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The Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon is a Star Wars Legends junior novel written by Jude Watson. It is the seventh installment of the series Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi, and it was first published on April 1, 2007 by Scholastic.

Publisher's summary[]

On the planet Belassa, parts of a secret new weapon are being built by the Empire. Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin are present to make sure the secret stays a secret — and they are joined by none other than the former Jedi apprentice and Rebel leader Ferus Olin.

But is Ferus Olin really on their side? Or is he a double agent, trying to save his planet and steal the Empire's plans? Ferus must guard the secret of his own allegiance… or become yet another victim consumed by the dark side.

The thrilling new series from the New York Times bestselling author of Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest.

Plot summary[]

Ferus Olin is trapped! He must keep his position of a double agent, but who can believe he is on the good side? On a mission to Bellassa to attend meetings for the Empire, Ferus is lost in a plan to weaken Bellassan resistance. How can he show them he is really on their side?

Meanwhile, Trever Flume heads back to the asteroid base. After apologizing for leaving his friends stranded there, he tells them his doubts about Ferus. Solace, another Jedi, quickly casts those doubts aside, but after thinking she realizes how true they could be.

As Trever heads back to Flame, a member of Moonstrike, with Roan Lands, Solace heads to Coruscant with Clive Flax, Astri Oddo Divinian, and Lune Divinian. She finds a Jedi called Ry-Gaul there, but is unable to prevent Bog Divinian's capture of Lune. Lune is forcibly enrolled in the Imperial Naval Academy.

As if that isn't enough, Trever, Roan, and Amie Antin have decided to take some action. After they contact Ferus and after all doubts about him have been cleared, they choose to break into the Empire's computers and gather information. Once they are all ready, the group splits into three parts: Roan and Ferus, Amie, and Trever. At the end of the short time they have, Trever is missing! Ferus desperately searches for Trever, and, finding him, he gives Trever a chip with all the information they found. Then he leaves him to escape in case anything happens to the rest of them.

As Ferus makes it back to the rest, he finds Darth Vader right in the way of the path to his friends. So quick that no one can fully register, Darth Vader kills Roan. Ferus is angry despite Roan's last warning to not give himself away, and he attacks his greatest nemesis. Dwarfed by Darth Vader's power, however, Ferus is arrested along with Amie Antin. Inside the jail cell, Ferus is confronted by the Emperor himself, and he asks him if he would really like to be powerful enough to destroy Vader. This gets his attention, and the Emperor offers to let him out of prison if he would become his apprentice. Ferus agrees.

With Ferus and Amie in prison, Lune enrolled in a naval academy, and Roan killed, how will the resistance continue to succeed? In addition to that, the resistance is losing hope as they lose their best men.



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