"The Light You Bring" is a short story written by Joanna Berry and set during the campaign of Star Wars: Squadrons. It was released on the EA Games website on October 8, 2020 and features a mission by Vanguard Squadron.

Plot summary[]

Keo Venzee and Feresk Tssat are patrolling a small New Republic fleet, when Tssat complains that they have been stuck with the fleet for three weeks. Venzee speculates that their confinement may have a reason behind it, and Tssat informs them of a rumor about an upcoming secret operation, which he overheard while playing sabacc. The two pilots entertain themselves by flying dangerously but are interrupted by a transmission from Ardo Barodai, who orders them to return to the fleet's flagship, the Temperance.

Once there, Barodai briefs Venzee and Tssat on their new mission: they are required to covertly infiltrate Triad Station Daralto in the Navlaas Triad so as to retrieve intel left by a New Republic agent whom Barodai had lost contact with. Venzee asks why two pilots are being sent on the mission rather than special ops, to which Barodai replies that Venzee and Tssat's experiences as an ex-racer and criminal, respectively, may prove useful.

Venzee and Tssat arrive at Navlaas Triad and are immediately almost drawn into a conflict with a quartet of Imperial fighters, until the pair realise that the Imperial pilots are simply using the surrounding wreckage as target practice and have not detected their presence. Once the Empire's fighters pass, they dock at Triad Station Daralto. There, the pair are accosted by the dockmaster and Imperial Lieutenant Relkin, who wish to see their identification. Tssat bribes the dockmaster, while Venzee tells Relkin that they are deserters from the Alliance to Restore the Republic when asked why they are piloting Rebel starfighters. The New Republic pilots learn that Relkin has established an Imperial garrison at the Triad Station, arousing Venzee's suspicions.

They go to the Station's cantina to meet with Ardo's contact. While waiting, Venzee continues to sense trouble surrounding the place, while Tssat learns that the Republic's agent had jettisoned her intel-carrying astromech droid on Laanen, one of Navlaas' moons. They attempt to leave to retrieve the droid but are stopped by a vengeful Relkin, who had lost a race to Venzee years before at the Socorro Sunset Grand Prix. Relkin attempts to shoot Venzee with a blaster but they are saved by Tssat, who forcefully disarms the Lieutenant. The Republic pilots are chased by stormtroopers and escape down an loading chute, becoming trapped inside a droid barge.

Venzee suggests that they reprogram the barge and use it to fly back to the Station. Tssat tells them that they should attack Relkin and his Imperial forces head-on, against Barodai's orders. Venzee senses that there's something wrong with Tssat and he confesses that he does not feel suited to the more legitimate New Republic as opposed to the Rebellion. Venzee reassures him that the New Republic represents everything they had been fighting for as rebels and that it is still possible for him to use his criminal skills for the greater good.

The pair come up with a plan to con Relkin by challenging him to a rematch with Venzee through Laanen's canyons, thus allowing the pair to surreptitiously pick up the agent's astromech without being hindered by Imperials. Relkin agrees to Venzee's offer eagerly. The race in the canyons proceeds with Venzee piloting an A-Wing and Relkin a TIE Interceptor. The race is made dangerous by falling ice, which nearly damages Venzee's starfighter and prevents them from retreating the astromech via grapple on the first lap. On the second, Venzee attempts to melt some of the ice surrounding the astromech by bringing their starfighter in range of the TIE's engine wash, but the melting is not fast enough for them to improve their chances at grappling the droid.

On the third lap, Relkin attempts to sabotage Venzee by firing a concussion missile at the ice, ostensibly to clear debris. The astromech nearly tumbles into the abyss, but Venzee is able to grapple the droid, though they are struck by ice and thrown off course in the process. Relkin, his main opponent seemingly vanquished, attempts to lap Tssat but is displaced when the Trandoshan pilot releases gas canisters into the air, which collide with the TIE Interceptor and nearly destroy it. The two Republic pilots reunite and head back to the Station.

Upon their return to the fleet, Venzee and Tssat are debriefed by Barodai, who is impressed by their efforts and awards them each a three day pass, before taking the retrieved astromech's intel to be used for Project Starhawk.


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Notes and references[]

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