The Little Lost Bantha Cub was a children's story favored by Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo, usually presented by C-3PO. However, the children preferred the story when read by their father, Han Solo.

The story is incorrect in that a young bantha would be referred to as a calf, not a cub.


After the sandstorm that drove him from home, the little lost bantha cub wandered alone.
So he walked, and he walked through the desert heat till noon, when he found a Jawa sandcrawler upon a sandy dune.
"I am lost," said the bantha cub, "please help me find my herd," but the little Jawas shook their heads and gave their final word.
So he walked, and he walked till he met a shiny droid. After being by himself so long the cub was overjoyed.
"I am lost," said the bantha cub, "please help me find my herd."
"I am not programmed to help you," said the droid, "Don't be absurd" .
The droid kept walking straight ahead, not looking left or right; the bantha cub just watched until the droid went out of sight.
So he walked, and he walked till the suns were almost setting. He had been outside so long, he couldn't help but sweating.
But then on the other side of a cliff he saw a moisture farm,with a few moisture vaporators, sticking up like arms.
"I am lost," said the bantha cub, "please help me find my herd." "Yes, you must be reunited with your family", the moisture farmer concurred.
"However, I cannot help you find your way, for I am at my moisture farm and here I must stay" .
So he slept, and he slept till it was early in the morning. He was woken by the bright suns, which rose without a single warning.

The cub's adventures continue with an encounter with a Krayt dragon.

'I will eat you,' purred the dragon, then he lunged with snapping jaws! So the bantha cub ran without the slightest pause.

The cub then finds a tribe of Sand people who reunite him with his parents and his herd.



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