The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine 5 is the fifth issue of The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine, later rebranded as the Star Wars Insider. Issue 5 was published in Fall 1988.




  • "Is it Real or a Replicar?: Behind The Scenes of 'Tucker: The Man & His Dream'" by Lisa E. Cowan
  • "Joanne Whalley: Revealing the Secrets of Sorsha" by Dan Madsen
  • "Sneak Preview: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
  • "The Land Before Time: A Preview of a New Animation Masterpiece Presented by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg" by Lisa E. Cowan
  • "Why the Real Darth Vader Can't Attend Science Fiction Conventions" by Lisa Cowan and R. Tomasic
  • "Lucasfilm Games: Exploring New Frontiers"
  • "Warwick Davis: An Unlikely Hero, Part Two" by Dan Madsen & John S. Davis

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