The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine 16 is the sixteenth issue of The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine, later rebranded as the Star Wars Insider. Issue 16 was published in Spring 1992.



  • "Star Wars Returns to Comics: Fan Club Exclusive" by Joe Terwilliger
  • "Young Indy Renewed for Second Season"
  • "Sean Patrick Flanery: The Further Adventures of Young Indiana Jones" by Dan Madsen
  • "Uncovering the History Behind Young Indy" by Dan Madsen

Notes and references[]

  1. The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine 16's copyright is dated to 1992. Page 1 of the magazine indicates that this issue was released after May 7 of that year, while the advertisement on page 9 previewing summer book releases further indicates a springtime publication for this issue.

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