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The Lost City of the Jedi (1992) is the second book of the Jedi Prince series by Paul and Hollace Davids.

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The battle to defeat the forces of the evil Galactic Empire rages on. Throughout the vastness of space, heroic men, women, and aliens of the Rebel Alliance fight valiantly to keep alive the hopes for freedom and to restore the ways of the Old Republic with its wise Senate and noble line of Jedi Knights. But now a sinister plot is about to befall the Alliance.

Having secured the glove of Darth Vader, Trioculus receives a warning that a Jedi Prince will be a threat to his reign and must be destroyed. Underground, beneath the rain forests of the fourth moon of Yavin, the young Jedi is growing up hidden within...The Lost City of the Jedi.

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After an attempted assassination by the Empire trying to blow up Luke's X-wing fighter, he has a vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan tells Luke of the secret Lost City of the Jedi hidden beneath the rain forests of Yavin 4. Unknown to Luke at the time, the city is home to a twelve-year-old boy named Ken, who is called the "Jedi Prince." In the city, with the vast databanks on the computers, Ken learns the history of the Jedi and the Rebellion from his only companions, his caretaker droids. As Luke is searching the forests he meets a mysterious healer, Baji. With Baji he searched the forests, eventually encountering Ken, who had run away from the droids. Before he is questioned further, his caretaker droid finds him and they both vanish in a puff of smoke from Dee-Jay. Luke, more determined to find this city, returned to get help from the rest of the Rebels.

Meanwhile, Trioculus, the new Emperor, has a meeting with Supreme Prophet Kadann. Kadann tells him that he is not the true son of Palpatine, but still gives him the blessing of the Prophets. He also tells him of the Lost City of the Jedi, where the Jedi Prince lives, saying that this prince could end Trioculus' reign. Able to infiltrate the Rebel's meeting with an explosive device, he demanded that they reveal to him the location of the city. When they refused, he readied the device's explosion, while still taking in the beauty of Princess Leia. As Luke stopped the explosion Trioculus started his second plan: to raze the forests in order to find the entrance. During this implementation, he suddenly goes blind and orders the capture of the healer, Baji. Baji tells him that when he uses the power of the Glove of Darth Vader he is injuring his nerve endings, causing blindness and his body to rot. Baji tells him of a cure, but it can only be found in his hut, which is about to be destroyed by the fires. Unable to stop his troops, Trioculus rushes into the hut, and saves the cure, but is badly burned and scarred. As the Rebels attempted to stop the troops, Luke finally found the City. With the help of the droids at the weather controlling center, he created a rainstorm which put an end to the fires. Ken decided to leave with Luke and join the Rebels in their fight leaving the City and his caretakers. Without finding the city, Trioculus left the planet, vowing to destroy all of the Rebels except Leia, who he would make his queen.

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