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"The Lost Crystals of Qalydon" is the seventh episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It was released on Disney XD on August 7, 2017.[1]

Official description[]

The Freemakers help a village of Lurmen regain their stolen Kyber crystals from the Galactic Empire.[1]

Plot summary[]

Kordi's undercover mission[]

The episode opens with an Imperial Star Destroyer orbiting a planet. An Imperial tug lands in the Star Destroyer's hangar bay. A helmeted Imperial weapons technician exits the ship with a Rebel Alliance astromech droid. She tells the waiting Imperial officer that the droid was captured on Christophsis and that she is going to scrap intelligence from its memory banks.

The gunnery officer leads the droid to a computer room and removes her helmet, revealing herself as the rebel Kordi Freemaker. She tells the droid BG-81 to upload the fake rebel plans that Roger has prepared into the ship's computer. She also tells the droid to download the Galactic Empire's list of kyber crystal locations. After completing their mission, Kordi and BG-81 return to the hangar bay. She tells the Imperial officer that the droid has provided a treasure trove of data and that she is taking it to Coruscant. With the officer satisfied, Kordi and BG-81 depart the Star Destroyer on the tug and enter the StarScavenger's cargo hold.

Once aboard the StarScavenger, Kordi tells her brothers Rowan and Zander Freemaker that they have obtained every planet on the Empire's kyber crystal hit list. Kordi says that the operation went smoothly and that it was nice to work with a competent droid for once. Roger tries to defend himself only to discover that he accidentally switched the fake rebels plans with his recipe for Ugnaught bean casserole.

When Kordi expressed anger at Roger for compromising the mission, he tells her to relax because she got the list of kyber crystal planets. Roger opines that the recipe is buried deep within the Imperial data network that no one would ever know it is there. However, the Imperial hunter droid M-OC downloads Roger's Ugnaught bean casserole recipe aboard his starship, the Tracker I.

Quest for the Kyber crystal[]

Aboard the rebel flagship Home One, Roger accidentally lifts himself onto a crane while humming a tune. While helping Rowan to assemble the Arrowhead, Quarrie opines that the ship looks pretty enough without its crystal but accepts that it is not much use without deflector shields. Roger realizes he is airborne before crashing down.

Later, Kordi and Rowan get BG-81 to display a star map of every system which the Empire is searching for kyber crystals. Rowan says that the one they are looking for can be anywhere in the galaxy. When Zander asks if Rowan can sense it like when they were searching for the kyber crystal, Rowan responds that Naare had the Force to guide him. He thinks it will be harder than finding a snowflake on Tatooine.

Quarrie gets BG-81 to highlight the worlds which the Empire has not mined yet. The map shows at least five worlds, leading Kordi to remark not many left. Rowan suggests they go to the planet Qalydon, leading Zander to cheer his little brother on. Rowan replies that Qalydon was the closest world on the map.

Journey to Qalydon[]

The Freemakers fly the StarScavenger to Qalydon, a mountainous world. At a Lurmen village, a Lurmen girl named Maynar spots a ship. The girl's father Biz realizes that the ship is not an Imperial ship while her mother Elan thinks that the ship must be lost. Another villager named Ymojin speculates that they must have come for the marriage. Elan disagrees with Ymojin, who remarks that she is not like her dad and that he better prepare his bets for the fair. When Maynar asks if the visitors are on Imperial business, the elder Biz says he will suss them out.

As the Freemakers disembark from the StarScavenger, Roger tells Rowan that he encountered Lurmen during the Clone Wars. He recalls that they loved peace and were real easy to fight. Kordi asks Rowan if he senses something. Rowan senses something but doesn't think it's the crystal. The Lurmen chief Biz introduces himself, his wife Elan, and daughter Maynar to the Freemakers. He asks how he may help them.

When Rowan says they are looking for a kyber crystal, Biz assumes they are from the Empire. The villagers think the Freemakers are a threat and attack them with catapults. One shell hits Zander and spoils his look but leaves him unharmed otherwise. When Roger remarks that he thought Lurmen are not violent, Elan says some of them are and fires a second salvo at Zander. Kordi convinces the Lurmen that they are not Imperials. The chief is convinced and tells his people to stand down but not in time to stop a third salvo from hitting Zander. Zander is licked in the face by a domesticated kaadu.

Guests of the Lurmen[]

Later that night, Biz tells the Freemakers that his tribe has lived here for generations away from the Empire peacefully worshiping the Force. When Rowan asks how they worship the Force, Biz tells them that the Lurmen use their kyber crystals to worship the Force. Elan adds that it is there connected to all living things but also the source of their troubles. Biz tells them that word has recently reached their village that the Empire is looking for kyber crystals. Elan says that much of the tribe left has given up their crystals and said that their way of life wasn't worth anymore grief.

Biz says that they won't give up their kyber crystals to anyone including the Freemakers and the Empire. Kordi promises not to take their crystals and Zander tells them that they are looking for a much bigger one. Kordi asks the Lurmen if they could help while Zander asks if they have a map, compass, or an interesting old legend that pops out of a holocron. Kordi cuts her brother off and says they will settle for a map instead. Chief Biz apologizes and says that the only crystals they know of are a necklace that came from their forebears. Elan also takes an interest in Roger, asking if he is a metal droid, which alarms Roger.

Later, Maynar offers Rowan her family crystal but he tells her to keep it. Maynar opines that kyber crystals don't do much and are a myth. When Rowan says that it helps amplifies her people's connection to the Force, Maynar dismisses it as another myth. Rowan tells her that the Force is not a myth but Maynar cuts him off and tells him that he sounds just like her father. When Rowan reiterates that the Force is real, Maynar counters that all of her friends left her planet while she got to stay connected to kaadu.

The Empire arrives[]

Maynar strokes her pet kaadu. Before Rowan can speak, an Imperial TIE fighter dives down and fires a salvo, scattering the herd of kaadu. Rowan realizes the Empire has arrived. An Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser lands and disgorges a detachment of stormtroopers led by the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker. The stormtroopers charge into the village and the Freemakers scatter. A TIE fighter circles the village. Durpin jokes about terrorizing powerless peasants to Plumestriker.

Maynar pushes a stormtrooper. Plumestriker tells Durpin that Darth Vader may forgive them for the Gamorrean flu incident if they find the kyber crystal. Durpin adds that they should never speak about that incident again, prompting Plumestriker to apologize. As the stormtroopers round up the Lurmen villagers, Chief Buz says he must stop this. Zander offers to help. However, they are quickly trapped by Plumestriker and his troops.

Watching the Imperial raid, Maynar panics but Rowan reassures her that they are outnumbered but not outgunned. As the Imperials round up the Lurmens and the other Freemakers and Roger, Rowan tells Maynar to follow her. Durpin boasts that if they can collect enough crystals from these peasants, Vader will promote them to cushy Coruscant jobs. However, he is interjected by Elan, who calls him a "scum weasel." Plumestriker reassures Durpin that he does not have a face like a "scum weasel." Durpin says that it was hurtful for Elan to say.

Rowan's counter-attack[]

A stormtrooper then reports that the only kyber crystals in the village were those on their necklaces. Durpin allows his stormtroopers to confiscate the crystals. Kordi protests and Zander labels Durpin a "nerf herder", prompting Elan to do the same. Shortly later, Rowan and Maynar counter attack using the StarScavenger and its firewpower, scattering the stormtroopers. Maynar eggs Rowan on as they blast the fleeing Imperials. Plumestrike and Durpin order a retreat.

As the Imperials evacuate aboard their Gozanti-class cruiser, Rowan vows not to let them escape and shoots at their rear stabilizer and hyperdrive, causing the ship to crash into the mountains. Rowan lands the StarScavenger outside the village. Rowan asks if the villagers are alright. Biz reassures him that the villagers are fine but that his spirit is broken because the Imperials stole their crystals. Elan adds that the crystals have been in their family for generations.

The villagers weep and Rowan vows to recover their crystals. Elan likes Rowan because he is feisty and knows what to do and where to go. Kordi leads Rowan away and questions him about his plan to get the crystals back. Zander reassures her they know where the Imperials went because Rowan hit the rear stabilizer and the hyperdrive of the Imperial ship, causing it to transmit a distress signal. Rowan says they can get to the mountains in no time.

Kordi reminds Rowan they have blasters. He tells his sister to come up with her "brilliant sneaky plans." Kordi recalls that they still have that Imperial tug aboard the StarScavenger. Rowan promises the Lurmen that he will get their crystal back. Zander assigns Roger to stay with the villagers and help them rebuild. Roger complies but falls into a well. Elan offers to lift him out but tells him it is gonna cost him a kiss. Roger responds that he doesn't have lips.

M-OC on the trail[]

Aboard the Star Destroyer, M-OC searches the ship's databanks. The officer insists that there is no way a rebel could have accessed their network. M-OC replies that the designation "sir" is appropriate because he is a droid. M-OC counters that the Freemakers were her and copied a map of worlds with kyber crystals.

Mission to the Gozanti cruiser[]

Meanwhile, Plumestriker asks Durpin if he is alright. Durpin is still upset that the Lurmen woman insulted him and overlooks the fact that his forces invaded their village. Plumestriker says it was uncalled for. The Freemakers arrive in their stolen Imperial tub. Kordi and Zander are disguised as Imperial technicians while Rowan hides behind a hyperdrive unit.

Durpin claims they were attacked by thousands of rebels. He also claims they fought with all their firepower but that they took out their rear stabilizer and hyperdrive. Kordi assigns Zander, who is posing as TK-42987156 to fix the hyperdrive. She tells him to do the job properly. Zander says it will take time but not too long. Plumestriker asks about the mechanic's call designation. Kordi repeats the number and asks why but he says no reason. With the Imperials distracted, Rowan begins searching for the kyber crystals.

Roger's craftsmanship[]

Back at the Lurmen village, Biz praises Roger's "fine" craftsmanship as he repairs a wall. Roger boasts about getting a battle droid to fix it only for the wall to topple around him. Biz jokes about Roger's side losing the Clone Wars and helps Roger with the wall. Elan calls for her daughter Maynar for help while Biz asks the battle droid what his friends want to do with the kyber crystal. Roger tells them that the Freemakers want to defeat the Empire and save the galaxy. He adds that those kids dream big. Just then, the wall collapses.

Maynar's help and M-OC[]

Inside the Gozanti-class cruiser, Rowan finds the kyber crystals inside a safe only to be surprised by Maynar, who has followed him. Outside the ship, Plumestriker tells Kordi to hurry because they have a "hot delivery" for Darth Vader. Kordi tries to buy time by pointing to the wrecked state of their cruiser. She tells them that they have to "dress to impress." Kordi offers to hammer out the dents, reseal the caskets and flush the ion drive.

Plumestriker tells Durpin that it is a rip-off but Kordi plays on Durpin's fears that Vader with Force Choke him for the shaby state of his ship. Durpin tells Kordi to hurry up. When Maynar tells Rowan she stowed aboard his ship, he tells her that she shouldn't have come. Maynar points out that he went but Rowan counters it is different. When Maynar asks if he thinks that a Lurmen girl can't look after herself, he replies that he is only a Jedi in training.

While skeptical about the Force, Maynar finds his lightsaber intriguing. As they sneak out of the Gozanti, Rowan warns that there is danger here. At that point, they are attacked by M-OC, who tells Rowan that Roger must learn to be more careful with where he leaves his files. M-OC ignites two double-bladed spinning lightsabers. Rowan and M-OC cross blades. As the two parry, Rowan tells Maynar to stay behind him. M-OC then grabs Maynar with one of his appendages, taunting Rowan that his compassion for the creature puts him at a disadvantage.

Zander then slams the Imperial tug into M-OC, knocking him down. Zander is jubilant but M-OC blasts the tug. Rowan cries out for Zander. As Rowan and M-OC fight, Maynar flees while Kordi tries to sweet-talk Durpin and Plumestriker into ordering more repairs. Plumestriker then spots Maynar with the stolen kyber crystals. Durpin and Plumestriker pursue Maynar while Kordi sights that they were about to take the glass etchings.

Rowan versus M-OC[]

Rowan charges at M-OC but the droid grabs him with his appendages and tosses him aside. M-OC then activates his jetpack and charges at Rowan. The two cross blades with M-OC having the upper hand. Maynar tries to climb over the boulders but is cornered by Durpin and Plumestriker. Durpin orders her to hand over the crystals. However, the two Imperials are tackled to the ground by Kordi and Zander. Meanwhile, Rowan hurls a piece of starship wreckage at M-OC but the droid revives quickly.

Rowan then uses the Force to hurl another piece at M-OC, slicing off the droid's right arm. However, M-OC uses his appendages to reattach his damaged arm. M-OC taunts Rowan that he is fighting a losing battle and demands his surrender. Rowan refuses to surrender and charges at M-OC again only to be knocked down by his new sonic cannon. As M-OC blasts Rowan, the droid boasts that he is continuously upgrading to maximize his performance.

Meanwhile, Kordi and Zander's intervention gives Maynar enough time to climb over the boulders and escape. However, she sees Rowan in distress. Rowan tells M-OC that it's funny he is always upgrading himself and uses the Force to dislodge M-OC's sonic cannon. Rowan says that building is his thing and uses the Force to fuse pieces of machinery and starship wreckage onto M-OC's metallic body. He entombs M-OC with upgrades and then hurls M-OC away. Maynar rejoins Rowan and praises him for making the pots boom.

Pursuing Durpin and Plumestriker[]

However, Durpin and Plumestriker ambush Rowan and Maynar and steal the kyber crystals again. The Imperials escape aboard their repaired Gozanti-class cruiser and head offworld. Maynar is distraught but Rowan insists on following them. Zander ask how but Roger arrives aboard the StarScavenger and unloads the landing ramp. Kordi thanks a bemused Roger for his perfect timing. Roger replies that he came to warn them that the Lurmen girl is with them and is relieved to see Maynar is well.

The Freemakers pursue the Imperial cruiser. Rowan is worried that the Imperials are getting away but Kordi reassures them that the Imperials have a damaged hyperdrive. However, Zander reveals that he fixed their hyperdrive just as the Gozanti cruiser jumps into hyperspace. Kordri is frustrated while Maynar laments that the crystals are a curse for her family. Rowan however activates the star map and uses the Force to home in on the stolen crystals in the Marriten system.

Above Marriten, Durpin hopes that the crystals will get him and Plumestriker reassigned to Coruscant. However, the Gozanti's proximity alarms sound and the StarScavenger exits hyperspace and disables the cruiser's rear engines. Zander is amazed at Rowan's ability to find the crystals. Rowan replies that he let the Force be his guide. The Freemakers recover the crystals from Durpin and Plumestriker at lightsaber point.

Durpin vows that the Freemakers won't get away but Kordi counters that they did. Durpins laments the disaster. After the Freemakers depart, the Imperial officers receive a hologram message from Darth Vader demanding that they bring their haul of kyber crystals. A humiliated Durpin remarks that their disaster is now complete, a sentiment shared by Plumestriker.

Returning the crystals[]

Back on Qalydon, Biz hugs his daughter Maynar and thanks the Freemakers for their help. Maynar tells her father not to worry because the crystals are back. Biz tells he that she is more important to him than the crystals. Out of gratitude, Biz offers the Freemakers the kyber crystals. Rowan declines the offer on the grounds that he has found what they needed. Elan describes him as a feisty child.

Kordi tells Rowan they have a kyber crystal to collect. Before Rowan departs, Maynar wishes Rowan May the Force be with you. As the Freemakers depart aboard the StarScavenger, M-OC digs himself out of his mechanical tomb and stares ominously at the horizon.


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Notes and references[]

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