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"The Lost Treasure of Cloud City" is the fourth episode of the first season of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the fourth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on June 23, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

A hunt for precious cargo brings the Freemakers to Cloud City...[1]

Plot summary[]


During the escape from Cloud City, Lando Calrissian tasks Lobot with recovering his precious cargo before escaping on the Millennium Falcon. After fiddling with the lava lamp, Lando finds the cargo locked behind a portrait. He manages to switch off the lava lamp but is arrested by Imperial stormtroopers before he can retrieve the cargo.

Taking a break[]

Zander comforts Rowan

Zander comforts Rowan

At the Freemaker Garage on the Wheel, Rowan Freemaker is having difficultly connecting two bricks with the help of the Force. Meanwhile, his sister Kordi Freemaker is having financial difficulties after failing to sell a Z-wing to the Sullustan customer Nien Nunb. Kordi voices her frustration with her older brother Zander, who tells her to cal, down. In frustration, she toys with the idea of selling off Roger, prompting alarmed gasps from the droid and Rowan. His master Naare takes a private call from a disgruntled Emperor Palpatine with Darth Vader by his side.

Frustrated, Rowan throws his LEGO pieces but a stray one hits his older brother Zander who asks his younger brother what is wrong. Rowan tells Zander that he does not want to let Naare down because it is so important to her. Meanwhile, Darth Vader asks Naare why hasn't she located more Kyber crystals. Naare responds that the boy is young and is still learning. The Emperor then points out that Rowan has been finding the crystals so far. Vader suggests that Rowan is deceiving Naare while Palpatine warns her that he will be checking on her progress again. Naare loses her anger.

Meanwhile, Zander counsels Rowan that maybe he is looking at things the wrong way because the Force cannot be bent to his will. He suggests taking his mind of it for a while. In order to cheer his younger brother up, Zander takes Rowan to watch a podrace in the Lower Ring. He tells Rowan not to tell Kordi because she thinks that the Lower Ring is dangerous. At that point, a fight breaks out and one of the spectators is thrown onto the race circuit and narrowly avoids being run over by a podracer. However, the podracer crashes into a wall.

Lando's job[]

Freemakers stormtroopers Lost Treasure

Freemakers travel to Cloud City

Uninterested, Rowan decides to look around. Walking down an alley, he comes across a mouse droid outside of a shady cantina. Inside, he finds a cabaret of bounty hunters including IG-88 and Graballa's Iktotchi henchmen Baash and Raam meeting with Lando and Chewbacca. Lando wants to hire bounty hunters to retrieve his precious cargo from Cloud City, which IG-88 points out is under Imperial occupation. The bounty hunters reject Lando's offer with IG-88 remarking that his programming prevents him from working for the Rebel Alliance.

Using mouse droids as platform shoes, Rowan decides to volunteer his services to Calrissian by posing as an older individual. Calrissian is initially reluctant to hire the boy until Rowan points out that he is not hiring anyone. He reassures Calrissian that his team are adults and that they have a ship. Meanwhile, Baash and Raam are talking about lunch when they run into the bounty hunter Dengar, who is frustrated about his lack of success in finding the boy Rowan. Dengar takes offence when one of the Iktotchi tells him that nobody is calling him "diaper head." With Dengar about to give his status report to Graballa, Baash and Raam tell him about a job with "big credits."

Before Zander can watch the final lap of the podrace, Rowan tells him that he has found them a "real job." Kordi is initially angry that Zander took Rowan to the Lower Ring which she likens to giving someone death sticks. However, she decides to take Lando's job because it will bring them a small fortune. Before leaving, Kordi tells Roger not to tell anyone where they are going. Since they are not going on a salvage run, Zander separates the cargo bay from the StarScavenger. Unfortunately on Roger's part, Naare indirectly coaxes him into revealing the Cloud City mission. Based on Roger's explanation, Naare thinks that a Kyber crystal may be there and suspects that Rowan is concealing information from her.

Race to Cloud City[]

Baash Dengar Raam Lost Treasure

Baash, Dengar, and Raam on Cloud City

Speaking with a stiff upper lip, Zander jokes that they are going to Cloud City where the weather forecast is cloudy before jumping into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Naare departs on the Eclipse Fighter and vows to make the Freemakers rue the day if they double-cross her. Dengar and his fellow bounty hunters also travel to Cloud City on their ship. In hyperspace, Rowan struggles to use the Force to connect the bricks. Zander convinces him to take his mind off the bricks and Rowan instead uses the Force to exit hyperspace above Bespin. The Freemakers fly the StarScavenger to Cloud City.

Disguised as maintenance workers, the Freemakers land their ship on a landing pad. However, they are refused entry by three stormtroopers until one on the left mentions that the carbon-freezing chamber is on the fritz. Dengar and Naare also arrive making their own entrances: a bribe and a mind trick. Naare tricks four stormtroopers into going for a "long walk" off the platform. Inside, the Freemakers are escorted into the carbon freezing chamber by stormtroopers. On the way, they witness stormtroopers jumping into the depths of Bespin. Kordi takes the opportunity to separate from her brothers and their stormtroopers escorts.

Using magnetic shoes, Kordi exits the building through the exhaust system and climbs up into Lando's room where his lava lamp is still playing. Meanwhile, Naare is contacted via hologram by Palpatine, who demands to know why she is on Cloud City. Naare denies she is taking a holiday and says that she is searching for a Kyber crystal. At that point, Naare hears the voices of Dengar, Baash, and Raam and puts the Emperor on mute until they are gone. This angers the Emperor and Naare tries to deny it. Palpatine tells Naree to repeat what he just said and Naare replies with, "that you (Palpatine) will blast my midi-chlorians to the ends of the galaxy if I don't get you that kyber crystal." Vader says that she is good, but Palpatine dismiss it as a lucky guess.

Separate missions[]

Naare Kordi Zander Lost Treasure

Naare joins forces with Kordi and Zander

On the way to the carbon freezing chamber, Zander, Rowan and their stormtroopers escorts go through the repulsorlift generator chamber. Rowan fiddles with the controls, causing Cloud City to slide into the depths of Bespin. Zander sets it right while a stormtrooper reprimands Rowan. Zander claims that they cannot fix the carbon freezing chamber without recalibrating the repulsorlift generator. Meanwhile, Kordi manages to switch off the lava lamp and finds the treasure stored in a safe behind a sliding portrait of Lando Calrissian. She hides under a bed when stormtroopers enter to search the room.

Inside the carbon freezing chamber, Zander and Rowan joke about tauntauns and mynocks while repairing the machinery. Their stormtrooper escorts leave to conduct target practice. When Rowan asks how Kordi is doing, Zander assures him that she has things under control. Meanwhile, Kordi is discovered under the bed by stormtroopers but manages to trick the stormtroopers into letting her go by claiming that she has to go no fill a fumigation order for itch mites. Kordi and her precious cargo are noticed by Baash and Raam.

Back in the carbon freezing chamber, Rowan figures out what is wrong with the machinery. He discovers that the cooler tube is cut in two. While Zander climbs to reach it, Rowan tries to reconnect the tube but fails at the first attempt. However, Zander finds that he is able to connect the cooler tube due to Rowan's use the of the Force. Rowan and Zander are about to celebrate when Rowan is frozen in carbonite. The stormtroopers praise Zander for fixing the chamber but he is distraught. At that moment, Kordi arrives with Lando's treasure only to have it taken by Dengar, Baash, and Raam. However, Naare then snatches the case from Dengar and exclaims that she has found the next Kyber Saber crystal; much to Dengar and his associates' puzzlement.

Trouble with gangsters[]

Freemakers Lost Treasure

Rowan uses the Force to save Cloud City

Kordi asks Zander why Rowan is frozen in carbonite and why Dengar and his gang and Naare are here. After Baash and Raam recognize Rowan, Graballa's henchmen open fire on the Freemakers and stormtroopers. They then steal Rowan's frozen body and the case containing Lando's treasure. Outside, Naare chastises Kordi for trying to steal the crystals for the Freemakers. Zander tells them to put aside their differences in order to rescue Rowan and the case. During the chase, Naare takes a break to talk with the Emperor, who demands his crystals. Continuing the chase, Naare is knocked out with Lando's brief case by Dengar.

Unable to keep up with the gangsters, Zander tells Kordi and Naare to follow him into the repulsorlift generator chamber. Unsure how to find the controls to tilt Cloud City, Zander uses Naare's lightsaber to cut off the cable connecting the repulsorlift generator in order to prevent Dengar from escaping with the frozen boy. This causes Cloud City to descend into the depths of the planet Bespin. The tilt causes Dengar and his associates to fall through Cloud City's hallways. Lying in wait, Naare uses the Force to snatch Rowan's frozen body.

Riding in Rowan's body, the Freemakers and Naare pursue the gangsters into the plummeting Cloud City and exchange fire with them. The pursuit ends in a hallway. Using the Force and her lightsaber, Naare charges at Dengar, Baash, and Raam and recovers the brief case. She is about to proclaim victory when she almost slips down a chasm. However, Kordi pulls her to safety. The three gangsters meanwhile fall into a prison cell and are locked inside. A copy of the Freemakers' business card floats down their cell. Still, Cloud City is plummeting into the depths of Bespin.

Rowan's test[]

Chewie Calrissian Lost Treasure

Lando and Chewie reward the Freemakers

The Freemakers and Naare return to the repulsorlift generator. Kordi chastises Zander for breaking the generator. With Zander unable to reach the tube, Cloud City is doomed to fall into the depths of Bespin. With Naare unconscious, Kordi unfreeze Rowan from carbonite. After awakening, Kordi and Zander tell Rowan about their predicament. Rowan is skeptical he will succeed because he cannot see due to his hibernation sickness. Zander encourages his younger brother by telling him that maybe he does not need his eyes. With his older siblings' encouragement, Rowan uses the Force to connect the two cables. This restores Cloud City to its normal floating position. Rowan and his siblings are triumphant.

Back at the Wheel, Lando and Chewbacca reward the Freemakers with gold bars for their services. Kordi is overjoyed with her handsome reward. Lando's precious cargo is revealed to be his cape Lando quips that he can't fight the Empire without the right style and that he doesn't heve to wear Han Solo's old cloak. Naare faints from the shock of failure. Zander offers to get an unconscious Naare a cape from a friend. Meanwhile in Cloud City, Dengar discovers from examining the Freemakers' business card that Graballa's target is named Rowan Freemaker. Baash and Raam also chomp on the "surprisingly tasty" Cloud City prison fare, which turns out to be hamburgers.


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