friend Trever Flume finds and rescues him. Meanwhile Toma tells Raina that he has handed Acherin to the Empire so he can be king of it. The two of them get into a gun battle in which they both die. Back on his star destroyer Darth Vader destroys the asteroid. Since they were on it Solace, Ry-Gaul, Garen Muln, and Oryon all die. Only Lune survives.

After a tearful goodbye to Ferus, Trever gets his memory wiped so he won't be in danger of the Empire. Astri and Clive (Who are now a couple) raise Trever and Lune on a beach house far away from the Empire. Ferus then goes to Alderaan after accepting a mission to look after Leia from Obi-Wan, who is currently looking after Luke Skywalker. Leia would never know Ferus, but he would always be there.


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